Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is here

UPDATED AT 12:41am JANUARY 1, 2012

It will soon be is now 2012...2011 went by in such a blur, i really don't even remember most of it lol.

Things 2011 taught me:
You can ALWAYS get closer to God. And there are no limits to how He will reach out to you so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open

People change...sometimes they change so fast you don't even know wtf is happening

Everything happens on God's time so there's no need in trying to rush things

Sometimes it takes way more strength to get up and walk away then it does to just stay and try and "make it work"

Not everyone is going to see things the way you see them (even when you're right and they're wrong lol)

I don't go on legit vacations enough. I need to change that lol

No matter how much time goes by and things change, some things/people will always stay the same!

I have way more strength, patience and willpower than i've ever given myself credit for, all i can say is wow, go me!

Blog buddies are some of the best buddies to have :)

Things to look forward to in 2012:
Being an even more awesome me!

Even more weddings and babies and stories of triumph from my friends and loved ones

Another great year of blogging

GRADUATION!!! (God willing) My grandma already bought her plane ticket and everything...#NoPressure

Getting a real full-time job (again, God willing)

Giving up my tiara (so i've been told) #InsideJoke

Seeing if Santa delivers on the new addition to my Christmas list next year

I wish u all a blessed and prosperous new year! Love ya loadz!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Someone wants to marry me

So many people i know got engaged this christmas. Clearly i need to amend my list to Santa for next year if he's touching hearts like that cuz i'm hatin big time! Definitely saw some nice ass rings too. Big Time Hating!!! But but but...someone did hit my formspring box on the 24th with this:

Hmmm...well its good to know somebody actually does. But i'm sure this process would move a bit more smoothly if i actually knew who you were...

Yeah, so whomever you are, i'm just here chillin and can come and collect your bride whenever ur ready o (pending certain circumstances)!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

And I'm Back (again)


Did you miss me?!? (You don't have to answer that, I already know you did! How could you not???) I missed you all too.

First, thanks for all the bday wishes! You guys are the bestest. And thanks to those who checked up on me during my trip.

I'm finally back home. It was such a long journey back. 10 hr flight to Dallas, then 3 hr layover playing with the customs people and such, then another 2 hr flight to tampa, then another 2 hr drive to my parents house. To say i'm glad to finally be home is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge understatement lol.

London was awesome though. I had so much fun. I could definitely see myself living there (if i were ballin' cuz that place is nothing if not expensive), not so much. Maybe if everyone wasn't speaking gibberish french, i may have enjoyed myself a little bit more there. I did see the most beautiful man i've ever seen in my life though. Too bad nothing came of it lol. I even called my mom and told her i found her a son in law and she got all excited...until i told her that all we did was exchange glances and that was that lol.

Well since i'm off for the next week or so, i'll probably be blog stalking you guys and trying to catch up on all that i've missed. Happy Holidays everybody :)

*And Big HELLO and WELCOME to the new readers out there

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Its a celebration b!tches!!!

I didn't mean to call ya'll b!tches lol

I woke up this morning....the day of my 25th birthday, in a brand new country! I think thats worth celebrating.

So happy birthday to me and thank you London for the awesome welcome.

Hope you all are having a great week.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today i didn't even have to use my AK...

I gotta say it was a good day!


Anywho, yeah today was a good day. Got a lot done at work. Went shopping and ended up gettin a couple pairs of jeans for crazy cheap from Forever 21 (i haven't shopped there since like middle school lol). I was supposed to go to a lil soiree at my professor's house but i got lost..and frustrated...and just ended up going back to my apartment lol. I'm bad with confusing directions and refuse to waste more than a few minutes being lost before i say "screw it, i tried!"

Anywho, the highlight of my day was exchanging my US dollars for Pounds and Euros (which are weird as i don't know what). I called around trying to find who would give me the best rate in the shortest amount of time and i settled on this place in the mall near Mickey Mouse. So after i left work, i went to the bank to take out the cash (man, was that painful!). There was a line. So i'm waiting...and a lady walked up to me and asked if i was making a deposit and I told her no, i was making a withdrawal. She offered to help me so i went with her to her little desk and she handled my transaction. We got to talking and OMG..this lady would not let me leave. I suppose it was partially my fault. I asked about their currency exchange and if that particular branch did it and maaaaaan, you should've seen the way her eyes lit up lol. She was real quick to try and start putting in an order for me. I had to tell her to pump her brakes, i just wanted to know if they did it and what their rates were since i was already on my way to exchange my chump change somewhere else.

So she disappeared for a lil while and came back with the rates which were only like 10cents better than where i was going, plus there was a 24-48 hour turn around whereas the place i was going had cash on hand. So i told her thanks but no thanks and assumed she'd hand over my money and let me be on my way...

No such luck!

She proceeded to try and get me to get a new credit card, set up automated bill payments through their website, all kinds of ish. I'm just looking at her like lady...just give me my money! Eventually she gave me my money and walked me out and told me i should stop in and show her pics from my trip when i get back lol. She was nice but she was just trying to do way to much.

Special Shoutout to my newest sorors who just crossed up at Alpha Chapter: "Creative 5entimiento". When I look at you....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Fat Kid

Hey everyone. Happy New Week. I actually was at work from 10am-7pm. On a flippin Sunday...doing apartment walk-throughs and other stuff. My feet are so sore.  I remember i told my supervisor that it was against my religion to work on Sunday (lol). One person looked at me and said "is it really?" (which i personally thought was weird because honestly who doesn't know that in this largely Christian country) and my supervisor said "oh well, have a drink afterwards!" WTF?!? lol. So you want me to work AND get liquored up?!? That's the opposite of keeping the Sabbath holy. Anywayz, when I finally got back to my apartment, i collapsed onto the bed, started reading something on my laptop and then 3 hours later opened my eyes because apparently at some point i slumped and fell asleep.

Anywho, I'd like to direct your attention to a couple of blogs i've read recently. The first is kinda funny/kinda sad. It's a letter written by a dude who was shunned (for lack of a better word) by a girl he went on a date with. You can find it here

The second (though i'm sure a lot of you are tired of talking/reading/hearing about it, is about the Bill passed outlawing "public" homosexuality. I don't really have anything to say about the post, but the comment was spot on (minus a few points) about how i feel about the situation. You can find that here

I have an overabundance of junk food right now! Like seriously, every day someone is giving me snacks..especially since Christmas is coming. Today (Sunday) i got a big @$$ bag of skittles, a big pack of reeses peanut butter cups (which i loooooooooove), and a goodie bag filled with an assortment of homemade cookies. Last week my supervisor got me Lindt's Lindor Chocolate truffles. At the beginning of the week i got doughnut holes and some other snack. And thats just the crap i can remember. All this junk is not helping the cause at all -not that i'm complaining lol, i'm a chocolate junkie!

PS: I changed the background just for you Ade Moss's Son! Appreciate it jo!!! lol

Friday, December 9, 2011


Ah, it felt sooooooo good to give away the duty phone today! I don't think I've ever been so relieved in my life (im exaggerating...being on duty wasn't that bad). I appreciate having my freedom back. Even if only for a lil while.

I'm also done with classes for the semester. Took a final on Tuesday and submitted the 4th draft of my lit review on Wednesday. I actually got up and did a lil dance after i  hit "submit" on Wednesday. That paper has been the bane of my existence all semester.

I can't believe I am going to London in less than a week. I haven't even done anything to prepare. I am such a procrastinator. Time just snuck the hell up on me. Crazy. It seems like just 5 minutes ago the trip wasn't for another 6 months and then *ka-blaam* its in less than 6 days! I haven't changed any money over (thankfully i live in a tourist town- everybody comes to see Mickey Mouse lol- so there are lots of currency exchange places semi-nearby), i don't even have a coat let alone winter clothes. Not Okay. I will be doing some serious shopping and preparation this weekend!!

Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And then there was 1

I'm tired of crying so why not have a laugh instead. *i promise at some point i'll actually come here and write something worthwhile. But until then, please be content in just sharing an e-laugh with me :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I need a laugh

It has been such a stressful ass week. I am in desperate need of a laugh among other things so i went on over to and picked out these hilarious lil gems to share:

LOL, is the auto correct feature really that bad on the iPhone?!?

Monday, December 5, 2011

you asked, i answered

Some time ago I asked you guys to entertain me by hitting up my formspring with questions. Some of you obliged me lol. Here are some of the questions i got (the 1st two were from before i made the request...but since my formspring link is only on this blog i'm assuming someone from around here asked those questions too). There's a couple that i had to leave out because the formatting is giving me a headache so if you don't see your question...thats why!

Nope, sorry

yes and no. Generally, i'm pretty comfortable with myself since i've been heavy practically my entire life. But there are days when i wish i were a lil smaller. I think we all have those days but we have to try and get through it the best (and most positive) way we can!

that depends, are you trying to be my boyfriend? ;) lol

oh dear, i have so many lol. I guess the biggest ones are people who lie, people who are close-minded, rudeness, and cheating.

Well Nigerians are EVERYWHERE and where ever there is any amount of Nigerians, there are associations. Just in this one area of florida i live in, there are several igbo (not sure if Imo state has its own here but i know alot of the people in the one igbo association i know of are from Imo), yoruba, ijaw, edo, urhobo, etc associations, plus general nigerian associations, mens associations, women's associations, and pretty much every major uni has an african student association and we've all worked together over the years. I hope that answered your question.

LOL, no one is cooking in my house for thanksgiving...but you're more than welcome to come if you put yourself on kitchen duty (or take me to a nice restaurant...which ever works best for you)

So there ya have it. If you still wanna ask something, be my guest and hit the formspring box located on the right left hand side of this page :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The dumbest ish ever

Me and my mom argued about this stupid commercial before lol. It just came on tv a few seconds ago so i thought i'd share:

One day me and mom dukes were watching tv and this commercial came on and the following conversation occurred:
Me: this is the dumbest commercial ever in life
Mom: lol, (yes, she really laughed) why do you say that
Me: Because it's unrealistic and that kid is probably a dope fiend anyway!
Mom: oh my goodness, how do you figure that?
Me: Well first off all, i've never gotten free food for not being a crackhead! In fact, I'm bout to start going to restaurants and having loud anti-drug conversations so i can get in on some of these free meals people seem to be giving out.
Mom: LOL
Me: And the kid obviously does drugs anyway!
Mom: how do you know that?
Me: Because he said, nah, i gotta hit the books when they offered it. Which implies that if he didn't have to study he'd be right there puff-puff-passin with them!
Mom: well maybe he just used having to study as an excuse so he doesn't look uncool.
Me: know i've never done drugs right???
Mom: *raised eyebrow* yeah...
Me: Well every single person i used to hang out with did. And after it was established that i was not a smoker..they never asked me to smoke with them, except jokingly every once in a blue moon. See that's how i know he's a weedhead. They wouldn't have even offered it to him if he didn't already smoke with them on the regular!
Mom: hmmmm
Me: I Win!

Some other things i've noticed:

  1. Did you see how long it took dude to reply when his friends asked him to go smoke with them? That nigga was probably already high! I mean, why else would someone go to a diner?!? (j/k j/k)
  2. Did ya'll see that random white boy with them lol. Anything to try and make it "non-racist". Add a little white boy so it doesn't seem like you're trying to say only/all black kids are druggies lol

Saturday, December 3, 2011

virgin diaries

This literally made me LOL and shiver a little bit (not in a good way). I mean, i am all for people saving their virginity for marriage. The bible commands it, does it not? And i can see how someone would want to save their first kiss for their hubby/wifey as well. Especially if you are worried about temptation. But this video itself would be enough to make me at least wanna get the kissing part out of the way early. That ish does not look appealing AT ALL! lol. This just looks frightening and a lil painful. I guess in their minds, what they were doing looked like what they'd seen all their lives (or maybe they've never seen people kiss...possibility). I was a youngin when i had my first *real* kiss (like 12 or 13) but it didn't look like that. And i don't think that back then i thought it should look like that either. *shrugs shoulders*

Anyway, what say you folks? Do you think that you would/could/should save everything for marriage, including your first kiss? Does their lip-lock look crazy or am i just trippin? If saving everything for marriage wasn't part of your initial game plan, do you think you could/would if you met someone you could see yourself having a future with that was abstinent?

Sidenote: I randomly came across this article and i just love it! Check it out if you like.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its my anniversary!

No, not that kind of anniversary.

4 years ago today, i alongside my beautiful linesisters, was initiated into Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Incorporated via the Elite Epsilon Chapter. It seems like that was sooooooo long ago. Most of my syands are going on about "omg, 4 years already" while i'm just like it's only been 4 years?!? LOL. I guess its cuz i've been puttin in major work for the past 4 years. But i love it. Being in my sorority and in the Greek community at large is why i'm studying what i'm studying and why i want to do what i want to do. These women have had such an impact on my life that its hard to believe that they've only been part of my life for 4 years. ♥

The night we crossed! Yeah, i know we look a mess. It was a rough night lol

At our 1st Founder's Day Dinner

Out and about with our Dean and Assistant Dean

Our "Original"

Our "Copy"

At our 1st National Conference in TX

Me and my deuce

me and my ace

me and my dean and assistant dean