Friday, December 9, 2011


Ah, it felt sooooooo good to give away the duty phone today! I don't think I've ever been so relieved in my life (im exaggerating...being on duty wasn't that bad). I appreciate having my freedom back. Even if only for a lil while.

I'm also done with classes for the semester. Took a final on Tuesday and submitted the 4th draft of my lit review on Wednesday. I actually got up and did a lil dance after i  hit "submit" on Wednesday. That paper has been the bane of my existence all semester.

I can't believe I am going to London in less than a week. I haven't even done anything to prepare. I am such a procrastinator. Time just snuck the hell up on me. Crazy. It seems like just 5 minutes ago the trip wasn't for another 6 months and then *ka-blaam* its in less than 6 days! I haven't changed any money over (thankfully i live in a tourist town- everybody comes to see Mickey Mouse lol- so there are lots of currency exchange places semi-nearby), i don't even have a coat let alone winter clothes. Not Okay. I will be doing some serious shopping and preparation this weekend!!

Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend :)


  1. Miss. LadyNgo pls change your template design for mobile view. The letters are black, same as the background. I'll have to use my system.

  2. Have a safe, funfilled trip! Enjoy the season

  3. Please say "Hello" to Santa Claus...I don't think he would to come to Nigeria.

  4. Congrats on rounding off your semester. You're going to London? Wow...enjoy!

  5. New theme....i like, very much!


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