Thursday, November 3, 2011

My mind playing tricks on me

Sometimes i perplex the hell out of myself. I've been complaining about not getting this thing that i want (not that thing o!). So when i finally get this thing, i complain about getting it. Really Jen, where they do that it?!? I had to step back and chastise myself for being so...i don't even know what the right word is.
After i stopped beating myself up, i had to anaylze: was I just being an idiot or was there something more to this that i couldn't consciously realize? Well, since then i've thought about it and thought about it and then thought about it some more and i know there's a deeper need not being met in this scenario...

I don't wanna be loved, i don't wanna be loved. I just want a quickie. No bite marks, no scratches and no hickeys. If you can get with that, [papi] come get with me!

LOL, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the world. I just like the song. If only Miguel looked like he was actually interested in women...

Somehow..its 12:42 am and i started writing this somewhere around 10pm. What in the world have i been doing for the past 2 and a half hours? Not focusing, that's for sure! And now i have no idea what i was gonna write. Hmm. Sad day in the mind of Lady Ngo!

Since i don't remember why i'm even writing this post anymore, i guess i'll just make some small announcements that you probably don't care about anyway lol:

  1. Got my tuition remission today! And since i already paid my tuition for the semester, my job just issued me a fat ass check! Bank Account On Swole #LookAtMeNow, #ImGettinPaper
  2. Got a B on the midterm i took last week. Take that 9ja-Great, I told u i did well lol.
  3. The maintenance dude came to change my air filter today and I let him in not remembering that I had all sorts of unmentionable items laying around. Embarrassing. I handled it like the certified gangsta that I am though. (Which literally means i scampered to pick them up and toss them under the blanket on my bed and avoided making eye contact for the duration of his stay!)
  4. I might have my internship lined up for next semester...
  5. One of my sorta-supervisors ruined my day by asking me when i planned on looking for a real job. I AM NOT READY lol Please just let me pretend im gonna be in college forever and continue to live off of my GA salary and those student loan checks!
Alright, i'm done wasting your time! Please don't hit me :)

I think someone put something in my drink because this post is all over the damn place lol


  1. It is fine, provided it ain ruffies!
    ChameLess Geh!!! What did you have laying around when he came? i am tres curious!
    ha!!! *in igbo accent*, Ngo my daughter, you have done me proud with that your result o! Well done my daughter! May Chi bless you

  2. Funny enough i enjoyed reading this. Lol at your things lying around and stuff.Congrats girl!

  3. I enjoy ur piece sounds really funny. Thanks for sharing

  4. Congrats dear on your result.I really am proud.Meanwhile stop letting things lay about o,we don't want any unfortunate event.LOL

  5. "Unmentionable items" huh? i wonder what those were :-)

  6. LoL @ I handled it like the certified gangsta that I am though. gotta try find out what those unmentionables are,wearing thinking CAP..congrat on your 'B' :)

  7. I too enjoyed reading this post...Sometimes its the ones that are all over the place end up being some of the best. :)

    ::whispering;: Now about those "unmentionables" ...LOL

  8. @HoneyDame: Thanks hun! As for your curiosity...well i cannot comment on the nature of those unmentionables lol.

    @Lily Johnson: thanks, glad u enjoyed reading it. i was certain i was high on something when i read through this the 1st time lol

    @Docia: glad you enjoyed it dear :)

    @9ja-Great: hmph, i'm not speaking to u anymore so :P

    @Toinlicious: guys really want to know. Well i'm not telling lol.

    @DIDI: oya, you know i'm a thug now! you have had by far the funniest interpretation of what those unmentionables might be lol

    @Ms. Behaving: hahaha, glad u liked the post. as for the unmentionables, my lips are sealed o!

  9. This post got me chuckling, I thought at first that lyric clip was you wanting that thing, lol..

    Enjoy your swole account...

  10. @Myne: lol, no such luck, just a song lyric!
    As for my fat and shapeless account, im already thinking of how i can start putting that money towards paying down these freaking student loans.

  11. Great result for a great gal :)

    Swole account....enjoy it while it lasts

  12. Good for you on your result! rolling eyes @ getting a real job...I hate it when reality kicks in!

    Lol@ maintenance dude walking in on ur mess!


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