Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Personal People: Return of the Mavericks!

So i was over at yesterday and i noticed they featured two of my personal people slashWisDom and Doc C on their site. So i figured i might as well join the movement too.
I've known slashWisDom (aka my favorite Olisa) for a few years now. He is hilarious. I didn't take the music thing serious with him at first but then he dropped his valentine's day single (which i featured here) and i had to change my mind lol. I also felt extremely awkward having someone i knew personally singing such suggestive things lol. 

Doggext...don't know him...moving right along...

Doc C (aka my favorite Ugo) i've known the longest... like 6 years now. He's just a big pile of awesome, especially after he's had something to drink lol. He really surprised me with this one though. I remember listening to him rap back in the day and just laughin lol. But then i heard him on this track and um...mmm, no comment lol. #LovinIt

Have a listen...

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