Friday, November 11, 2011

Nice Guys

Nice guys finish last
Nice guys stay losing
blah blah blah
all bulls#it!

If that^^^ is your approach to life, you're probably not a nice guy!
If you're a nice guy complaining about not having enough b!tc#es to f^ck, you're probably not a nice guy!
If losing means that after pretending to be a friend, a young lady thinks of you as a friend instead of giving up the're probably not a nice guy!
If you're a "nice guy", you're probably not a nice guy!


  1. Nice guys dont usually know they are nice guys nor do they say they are nice guys. Only guys that are so not nice that go on talking about being nice. (phew, all the nice nice nice has left me breathless! lol)

  2. After reading this, are there any nice guys? :P.
    Still scared of talking to you

  3. yes there are nice guys :) I`m nice but don`t finish last..

  4. @Amaka: lol, thank u!

    @singlenigerian: don't scared to talk to me lol, i don't bite (unless asked of course)! Anywho, of course there are nice guys...but there are a lot of "nice guys" who are really wolves in sheep's clothing. Those "nice guys" are the one who go around complaining about finishing last and all girls only want bad boys and blah blah blah

    @DIDI: i know boo lol

    1. Those nice guys complain because it's true. It's like women don't even know what they want.

    2. Seems to me like they know what they want. Namely not you or guys like you that think treating another person ,,nice" should be rewarded with sex. How arrogant are you to think that the decision of another person, not to engage in sex or a romantic relationship with you (or guys like you) can not be right or carry any value.

      Clearly these women must be idiotic or simply unfit to make their own decisions regarding their life and personal choices ,otherwise they would not even be dreaming of turning you guys down eh?

      Finding out that someone you like is not that much into you is never a good feeling, but crying ,,Oh my I am nice I deserve to be intimate with you" is so backwards it should come once across the world and hit you guys in the back of your dull heads.

      What else are you? Are you adventurous, interesting,do you love to travel,are you into sports,a good cook, a lover of poetry or old movies... what ever the person you pursue is interested in for a partner? No? Guess what: tough luck.

      When did ,,I am nice" become the ultimate decision point for a woman to be with you. If all you are is nice,then sorry to say: you are a boring fuck. And if you think that treating a women with a bit of courtesy is enough to make her drop her panties it shows how you really think of them.
      Namely that they are actually not worthy of being treated with nicety in your opinion. Because somehow all you guys think that being nice to a woman is something so special and rare to do ,that it should be rewarded.
      Got that? Being nice to a woman should be rewarded! Do you guys listen to yourself?

      I am sick to my bones of guys like you who keep whining and vilify women ,who make us men look like a bunch of three year olds with self entitlement issues.


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