Thursday, November 17, 2011

I really wanna know

How do you tell your friend that they look a hot mess? I mean, there has to be some sort of etiquette to this. You don't wanna hurt their feelings or seem like a bitch but at the same time there is no way you wanna go anywhere with them looking the way they do. OOOOOOOOOOH its even worse when they come outside or take a pic thinking they look like the best thing since sliced bread. That conversation is more awkward than having sex with a rhinoceros that doesn't love you anymore.... if anyone has tips on how to have those difficult conversations please share them with us!!!

Moving right along...

I was over at Max-Logic the other day and she did a post about the easiest thing a man can do to make his girl happy and man was she spot on! I don't know what it is that is so inherently profound about a man (my man- or a man im interested in specifically) calling me pretty/beautiful but damn. That's a very powerful description. Yeah, its nice to hear your boo-thang call you cute or sexy or hott or whatever other terms ni99as are throwing around these days but there's just something about being called pretty or beautiful that "sets my heart to racing" (if i may quote the late great Rue McLanahan aka Blanche Devereaux). I don't know, it could just be my love of words or maybe Ebi had a point when he said all women are moved by sweet words. (see juju and jazzes, why would i ever in my right mind write something in agreement with that guy?!? lol)
All i can say is that calling me "pretty/beautiful" may not get you the panties, but it'll damn sure get you a step in the right direction (as long as everything else is right)!

Since we're on the subject of "pretty" and "things i wanna know"...why is it that the most hot-mess-lookingest people are the 1st one to jump up talking about they only date pretty women/sexy men? Like what the hell? You're over there look like Shrek's ugly step brother and got the nerve to talk about you only deal with dimes or better? You're not serious! Quite annoying (though i'm not entirely sure why)

The Weekend is almost here...get excited!


  1. if it's a really close frnd, u'll just tell em as it is. like: hmn, dis top makes you look pregnant or ur hair looks funny, y don't you try another style this weekend :-)

  2. if she's my buddy i will just diplomatically offer to do a makeover for her but i will NEVER say it directly

  3. lol. are you talking of some one who is naturally un-pretty or who dresses badly. The former is easy..leave em alone. Why would you want them to loose their confidence?
    If its the latter, Sisi Yemmie's idea could work :)

  4. There is nothing like hearing that you are beautiful.

  5. Lol i've missed reading your posts. I guesss u just have to use discretion when you're talking to the "Hot-mess" friend. Use the right words, be gentle and understanding. Is she going through stress right now? long as it's obvious u dnt aim to be rude and you're coming from a good place, she shouldnt be too offended :)

  6. I really don't know how to tell that friend who looks like hot-mess o.LOL Even in all my wisdom,i still don't know a way around telling a friend he looks like shit.Meanwhile,i know i was right and you agreeing with me makes it even better.LOL I told you,i've got CHARMS! *winks*

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ok the last point no comment..lool

  8. Ask your "Hot Mess" Friend her thoughts on how she would approch an tell a friend that they don't put themselves togher well without hurting feelings. That may be a good way to start the conversation off.

  9. @Toinlicious: not everyone can take that kind of honesty o lol

    Sisi Yemmie: after a makeover from me, she might be worse off lol.

    @Ginger: the latter na! i wouldn't dream of bringing it up if she were just not a cute girl.

    @Okeoghene: I know, right!!??!!

    @kitkat: lol at "too offended". i don't want her to be offended at all is the problem but there really isnt any way to say such things without the feelings being a little hurt.

    @9ja-Great: I did not agree! I just said maybe there was some truth in what you said. Keep these ur charms to urself!!!

    @UnveilingGold: yes, comment!!!

    @Highly Favored: that makes sense

  10. easy way out of miss-hot-mess..but from observation, talk about the dressing and lace it with an, there's something about this dress...maybe if you pair it with that belt or denim, it will look even hotter!"
    Diplomacy is key!

    Did u just make reference to the Golden Girls?!!!!! I love those people!!!! I even jokingly call my mum Ma Petrillo!


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