Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chicken and Beer

Will everyone get off of Beyonce's nutsack?!? Damn. I'm tired of hearing about her being pregnant, not being pregnant, her Louboutin boots, her prosthetic baby bump and all the other la-di-da-di bullskit. Please and Thank You!
Why are people debating whether or not Dr. Conrad Murray is being used a scapegoat?!? This has got to be THE dumbest (ok, ONE of the dumbest) arguments ever in life. He, a licensed medical doctor, gave a patient in his care a drug that eventually caused said patient's death. End of story. That man broke the law and his hippocratic oath...and all for a couple of dollars. I couldn't care less that Michael Jackson was a grown ass man that made the decision to take drugs, nor do i care that he could have very well likely gotten the drug elsewhere from another quack doctor out to make an extra buck. If you like, go and dig him up and charge him for that if that'll help you sleep better at night! So in my eyes, if Mr. Murray spends the rest of his days in the clink...well that's what the heck he gets!
That made me laugh my booty off! Who does ish like this??? Although i'd much rather have this happen then come home to find a "serious" burglar in my house!
"The Overweight Lover" Heavy D died :(
Cuentame un cuento y veras que contento
me voy a la cama y tengo lindos suenos!

^^^a line from a silly little song i learned in Spanish 4 that i still randomly sing now almost 10 years later lol.

And since we're on the topic of spanishy songs lol, here are some of my faves (only because i actually know the words)
Suavemente- Elvis Crespo -i've been singing this since before i could speak spanish lol. My bestie hates the fact that this is my jam because its not "real" merengue. Damn Dominican/Puerto Rican beef lol

No Me Dejes Solo- Daddy Yankee ft. Wisin Y Yandel -im not really big on reggaeton just because it all pretty much sounds the same (don't hit me!) but i personally think i sound sexy as hell saying "papi no me dejes sola, papi tu me vuelves loca!...thats just me though. I def had to ask someone what the hell "tirate ahora" meant. Im a textbook spanish speaker, i don't do well with slang.

Toma- Pitbull -just because its so nasty. Back in the day...many a man left the club/party with epididymal hypertension due to this song lol #BackItUp and #DumpItDown

Gasolina- Daddy Yankee -for those of us not of Latino descent, this was probably one of the 1st reggaeton songs we ever heard. NY back in 04, this was like the freakin anthem. Had everyone thinking they were a chulito or chulita lol. This song was everywhere. Guaranteed to hear this song at least 3 times at any given (minority) club on any given weekend night. #Memories.

*as im sure you noticed, the title had nothing to do with the post. I couldn't think of a title so i just wrote anything. #Cheers


  1. LOL you are tooooo funny!!! Just discovering your blog and already following!!! I love your humor! By the way it looks like Murray only got himself 4 years???? So he'll out and about by next world cup. hmmm... some ppl get more for robbery... not sure i understand everything. Maybe because it wast just involuntary manslaughter.Not sure what to think.
    Beyonce? can't stand her anymore. in fact cant even this celebrity world anymore, at least the american one. I find ghollywood and nollywood way juicier...

  2. That Doc ruined the whole show,but wait this is AMERICA!! don`t trust or pay attention to what you hear..especially on the news...GOD ONLY KNOWS what happened in for the robber,what can i say..the dude had to fix himself something real quick lol RiP to HEavy D! LadyNgo..where do you keep your Ipod?? i wanna borrow it for just 1 day coz we have this music thing..i like most of the songs you always talk about...

  3. FLIPPIN DEAD at the idiot caught frying bacon....i mean do u call the cops on him?

  4. @sasi_malia: yeah, idk why people are complaining for this Murray guy. Let him do his little time and move on. I've been over Beyonce since forever lol. I am not one of her crazy stans

    @DIDI: hahaha, well he should've fixed his breakfast in his own damn house lol. i don't even have an ipod (i'm a pc, i don't anything created by apple lol) but i'll be sure to package up my mp3 player and send it ur way lol

    @Shereen: phone call would go something like "Hello, Police...there's a strange man cooking bacon in my kitchen and he won't even share any of it. Can you send someone out here please" Honestly, i don't even know what i'd think. People get stranger and stranger every day lol.

  5. ah ah, u guys never heard the term 'hungry thief'? This is a classic example. Another happened when i was a kid a lagos where robbers entered a house and after stealing valuables, they also carted off a pot of soup in the freezer! Well, that is a valuable as well depending on how you look at it.

  6. @Amaka: yeah but u should at least take the food and run, not fry it up in the person's kitchen.


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