Thursday, November 24, 2011

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Im not a big fan of celebrity gossip (even though i read religiously- don't judge me) but i really wanna say that if i had the opportunity to slap the mess out of someone right now it'd be that stupid Kim Kardashian broad. I am just so over her and her bs right now. She got married and divorced in less than a semester, came up with a cock and bull story about how she thought she was in love and how the whole thing had nothing to do with money (despite giving certain magazines/photographers exclusive rights to cover her wedding, honeymoon and film her life and allegedly making millions in the process) and now the hoe is making an entire new series about her "marriage" and divorce starring Kris Humphries as the villain. I hope he sues the big fake butt cheeks right off of her! /end rant

Anywho, hey everybody! Hope those who celebrate it had a great thanksgiving and are out and about doing some safe black friday shopping. I don't play that Black Friday stuff...especially when you hear all the stories of people getting trampled to death in the name of a sale. As if its the last or best sale on earth #ItsNot
My mommy caved and made thanksgiving dinner last night #SoThankful for that (and all the other wonderful people, things, blessings in my life)

So i'm back on this wedding fever kick again. IDK what is going on in this brain of mine. I just love weddings (traditional and church weddings). The clothes, the atmosphere, the love. Its all so awesome. But i'm definitely content to just watch for now. ♥

I need some sugar (as in actual sugar, not sugar) but its late and i'm not trying to go outside and encounter any of the late night shoppers :(

Have an awesome weekend lovies!


  1. For someone without a talent I think Kim is doing well as an entertainer.

  2. lol @ Kim K and her bs...but she can't help it, too many ppl still wanna be her...

  3. Hehe! Kim K's wedding was a big game of charades. Perhaps they're gonna do a comeback show..."Kim K saves her marriage" and make more money off that. Bunch of BS talkers!

  4. @Ade Moss's Son: if not for her showing her *ahem* talent in that video with Ray J, she and all her sisters, brother(s) and parents would be nobody lol

    @Stella Kodi: I don't even understand it. Yes, she's gorgeous, but so are tons of other people and they don't get this level of hero worship that she's getting.

    @Anya Posh: LMAO at the idea of the comeback show. Honestly i wouldn't even be surprised if that happened.

  5. I like the whole clan actually *dodging bullets* but not in the hero-worship way. i don't loose sleep if i miss d shows but they amuse me and for a bunch of 'seemingly' talent-less fam, they make tons of money which i think is the brain work of their momager, Kris.
    That said, Kim is kinda dull and needs to grow up instead of feeding us crap with that "poor me, i tot i loved him". ish aint werking


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