Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I swear some people do not know how to communicate, and to be quite frank some people just don't know how to effing act. Ugh. I was having a perfectly lovely conversation with this person. When out of nowhere, the conversation went all the way into left field. Like, WTF?!? Not to mention that we had a convo that ventured into this territory before some months back that caused a great deal of tension that we are just now getting past. And they choose to go there again? Again, i say: WTF?!?
Thankfully, I had a ton of stuff to do that kept my mind off of being irritated. Otherwise you may have been seeing me on the news in handcuffs really, but not really. Its not even the content that has me the most upset. Its the fact that this person went there, which is causing me to question whether they are just a dumbass, oblivious, or a humongous d-bag! To be honest, i'm leading towards d-bag at this point.

Man, this video had me dying laughing for the whole 4 minutes. I wish i knew who put this together cuz they seem like they are awesome! lol...man crack is a helluva drug

Anywayz, before i depart, i feel like i need to say something about this whole Kim K/Kris Humphries nonsense.
Anyone who says they didn't see this ish coming a mile away is either a liar or living in lala-land. Come on now. Lets keep it funky. I know i for one didn't think this was going to last. But i do know that there were a lot of people genuinely happy to see this tramp chick getting married and being so in love and blah blah blah. WHATEVER DAWG! Whats really irritating me is all these people who look at this particular case and have decided that "Americans don't know how to act" and "Americans are ruining/don't value marriage" and blase blase blah, to which i reply- SHUT THE FUCK UP! How can you make such an accusation based on 1 celebrity marriage that half of no one believed was real from the jump? Ok, you wanna throw divorce statistics in there...well lemme spit some real ish at you...just because the divorce rate is lower in *blank* country, doesn't mean that everybody there is enjoying a happy healthy respectable marriage. Don't believe me, pick up a copy of the Daily Sun! *rolls eyes* If you wanna compare countries, i truly suggest we think about the glass house we're living in before we throw that first stone!

Can you tell i've had a very angry day? lol

Happy November folks! The countdown is officially on...24 days til Turkey Day (for some of us at least)!


  1. hahaha..no too vex o.
    happy new month to ur very fine self too

  2. No vex too much o...ndo.
    I hate that I will miss thanksgiving sha!
    All that good food?!!!

  3. Take it easy ma'am.LOL Some people can really be douche bags! Be easy though!

  4. You had a bad day?????? I really couldn't tell.....onest *wide eyed innocent expression* People are just generally very iffy.I feel you though. Don't let nobody haave you all on Cops in handcuffs with rollers in your hair, ya' heard? Brush that mess off and keep it moving. That's the cross we have to bear in life.....living in a world filled with OTHER PEOPLE.

  5. Pls don't get so mad to warrant handcuff ooh...lol..Remember what people are like....Happy New Month....chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

  6. Coolu temper my sistah! Count your blessings and ignore the nuisances.

    Happy November :)


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