Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Fat Kid

Hey everyone. Happy New Week. I actually was at work from 10am-7pm. On a flippin Sunday...doing apartment walk-throughs and other stuff. My feet are so sore.  I remember i told my supervisor that it was against my religion to work on Sunday (lol). One person looked at me and said "is it really?" (which i personally thought was weird because honestly who doesn't know that in this largely Christian country) and my supervisor said "oh well, have a drink afterwards!" WTF?!? lol. So you want me to work AND get liquored up?!? That's the opposite of keeping the Sabbath holy. Anywayz, when I finally got back to my apartment, i collapsed onto the bed, started reading something on my laptop and then 3 hours later opened my eyes because apparently at some point i slumped and fell asleep.

Anywho, I'd like to direct your attention to a couple of blogs i've read recently. The first is kinda funny/kinda sad. It's a letter written by a dude who was shunned (for lack of a better word) by a girl he went on a date with. You can find it here

The second (though i'm sure a lot of you are tired of talking/reading/hearing about it, is about the Bill passed outlawing "public" homosexuality. I don't really have anything to say about the post, but the comment was spot on (minus a few points) about how i feel about the situation. You can find that here

I have an overabundance of junk food right now! Like seriously, every day someone is giving me snacks..especially since Christmas is coming. Today (Sunday) i got a big @$$ bag of skittles, a big pack of reeses peanut butter cups (which i loooooooooove), and a goodie bag filled with an assortment of homemade cookies. Last week my supervisor got me Lindt's Lindor Chocolate truffles. At the beginning of the week i got doughnut holes and some other snack. And thats just the crap i can remember. All this junk is not helping the cause at all -not that i'm complaining lol, i'm a chocolate junkie!

PS: I changed the background just for you Ade Moss's Son! Appreciate it jo!!! lol


  1. Awww feel Loved & me LIKEY..!!!! Now the letter!..What was the dude thinking??? I hope the lady did not faint after reading that,he sounds like a psycho though..

  2. before i read ur post, the new look of ur blog is so pretty!!!

  3. lmao!!! hahahahaha, a guy wrote that in this 21st century. Poor Mike!! the boy was hurt no be small thing. Everything he wrote is in his opinion, its a pity but d girl don't care!!!

  4. mmmmm, peanut butter cups...yummy yummy in my tummy!

  5. Hey,that's true,you were supposed to send me junks food since it's chrismas season.*wink* Your boss shouldn't keee you for me o.

  6. lmao........that guy is crazy......and needs help
    i like the new look
    pls send me some of them junks

  7. @DIDI: you should feel that way lol. yeah, the guy did seem a bit off his rocker.

    @Coy~Introvert: I laughed at first when i read the letter but that guy has some deep issues he needs to work and the girl...she needs to run for her life because he has some stalkerish/axe murederer "if i can't have you no one will" tendencies

    @Pretty Lashes: aren't they awesome!!! i can't believe there are some people who don't like peanut butter and chocolate...its like the best invention ever.

    @9ja-Great: when did we make that arrangement?!? lol

    @Luciano: i agree. and thanks, i don't really like the new look myself. I only did it cuz someone complained about not being able to read my page on the mobile version which i can't change without changing my entire page.

  8. This is the season for giving and eating a lot of junk. Enjoy.

  9. Better make sure you bring some chocolate goodness over to London :).

    I like the new background. very girly girly

  10. That guy is crazy. What part of 'not interested didnt he understand' lol.

  11. Lots of guys are just suckers for punishment. There's no other explanation. Please email some cookies over :D

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