Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today i didn't even have to use my AK...

I gotta say it was a good day!


Anywho, yeah today was a good day. Got a lot done at work. Went shopping and ended up gettin a couple pairs of jeans for crazy cheap from Forever 21 (i haven't shopped there since like middle school lol). I was supposed to go to a lil soiree at my professor's house but i got lost..and frustrated...and just ended up going back to my apartment lol. I'm bad with confusing directions and refuse to waste more than a few minutes being lost before i say "screw it, i tried!"

Anywho, the highlight of my day was exchanging my US dollars for Pounds and Euros (which are weird as i don't know what). I called around trying to find who would give me the best rate in the shortest amount of time and i settled on this place in the mall near Mickey Mouse. So after i left work, i went to the bank to take out the cash (man, was that painful!). There was a line. So i'm waiting...and a lady walked up to me and asked if i was making a deposit and I told her no, i was making a withdrawal. She offered to help me so i went with her to her little desk and she handled my transaction. We got to talking and OMG..this lady would not let me leave. I suppose it was partially my fault. I asked about their currency exchange and if that particular branch did it and maaaaaan, you should've seen the way her eyes lit up lol. She was real quick to try and start putting in an order for me. I had to tell her to pump her brakes, i just wanted to know if they did it and what their rates were since i was already on my way to exchange my chump change somewhere else.

So she disappeared for a lil while and came back with the rates which were only like 10cents better than where i was going, plus there was a 24-48 hour turn around whereas the place i was going had cash on hand. So i told her thanks but no thanks and assumed she'd hand over my money and let me be on my way...

No such luck!

She proceeded to try and get me to get a new credit card, set up automated bill payments through their website, all kinds of ish. I'm just looking at her like lady...just give me my money! Eventually she gave me my money and walked me out and told me i should stop in and show her pics from my trip when i get back lol. She was nice but she was just trying to do way to much.

Special Shoutout to my newest sorors who just crossed up at Alpha Chapter: "Creative 5entimiento". When I look at you....


  1. ROFLMAO I can imagine.I really hate being in such positions.

  2. Humorous post. The lady really thought she had you, it appears. Lol. And the Ice Cube reference and Thug Life hashtag made me laugh aloud.


  3. You're one funny lady. How's the preps going? The thought of that Bank lady made me smile #teambankjobalumni :)

  4. lol! Yeah, she tried to get you...

    This is first time being here. You are too funny. I'll definitely be back.


  5. The lady is just trying to do business.I can just imagine how you felt.

  6. LOL, those bank people. She prob gets a commission or gets bonuses with the number of ppl she signs up. They always like that lol. Are you done packing for your trip?

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  8. high fives Myne

    Aww, that bank lady could have been me in another life.


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