Sunday, December 4, 2011

The dumbest ish ever

Me and my mom argued about this stupid commercial before lol. It just came on tv a few seconds ago so i thought i'd share:

One day me and mom dukes were watching tv and this commercial came on and the following conversation occurred:
Me: this is the dumbest commercial ever in life
Mom: lol, (yes, she really laughed) why do you say that
Me: Because it's unrealistic and that kid is probably a dope fiend anyway!
Mom: oh my goodness, how do you figure that?
Me: Well first off all, i've never gotten free food for not being a crackhead! In fact, I'm bout to start going to restaurants and having loud anti-drug conversations so i can get in on some of these free meals people seem to be giving out.
Mom: LOL
Me: And the kid obviously does drugs anyway!
Mom: how do you know that?
Me: Because he said, nah, i gotta hit the books when they offered it. Which implies that if he didn't have to study he'd be right there puff-puff-passin with them!
Mom: well maybe he just used having to study as an excuse so he doesn't look uncool.
Me: know i've never done drugs right???
Mom: *raised eyebrow* yeah...
Me: Well every single person i used to hang out with did. And after it was established that i was not a smoker..they never asked me to smoke with them, except jokingly every once in a blue moon. See that's how i know he's a weedhead. They wouldn't have even offered it to him if he didn't already smoke with them on the regular!
Mom: hmmmm
Me: I Win!

Some other things i've noticed:

  1. Did you see how long it took dude to reply when his friends asked him to go smoke with them? That nigga was probably already high! I mean, why else would someone go to a diner?!? (j/k j/k)
  2. Did ya'll see that random white boy with them lol. Anything to try and make it "non-racist". Add a little white boy so it doesn't seem like you're trying to say only/all black kids are druggies lol


  1. Try watching some Nigerian ads/promo would question if the directed wasn't on some good ish to get high.

  2. They have this all Black kids are BAD kinda thing so that white kid is just there for the sake..look @ the ratio.3 to 1 :)

  3. LMAO... HOOOOOO LadyNgo, your deductions are killing me.

  4. lol...I love your analysis babe...and yes! I believe don't do drugs :)

  5. @Ade Moss's Son: LOL, i've seen a comment lol

    @DIDI: i know! he seemed all out of place and everything

    @9jaFOODie: the sad thing is that i analyze almost everything like this lol

    @Vyvyka: thanx lol. "drug free is the way to be"

  6. LMAO, this was quite hilarious. I've always thought that commercial was cute, but now every time I see it I'm gonna think about this your analysis and crack up. Hahahaha.


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