Friday, November 4, 2011

I can love you better than she can

Dedicated to : An Eccentric Great Naija Man
In regards to: His useless e-marriages and engagements to Toinlicious and HoneyDame

Cuz we all know he'll come crawling back eventually *evil laugh and vicious side eye*

LOL, i'm just f*cking with ya'll! I love HoneyDame and Toinlicious....and since my bible told me to love my neighbor i guess i luv 9ja-Great too (even though im still abandoning his blog). I wish them a very long happy and successful polygamous blogsville marriage lol.

Anywayz, yesterday was so freaking crazy. This whole getting hired in the middle of the semester thing is quite bothersome. I have so many freaking trainings and meetings and other stuff to do. I barely have time to do my actual job!
You'll probably have to click and enlarge it to get the full gist

Thats just an example of my work week. Those few random white sections (not to be confused with the light blue sections) are the randoms times of the day when i can actually do work. SMH. Its cool though, i guess. Its all part of the territory. And at least i can never complain of boredom lol. I also need to write 2 case studies and finish my literature review in the next couple of weeks. This life! I can't imagine what next semester is gonna be like working at this job, doing my internship and taking 3 classes. Pray for me ya'll!

Myne's romantic names in our traditional languages post was so nice! I'm glad i was able to contribute (and names that no one else had at that) If you read/listened to my Language Challenge post, you'd know i struggle immensely with the Igbo language. But...i got the lovey-dovey talk ON LOCK!!! lol. I may not be able to hold a decent convo with you but i damn sure can talk you out of your boxers ;)
I swear, Myne and 9ja-Great are conspiring to influence me to snatch up the next good-looking man that crosses my path with all this lovey-dovey stuff yesterday!!!

Anywayz back to other things. my Londoners, i have a question for you all! I was on fb yesterday foolin around and i saw this link to a music video by some rapper/singer named Skepta (and of course the guy has to be Nigerian) for a song called "All Over the House"...and um yeah, is that how ya'll do music videos over there?!? lol (if you are saved, sanctified and holy ghost filled, you might not wanna click the link, ijs) Seriously, at about 25 seconds in i damn near fell outta my chair cuz i definitely didn't see that ish coming lol.

I found a starburst (the candy) in the pocket of my hoodie yesterday...that made my entire day worthwhile!

Have a good weekend ya'll. Hopefully by monday i'll stop writing like im high lol.


  1. LLMAAAoo!!! ROtFLMAO..lemme finish reading and den come back!....lmao

  2. WTF?! Is that a music video or porn? Frankly i can't differentiate.Damn,dude jes sang music over live porn!

    Meanwhile don't forget you're in the love triangle too,so wish yourself goodluck too.LOL And please don't dessert my blog,it'll miss you too much.*insert sad face*

  3. OMFG!!!! OMFGGG!~!!!!! LadyNGo!!!where did you stumble on this video fromtthe pit of HELL?!!!?!!
    JeSus, MAry, Gabriel, Uriel, HolySpirit, John!!!!!

  4. hahahahaha. I can share tho hehehe. Bydway, dat skepta video *eyeballs popping*

  5. I dont know what nonsense triangl/polygamy you people are talking about....I dont share and what is MINE is MINE ONLY!

    Babe, you have your hands full with that schedule o. I am almost scared of legit grown up life.

    That Myne's this thing was just mushiness blogified! I could do with all the mushiness right now.

    Skepta...*straight face*..He is definitely living up to the stereotype about that *ahem* department. May the spirit of the Lord descend on him!

  6. @9ja-Great: Triangle ke? I am just in the corner sipping my moscato giving you a chance to come to ur senses!

    @Toinlicious: lol, thats between you and HoneyDame now and she said she's not willing to share

    @HoneyDame: LOL. I can deal with my schedule if i didn't also have school and my internship and then finding a real job to worry about. Don't even ask me about that video though! I'm still waiting for someone to chime on about what thats supposed to be about

  7. I guess I have some catching up to 9ja-Great, the drama you have started :)

  8. Love Triangle?? i saw something like that on twitter,didn`t know there is a third party..please keep us posted Lady Ngo. Sharing they say is caring,are these ladies caring enough to share,a moment silence for 9ja great for he know not where he is

  9. As for Skepta..Oh my word..he just raised the bar for hip-hop videos..Its a london thing.

  10. @9jaFOODie: lol, see this is why i said blogsville needs more guys because these few have a monopoly here and they are abusing their power! lol

    @DIDI: Now i don't ever wanna hear anything about Yankee ever again. Some of our music videos get nasty but never like that (at least none that i've ever seen lol)

  11. Tell me more about this 9ja great marriage business, I thought it was you two? I'm not surprised you have chancers sha, did you not see that future wife letter? Even my head wan turn, LOL...

  12. i found 5dollars in my old bag and that made my week, life of a student, lol


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