Monday, November 21, 2011

good times and ish

I just spent a lovely weekend in tampa visiting my friends and sorors. Nothing too exciting to report this time around. But i definitely had an awesome time hanging out with my sisters and their boos and babies....though its always slightly awkward being the only single/childless person in the room. But i'm cool with that though! #NoBabiesAnytimeSoon. I'm perfectly content to playing with my Sorors' children for now. Moral of the story is that good times were had by all...well by me at least!
Sidenote: Speaking of babies...i'm so stealing Nenyenwa's baby one day, she is sooooooooooooo freaking adorable!

While i was in sunny Tampa Bay, there was this person who, for lack of a better phrase, was tryna smash all weekend. Now, the idea that this person wanted access to my tasty treats down below is not overall surprising. Afterall, he's a guy...i'm a girl...these things happen. But there are several key factors here that just made me say:
with that facial expression and everything!
  1. The day i was going to Tampa, this person was involved in some crazy fb brawl with one of his baby mamas (who was staking her claim to the dude) and some other young lady.
  2. During the first round of "hey we should link up" texts, the back-handed implication for sexual activity was made and i was very quick to put an end to such conversation. He acted offended and insisted that he was only interested in "catching up"... at 3am...Uh-huh, right.
  3. The next day, we start our 2nd round of "when are we gonna link up" texts and this person states that we should hang out in my hotel room....yeah, not happening! His justification: I'm at Warri Boy's response...if we're only "catching up" then why does it matter that you're at Warri Boy's apartment?
  4. Later that evening came the "i got locked out of Warri Boy's apartment but i don't mind spending the night with you in your hotel room so you don't have to make fifty-'leven trips" ARE YOU SERIOUS MY DUDE?!? 
  5. After effectively (or so i thought) shutting down any false hopes of any face down, ass up bedroom activity going down, i was met again with a text stating "yeah, im too horny to be around you anyway cuz i know myself and i would have tried u" $#!+ if that wasn't the goal all along! 
I may have been born at night (i wasn't lol) but not last night! Sheesh. I would have appreciated dude keepin it 100. I mean, we are adults, no? If u wanna do the horizontal mambo, all you have to do is ask. You never know what the answer will be (in this case it obviously was a loud and resounding no but im just sayin...). No hard feelings tho lol.

Anywayz, that was my weekend in a nutshell. I trust you all had enjoyable weekends too...and if not, well, sorry. Maybe next weekend will be better.

    Um totally unrelated but...what the hell is this? LMAO
    Have a great week folks!

    Additional sidenote: my mother has decided she's not cooking thanksgiving dinner. Like...really mom? WDDDA?!? *sad face* That lil revelation got me to thinking that at some point in life (pretty soon) i'm gonna have a household of my own and thanksgiving dinner is kinda gonna be my responsibility. Damn, where are the years going? Adulthood is a tricky lil devil that just sneaks up on ya outta nowhere


    1. lol @ the dude story. dont blame a guy for buh dat method is really whack.
      have a great week too

    2. Your weekend generally went well.And as for that guy,well he knows what he wants.LOL

    3. lol...typical of some dudes. I have friends in Tampa, wish you could've visited them on my behalf! Sigh...i've been thinking about adulthood all last week...*sigh* Enjoy your week Ngo!

    4. I think the summary of the post much as you had fun this weekend you got none OR you can have as much fun and get none. that what getting old feels like? Mehn! I need to get me some.

    5. hahahahahhhahahaha....
      U got served or maybe he got served...heck, what am I even saying?
      Well at least you are getting for me, I rest my case.
      *singing*"Forever young, I wanna be forever young."

    6. Dat guy was soo desperate mehn, i mean c'mon.
      hehehe, joining Honeydame in singing "forever young"

    7. @luciano: thanks hun

      @9ja-Great: well he should also know that closed mouths don't get fed lol. games will get him nowhere.

      @Sisi Yemmie: ha, i wonder who these friends are and if i don't already know them. that'd be funny

      @Ade Moss's Son: i don't equate any of what happened (or didn't happen) this weekend with getting old lol.

      @HoneyDame: LOL im sure u are getting offers by the boatload! Just maybe they are not worthwhile offers (like this one i just described).

      @Toinlicious: i will join in this chorus of "forever young" but also add that "we're forever young until we're not young anymore". lol

    8. lol, You are so funny. Girl, dude thought he was really going to get him some. Ugh. Get a grip. LOL ! I'm glad you had a good time.

      Always, T

    9. Lmao!!!! that tyra pic though as for the guy ppssshhh!!!! im tired of talking about them

    10. LoL @ I may have been born at night (i wasn't lol) but not last night!..I say Rule your world and call the shots..erm whats Tyra doing?

    11. Well, you had a good time, just chuck the rest down to experience.

      BTW, Is that really Tyra? What is she doing?

    12. Na wah for SOME men. They really must think most women have peas for brain!

    13. @Tarah: I've learned to make light of the nonsense lol, otherwise i'd have slapped the mess outta somebody by now.

      @my life: isn't the Tyra pic crazy lol. the guy...what can i say, he tried small

      @DiDi: i wish i knew. somebody that watches ANTM needs to come in and explain on Tyra's behalf

      @Myne: lol, yeah thats her. I have no idea what she's doing though

      @Hazel: thats what i'm saying. I mean, i prefer you keep it real, but if you're gonna try and play games at least make them believable games


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