Saturday, November 26, 2011

so weh dem a say? dance will neva die!

out and bad so badly bad it a get intensify
I see the kids dem in the street
all the big man dem a practice fi d'weet
although Bogle pass and gone
we still a mek dem know him dancin live on
everybody just...

Elephant Man - willie bounce by ceylasss

Mr Wacky is gone but his dancin lives on
so everybody, get jiggy and just party on
sesame in the street
watch the kids dem a d'weet
come join the party
all dancers come together as one

Voicemail Feat Ding Dong - Wacky Dip by bigredstorm

RIP Gerald Levy aka Bogle, Mr. Wacky Dip
Just daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance and do what you feel like
Just do di Chaka Chaka and dip and come up
rockaway, lean back, and do what you feel like!

RIP O'Neil Edwards

Honorable Mention (only because i pride myself on being one of the 1st people (that i personally knew) that could actually do this dance back in the day lol):

Elephant Man - Sesame Street by djmichou94

Ahh, sweet sweet dancehall. You were the light of my musical life, especially 2000-2006 when all we did was party and bullsh!t lol. All those hours in the house pretending it was passa passa wednesday and making sure we were up on any dance that might get shouted out at the party (nobody wan carry last, abi). Ah, memories!


  1. I'm guessing I must have skipped this era of music/dance

  2. Lol. Still love dancehall. It doesn't fail to make me wanna dance.

  3. @Ade Moss's Son: the music/dance hasn't gone anywhere lol. You just need to go look for it.

    @Lily Johnson: I still do too but i'm definitely not the dancehall queen i once was lol. now i just stick to dancing around my room and every once in a blue moon at a party.


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