Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ask Me

For the first time in forever i checked my formspring the other day. I don't even know what prompted me to do so cuz i didn't even remember that i had any links anywhere...never mind that i look at my blog practically everyday and the comment box is right there lol.

Ah, i remember, i was checking my undergrad email account...another thing i haven't checked in forever and it literally had like 500 unanswered emails (none of them spam or scams)...and the notifications from formspring were in there. Anywayz, so i went and checked it and there were a couple of questions in there. Some of them were dumb/spam so i just deleted them. But um...there were 3 others that i chose to answer. Since I don't have any link to my formspring page anywhere but on my blog i have to assume that um, those questions came from some of ya'll out there lol. If that is indeed the case, i'm sorry it took my half a century to reply. Which brings me to the whole reason behind this post...

I'm socially bored, so if there's anything silly, crazy, filthy, controversial, *insert other adjectives here* that you've wanted to ask or want my opinion on (or if just feel like filling my day with sunshine by saying hello lol), drop a question/comment in the formspring box.


  1. LOL... Hello you, i love reading from you, this made me smile :)
    hav a great day

  2. Oh i have alot to Ask!! :P have a great day :)

  3. Hmmmmm,i may just consider this.LOL

  4. Hey hun! I'm always so reluctant to use formspring because I don't want to see an inappropriate message that's going to piss me off or make me feel awkward, lol, but more power to ya!

  5. @Bangis Affairs: aawwwwwwwww, thanks hun :) late though it may be, i hope u had an awesome day as well.

    @DIDI: well ask away then hun!

    @9ja-Great: all i can do is laugh. I'd love to hear what you would ask

    @Carrymel: yeah, i had that happen waaaaaay back when formspring was still new and i just ended up deleting that page and making another lol.

  6. ask me no questions, and i'll tell you no lies

    dont know why that popped into my head :)


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