Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its my anniversary!

No, not that kind of anniversary.

4 years ago today, i alongside my beautiful linesisters, was initiated into Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Incorporated via the Elite Epsilon Chapter. It seems like that was sooooooo long ago. Most of my syands are going on about "omg, 4 years already" while i'm just like it's only been 4 years?!? LOL. I guess its cuz i've been puttin in major work for the past 4 years. But i love it. Being in my sorority and in the Greek community at large is why i'm studying what i'm studying and why i want to do what i want to do. These women have had such an impact on my life that its hard to believe that they've only been part of my life for 4 years. ♥

The night we crossed! Yeah, i know we look a mess. It was a rough night lol

At our 1st Founder's Day Dinner

Out and about with our Dean and Assistant Dean

Our "Original"

Our "Copy"

At our 1st National Conference in TX

Me and my deuce

me and my ace

me and my dean and assistant dean


  1. A girl told her mom she wanted to a create her sorority in school here in Nigeria and the mom got scared telling her family members "my daughter wants to join cult".
    But hey, congratulations, anything is worthwhile as long as it makes the individual a better person.

  2. LMAO @ Ade Moss's son...
    congrats....U have a very beautiful smile....reminds me soo much of my cuzzo!...:(
    Happy New month Lady Ngo

  3. Happy anniversary, mama! I love the surprise of finding fellow Greeks on my blogs :) Celebrate this day!


  4. @Luciano: thanks dear

    @Ade Moss's son: 1st you need a shorter name/handle lol. 2nd, ex used to ask me all the time why i was always hanging out with these cult members. Its not a cult o...but i'm sure in 9ja it would've turned into one lol

    @HoneyDame: thanks hun *blushing* Happy new month to u too

    @Carrymel: thanks boo. i am the eternal superneo. everything greek-related excites me lol.

  5. Happy anniversary!

    You have to dish on what happens behind closed doors dont you think? unless Ii shall have to believe its a cult. :p

    Blackmail? yeah!

  6. @Ginger: thanks darling. As for dishing, well i'll just leave you to ponder what "happens behind closed doors" muahahhahahahahahaha (thats my evil laugh)

  7. Having people who influence you is quite cool.

  8. I see illumnati? esp that 'our original pix' muahahahaha back at ya :D

  9. Oh wait, its a bunny. A playboy bunny. I see hmmmm :D

  10. @9ja-Great: its only cool when they are a positive influence...unlike some people *cough cough*

    @Ginger: illuminati?!? me?!? And what looks like a bunny? Are you talking about my hand sign??? one has ever told me it looks like a bunny before lol


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