Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Midweek random thoughts

I have been thinking about starting another blog...2 actually. I'm not sure yet. I've actually been thinking about it for a while, i just haven't told anyone or made any moves towards making it happen. If i do create a new space for myself, i'll still keep this blog going though.

I just went on a mini-deleting spree on fb. I'm really unintentionally mean with the way i delete people...i usually do it on their birthday. Evil, I know. But i don't do it purposely to be mean. Its just that i have all these random friends that i don't really know/have no interest in knowing but i don't ever really notice them until i get that "today is so-and-so's birthday" notification. So i figure, now's as good a time as any to go ahead and hit that unfriend button.

I also delete people when they say something stupid. Especially if i am not really cool with them like that anyway. Like i just deleted this one dude. I kinda sorta know him. Like i've seen him around and he's friends with some people that i'm friends with but i can't honestly tell you that i've ever even spoken to him. And the funny thing about this kid is that we've been fb friends for like 5 years. And he used to delete me and re-add me all the freaking time til it got to the point where i told him that the next time he disappears from my friend list he shouldn't expect me to accept him back. he's gone and yeah...

I have an overwhelming desire to get out of florida. I don't know where i want to go, but i know i want to go...But there are a few things holding me back (not necessarily in a bad way). I will be graduating soon (God willing) and i am starting to look at jobs at universities in other states...i've even considering going to participate in the placement exchange...but every time i think about it, i keep thinking about the things tying  me to florida and what would happen if i end up getting a job in like California or something. SMH. Whatever, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I thought i had a handle on this "patience is a virtue" thing...but all manner of nonsense that has been happening today (tuesday) has reminded me that i don't. I don't think i've ever been on the verge of punching/slapping/kicking so many people in one day in my entire life lol.

I love Drake. I definitely have to give him a break before. I think watching Degrassi reruns and then turning on BET and hearing him rap was way to big of a leap and way too quickly (not to mention that you couldn't go anywhere without hearing one of his songs or a song he was featured on and he hadn't even dropped an album!). But now that i went on a Drake hiatus but have come back....i so into him and all his emo-ness! I love it!!!

I need to listen to the Anticipation 2 mixtape by Trey Songz. Anticipation was just amazing and if the second is anything like the first, i'll seriously be out looking for Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Ok, i'm done rambling. Time to get some freakin sleep. Thank goodness for the holiday. Today (wednesday) is my last day of work for the week and then i'm going hooooooooome (even though there won't be any thanksgiving dinner waiting for me *still bitter*)



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  2. Don't go to California, you might end up a failed Hollywood Star...come to Nigeria instead and become...*thinking* mehn! Anywhere is better once you compare with Nigeria.
    I also feel like sleeping...let me take a few minutes off and rest my eyes, hope this passengers won't know their Pilot is asleep. *wink*fingers crossed*

  3. Random!!! Hahahahaha Anyways,we'll also follow your new blogs when you do start them and there ain't nothing wrong with change of environment.

  4. So very random. On their bdays?! dat's soo mean lol. I can count d number of strangers i av on fb on 1 hand but i do delete frnds wen dey update every freaking minute. seriously, i get tired of seeing d same names on my time line with stories like: going to eat. going to take a bath. in my room. on my bed. about to sleep.

    So wat r d blogs gona be about? food? #ilikefood

  5. Holler with the new blogs- blogging is so addictive isn't it?

    I'll soon go on a deleting spree on FB too

    Muse Origins FB

  6. @Ade Moss's Son: see me see movie star! as if i could ever fail in hollywood, can't u tell how awesome i am lol.

    @9ja-great: man, if i start them, they will be anonymous but if u can find em you're welcome to follow lol

    @toinlicious: hahaha, me write about food? have u tasted my cooking? Not a good idea lol

    @Adiya: It is!


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