Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is here

UPDATED AT 12:41am JANUARY 1, 2012

It will soon be is now 2012...2011 went by in such a blur, i really don't even remember most of it lol.

Things 2011 taught me:
You can ALWAYS get closer to God. And there are no limits to how He will reach out to you so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open

People change...sometimes they change so fast you don't even know wtf is happening

Everything happens on God's time so there's no need in trying to rush things

Sometimes it takes way more strength to get up and walk away then it does to just stay and try and "make it work"

Not everyone is going to see things the way you see them (even when you're right and they're wrong lol)

I don't go on legit vacations enough. I need to change that lol

No matter how much time goes by and things change, some things/people will always stay the same!

I have way more strength, patience and willpower than i've ever given myself credit for, all i can say is wow, go me!

Blog buddies are some of the best buddies to have :)

Things to look forward to in 2012:
Being an even more awesome me!

Even more weddings and babies and stories of triumph from my friends and loved ones

Another great year of blogging

GRADUATION!!! (God willing) My grandma already bought her plane ticket and everything...#NoPressure

Getting a real full-time job (again, God willing)

Giving up my tiara (so i've been told) #InsideJoke

Seeing if Santa delivers on the new addition to my Christmas list next year

I wish u all a blessed and prosperous new year! Love ya loadz!!!


  1. LovE You TOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also realized people change within a twinkle.Looking forward to 2012,hoping for more adventures & oh I saw something about a Tiara :P Go YOU!

  2. Thanks sweetheart

    I wish you a blessed 2012 also

    Hope you enjoyed your time over here in London...


  3. Happy new year :D
    Best wishes to you and yours

  4. @DiDi- ah, this tiara matter. we shall see in 2012!

    @NIL- OMG, u have no idea how happy it makes me to see ur comment here, my dear naija mummy in london. I had an awesome time in london by the way!

  5. Blog buddies are some of the best buddies to have ... you got that right Sista!

    Best wishes for a memorable 2012

  6. Happy new year Lady Ngolistic! Amen to your grad

  7. Happy new year! God bless you abundantly :)

    Don't worry you will graduate by God's grace. I understand the graduation pressure when it comes to booking flights lol. I made my mom wait for my results before booking hers lol


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