Saturday, November 5, 2011

That awkward moment

That awkward moment when you're lying in your bed looking at something on your phone and you accidentally drop the phone on your face.

That awkward moment when you think someone is talking to you so you respond...but they were really talking to the person behind you.

That awkward moment when the person walking ahead of you holds the door open for you even though your like 200 feet away so you have to jog it up so they aren't standing there holding the door for you all day.

That awkward moment when you're watching a movie with your parents/aunties/etc and something super x-rated happens

That awkward moment when you have to introduce someone to another person but you don't remember their name (story of my freaking life!)

That awkward moment when you're talking to someone and you spit on them

That awkward moment when someone catches you looking at them

That awkward moment when you trip and try (unsuccessfully) to play it off in front of a bunch of people

That awkward moment when you tweet something you meant to send in a DM

That awkward moment when you text your friend and ask them to call you because you can't find your cellphone (think about it!)

My life = 1 awkward moment after another!


  1. LMAooo u text ur friend to call u cos u cant find your phone?!!!! where the heck are you texting them from?!

  2. #Thatawkardmoment that you are alone in a room, and you fart, and 5 seconds later someone of the opposite sex decides to come walking into the room.

    the art of awkward moments is an acquired skill.

  3. @HoneyDame: lol, crazy stuff happens in my world

    @lovelife4sale: note to self: do not arrive at this mans house unannounced

    Im wondering why you guys are up playin at 5am lol

  4. You are forgetting that I am in the other end of the world where I am 12 hours ahead of u! So question now is what are doing up @5.17 am on a saturday?
    Lovelife4sale, you need to put up another post o!

  5. LMAO...just went back to my blog and saw that Lovelife4sale updated 25mins ago
    I guess this calls for an awkward moment tag, no?

  6. that awkward moment when you flirt with a guy at a party only to find out he is your boss at your new job! oops!

    roflmao @ texting that you cant find your phone.

  7. Haaahaa... At least your awkward moments are funny

  8. LMAO!!! Okay. I'm guilty of a few... My boyfriend has dropped his phone on my head more than I have on my own head. Lol. If I've spit on someone it was someone close to me so, It was more funny than awkward. Girl, you had me Rolling on this post.

    Always, T

  9. That awkward moment when you ignore someone's phone call and they call you from someone else's phone and you answer it. #busted!

    That awkward moment when you forget to bring your towel into the shower #oops!. This one actually happens to me a lot. There was even a time when I had already undressed, like totally naked before I remembered, I had to tell my sister to pass it to me through a small hole in the door. It was uber embarrassing and did I forget to mention... awkward!.

  10. @HoneyDame: lol, my bad. totally slipped my mind. damn time differences!

    @Aseni: only awkward if the man is not flirting back...if he does, i smell a promotion! lol

    @Prism: lol, can u imagine if they weren't?!? That awkward moment when you have an awkward moment lol

    @Tarah: so ur boo-thang just be droppin his phone on u?!? i think you need to regulate! lol

    @MissPweddyFace: not me, i know that trick too well. I don't fall for that one lol. I have slipped up and forgotten my towel though but thankfully its been a long time since i've had to worry about someone seeing my "naked dash" back to my bedroom (minus this past 10 months back at mom/dad's house). Gotta luv independent living

  11. lmao at the last awkward moment! How the heck do you text a person if you've lost your phone lol


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