Saturday, December 3, 2011

virgin diaries

This literally made me LOL and shiver a little bit (not in a good way). I mean, i am all for people saving their virginity for marriage. The bible commands it, does it not? And i can see how someone would want to save their first kiss for their hubby/wifey as well. Especially if you are worried about temptation. But this video itself would be enough to make me at least wanna get the kissing part out of the way early. That ish does not look appealing AT ALL! lol. This just looks frightening and a lil painful. I guess in their minds, what they were doing looked like what they'd seen all their lives (or maybe they've never seen people kiss...possibility). I was a youngin when i had my first *real* kiss (like 12 or 13) but it didn't look like that. And i don't think that back then i thought it should look like that either. *shrugs shoulders*

Anyway, what say you folks? Do you think that you would/could/should save everything for marriage, including your first kiss? Does their lip-lock look crazy or am i just trippin? If saving everything for marriage wasn't part of your initial game plan, do you think you could/would if you met someone you could see yourself having a future with that was abstinent?

Sidenote: I randomly came across this article and i just love it! Check it out if you like.


  1. Nah, to keeping the first kiss for marriage, but I'd say everyone should reserve their first kiss for who and when they want to, even if it would mean an awkward wedding kiss

  2. Wow! You remember to plan the wedding- select the dress and all BUT forget to practice the locking-lips part. And to all those saving themselves goodluck, but the truth & fact is either you are a virgin or not your wedding night would be the first time you'll have sex with your wife/husband.

  3. well all i can say is when the bible was written,we did not have all this social thing thing or Cinderella/fairy tales stuff going commercials,twitter..everything..doing that is NOT gonna be easy...on behalf of Our Generation i say NOPE!

  4. @sugarcoated: I agree with you

    @Ade Moss's Son: i kinda already responded on your blog but yeah there's a diff between having sex for the 1st time as husband/wife and having sex for the 1st time period. And for some people that difference is huuuuuuuge

    @DIDI: aaawww, you wouldn't wait for me?!? #RealTears

  5. lol, at least they didnt bump nose. the kiss does look painful. the girl was swallowing lips, tongue or saliva not sure

  6. saving for marriage isnt a terrible idea..but yeah it sounds crazy to this present generation..


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