Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love Letters

It has been a crazy stressful week and its only Wednesday morning (really I started writing this Tuesday afternoon after my supervisor left but ssshhhh...don't tell nobody!) in, i've been inches away from choking the life out of so many people. And its only going to get crazier with the semester break coming and my residents moving out and all that jazz. No bueno. But anyway, you all didn't come here to read about my problems (or maybe you did, who knows) so on with the point of the post

The post actually isn't really about love or love letters...well it is, but not in the way i'm sure you all were expecting. So let me just get on with it instead of stalling like i've been doing lol.

We've all had that set of friends...a boy and a girl...that we've either assumed were "together" or felt like they ought to be. Most often we're met with the "No, we're just friends", "He/She is like my brother/sister to me", or "Damn, can't i have friends anymore?!? Why we gotta be dating?" And you probably roll your eyes and say whatever, you guys would be perfect for each other or something to that effect.

But there is a scenario that's even more perplexing. Have any of you ever had a set of friends (or maybe just one the two people) say "yeah, he/she is cool people but i know way too much about them to ever date them"? (o_0) That crap never made sense to me. Wouldn't you want to know the inner workings of your boo-thang's mind?

Well, ladies and gents I am here today to tell you- it definitely makes sense now. So I have this friend. Granted, when the friendship began...there definitely was some *tension* there (i don't have to spell it out, do i?) but even through the tension we got to know one another and dude is awesome all the way around. I could def see myself catchin major feelings. But um in that "getting to know you" time, we shared a lot of information that maaaaaaaaaaybe i coulda done with out. Don't get me wrong, i love the fact that we have that open comunicacion but damn if it didn't put a damper on the feelings. That's still my dude and all, but yeah...i doubt highly that you + me will ever = us!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thou shalt not steal

Hola beautiful people. Hope you all had a great weekend, had lots of yummy food for thanksgiving, lots of great deals on black friday (or are hitting up those store websites for cyber monday)! I stole this post from Enigma. I was gonna wait until later in the week to do it but i really don't have anything pressing i wanna talk about right now so i decided to do this post today. Enjoy (or not, whatever)!
1. Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work? Yes I have...well maybe not licked but definitely drooled on it and rubbed it with a tissue lol
2. What’s the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve dated? i'd say about 10 years, im not entirely positive
3. Ever been in a car wreck? yup..not fun at all. Thank God none of us was seriously hurt
4. Were you popular in high school? IDK, guess it depends on who you ask. I've always known a lot of people (younger and older) and a lot of people have known me...
5. Have you ever been on a blind date? Not a blind date per se, but definitely one of those "person a and b get together and they both bring friends for their friends to the get together" situations
6. Are looks important? Not most important, but still important none the less
7. Do you have any friends that you’ve known for 10 years or more? Yeah, 2 and a whole bunch of associates
8. By what age would you like to be married? IDK...i don't wanna be makin babies after 32 so sometime between now and then would be nice
9. Does the number of people a person’s slept with affect your view of them? not really. Im more concerned with what diseases/babies/crazy exes are in (and out) of the picture. 
10. Have you ever made a mistake? who hasn't
11. Are you a good tipper? not really lol
12. What’s the most you have spent for a haircut? i've never gotten a hair cut...i've gotten a trim that turned into a damn hair cut though
13. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? if you are a man and halfway decent lookin odds are i've had a crush on you lol
14. Have you ever peed in public? no sir/ma'am
15. What song do you want played at your funeral? I don’t even want to think about that. But something upbeat. I want loved ones to celebrate my life, not mourn my death.
16. Would you tell your parents if you were gay? Well they would find out eventually anyway
17. What would your last meal be before getting executed? The world's rarest truffle...cuz then it'd take forever to find, giving me a chance to escape
18. Beatles or Stones? don't care
19. If you had to pick one person on earth to die, who would it be? Really? WDDDA?!?
20. Beer, wine or hard liquor? depends on my mood. Never beer...usually a girlie drink or a nice glass of champagne will do.
21. Do you have any phobias? tons of 'em
22. What are your plans for the future? Graduate, get a job, start a "family", travel, live a long fulfilled life
Feel free to steal this post too.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

so weh dem a say? dance will neva die!

out and bad so badly bad it a get intensify
I see the kids dem in the street
all the big man dem a practice fi d'weet
although Bogle pass and gone
we still a mek dem know him dancin live on
everybody just...

Elephant Man - willie bounce by ceylasss

Mr Wacky is gone but his dancin lives on
so everybody, get jiggy and just party on
sesame in the street
watch the kids dem a d'weet
come join the party
all dancers come together as one

Voicemail Feat Ding Dong - Wacky Dip by bigredstorm

RIP Gerald Levy aka Bogle, Mr. Wacky Dip
Just daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance and do what you feel like
Just do di Chaka Chaka and dip and come up
rockaway, lean back, and do what you feel like!

RIP O'Neil Edwards

Honorable Mention (only because i pride myself on being one of the 1st people (that i personally knew) that could actually do this dance back in the day lol):

Elephant Man - Sesame Street by djmichou94

Ahh, sweet sweet dancehall. You were the light of my musical life, especially 2000-2006 when all we did was party and bullsh!t lol. All those hours in the house pretending it was passa passa wednesday and making sure we were up on any dance that might get shouted out at the party (nobody wan carry last, abi). Ah, memories!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Despite a lagging economy and high unemployment rates, retailers are reporting this year is one of the best for sales, with 152 million shoppers expected to hit stores this Black Friday.
Early reports suggest that bigger crowds were found at the nation's malls and stores as retailers like Macy’s and Target opened their doors at Midnight.

It what seems to be a burgeoning Black Friday tradition, reports of violence erupted throughout the country.
Authorities in Los Angeles say that 20 people suffered minor injuries at a local Walmart when a woman used pepper spray on them to get to the front of the line when the store opened Thursday evening.
Police in Fayetteville, N.C. are hunting for two suspects after gunfire went off early Friday in the Cross Creek Mall.
At a Walmart in upstate New York, a man was arrested after two women were injured in a fight that broke out.
In Phoenix, television station KSAZ reported that a grandfather was roughed up by police after he put a game in his waistband to free up his hands to lift his grandson above the crowd.  He was slammed to the ground by cops, who likely assumed that he was shoplifting.
Adding to that, some Occupy Wall Street protesters, which turned up for the Macy's midnight opening, are expected to plan flash mobs and other events later in the day in places like Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Boise, Idaho to urge people to reconsider shopping at national chains on Black Friday.
The incidents come as a record number of shoppers are expected to head out to stores across the country this weekend to take advantage of discounts of up to 70 percent. For three days starting on Black Friday, 152 million people are expected shop, up about 10 percent from last year, according to the National Retail Federation.
Indeed, about 600 shoppers were in line at a Target store in Brooklyn in New York when it opened at midnight. By the time it opened at midnight, nearly 2,000 shoppers wrapped around a Best Buy store in St. Petersburg, Fla. Mall of America, the nation's largest mall in North America, had 15,000 shoppers for its midnight opening. And more than 9,000 people were outside the flagship Macy's store in New York's Herald Square at its midnight opening, up from 7,000 a year ago.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more:

*Like i said, i'm not about to lose my life to save $10 on a $75 dress. People are freaking insane! SMH

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

Im not a big fan of celebrity gossip (even though i read religiously- don't judge me) but i really wanna say that if i had the opportunity to slap the mess out of someone right now it'd be that stupid Kim Kardashian broad. I am just so over her and her bs right now. She got married and divorced in less than a semester, came up with a cock and bull story about how she thought she was in love and how the whole thing had nothing to do with money (despite giving certain magazines/photographers exclusive rights to cover her wedding, honeymoon and film her life and allegedly making millions in the process) and now the hoe is making an entire new series about her "marriage" and divorce starring Kris Humphries as the villain. I hope he sues the big fake butt cheeks right off of her! /end rant

Anywho, hey everybody! Hope those who celebrate it had a great thanksgiving and are out and about doing some safe black friday shopping. I don't play that Black Friday stuff...especially when you hear all the stories of people getting trampled to death in the name of a sale. As if its the last or best sale on earth #ItsNot
My mommy caved and made thanksgiving dinner last night #SoThankful for that (and all the other wonderful people, things, blessings in my life)

So i'm back on this wedding fever kick again. IDK what is going on in this brain of mine. I just love weddings (traditional and church weddings). The clothes, the atmosphere, the love. Its all so awesome. But i'm definitely content to just watch for now. ♥

I need some sugar (as in actual sugar, not sugar) but its late and i'm not trying to go outside and encounter any of the late night shoppers :(

Have an awesome weekend lovies!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Midweek random thoughts

I have been thinking about starting another blog...2 actually. I'm not sure yet. I've actually been thinking about it for a while, i just haven't told anyone or made any moves towards making it happen. If i do create a new space for myself, i'll still keep this blog going though.

I just went on a mini-deleting spree on fb. I'm really unintentionally mean with the way i delete people...i usually do it on their birthday. Evil, I know. But i don't do it purposely to be mean. Its just that i have all these random friends that i don't really know/have no interest in knowing but i don't ever really notice them until i get that "today is so-and-so's birthday" notification. So i figure, now's as good a time as any to go ahead and hit that unfriend button.

I also delete people when they say something stupid. Especially if i am not really cool with them like that anyway. Like i just deleted this one dude. I kinda sorta know him. Like i've seen him around and he's friends with some people that i'm friends with but i can't honestly tell you that i've ever even spoken to him. And the funny thing about this kid is that we've been fb friends for like 5 years. And he used to delete me and re-add me all the freaking time til it got to the point where i told him that the next time he disappears from my friend list he shouldn't expect me to accept him back. he's gone and yeah...

I have an overwhelming desire to get out of florida. I don't know where i want to go, but i know i want to go...But there are a few things holding me back (not necessarily in a bad way). I will be graduating soon (God willing) and i am starting to look at jobs at universities in other states...i've even considering going to participate in the placement exchange...but every time i think about it, i keep thinking about the things tying  me to florida and what would happen if i end up getting a job in like California or something. SMH. Whatever, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I thought i had a handle on this "patience is a virtue" thing...but all manner of nonsense that has been happening today (tuesday) has reminded me that i don't. I don't think i've ever been on the verge of punching/slapping/kicking so many people in one day in my entire life lol.

I love Drake. I definitely have to give him a break before. I think watching Degrassi reruns and then turning on BET and hearing him rap was way to big of a leap and way too quickly (not to mention that you couldn't go anywhere without hearing one of his songs or a song he was featured on and he hadn't even dropped an album!). But now that i went on a Drake hiatus but have come back....i so into him and all his emo-ness! I love it!!!

I need to listen to the Anticipation 2 mixtape by Trey Songz. Anticipation was just amazing and if the second is anything like the first, i'll seriously be out looking for Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Ok, i'm done rambling. Time to get some freakin sleep. Thank goodness for the holiday. Today (wednesday) is my last day of work for the week and then i'm going hooooooooome (even though there won't be any thanksgiving dinner waiting for me *still bitter*)


Monday, November 21, 2011

good times and ish

I just spent a lovely weekend in tampa visiting my friends and sorors. Nothing too exciting to report this time around. But i definitely had an awesome time hanging out with my sisters and their boos and babies....though its always slightly awkward being the only single/childless person in the room. But i'm cool with that though! #NoBabiesAnytimeSoon. I'm perfectly content to playing with my Sorors' children for now. Moral of the story is that good times were had by all...well by me at least!
Sidenote: Speaking of babies...i'm so stealing Nenyenwa's baby one day, she is sooooooooooooo freaking adorable!

While i was in sunny Tampa Bay, there was this person who, for lack of a better phrase, was tryna smash all weekend. Now, the idea that this person wanted access to my tasty treats down below is not overall surprising. Afterall, he's a guy...i'm a girl...these things happen. But there are several key factors here that just made me say:
with that facial expression and everything!
  1. The day i was going to Tampa, this person was involved in some crazy fb brawl with one of his baby mamas (who was staking her claim to the dude) and some other young lady.
  2. During the first round of "hey we should link up" texts, the back-handed implication for sexual activity was made and i was very quick to put an end to such conversation. He acted offended and insisted that he was only interested in "catching up"... at 3am...Uh-huh, right.
  3. The next day, we start our 2nd round of "when are we gonna link up" texts and this person states that we should hang out in my hotel room....yeah, not happening! His justification: I'm at Warri Boy's response...if we're only "catching up" then why does it matter that you're at Warri Boy's apartment?
  4. Later that evening came the "i got locked out of Warri Boy's apartment but i don't mind spending the night with you in your hotel room so you don't have to make fifty-'leven trips" ARE YOU SERIOUS MY DUDE?!? 
  5. After effectively (or so i thought) shutting down any false hopes of any face down, ass up bedroom activity going down, i was met again with a text stating "yeah, im too horny to be around you anyway cuz i know myself and i would have tried u" $#!+ if that wasn't the goal all along! 
I may have been born at night (i wasn't lol) but not last night! Sheesh. I would have appreciated dude keepin it 100. I mean, we are adults, no? If u wanna do the horizontal mambo, all you have to do is ask. You never know what the answer will be (in this case it obviously was a loud and resounding no but im just sayin...). No hard feelings tho lol.

Anywayz, that was my weekend in a nutshell. I trust you all had enjoyable weekends too...and if not, well, sorry. Maybe next weekend will be better.

    Um totally unrelated but...what the hell is this? LMAO
    Have a great week folks!

    Additional sidenote: my mother has decided she's not cooking thanksgiving dinner. Like...really mom? WDDDA?!? *sad face* That lil revelation got me to thinking that at some point in life (pretty soon) i'm gonna have a household of my own and thanksgiving dinner is kinda gonna be my responsibility. Damn, where are the years going? Adulthood is a tricky lil devil that just sneaks up on ya outta nowhere

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    That's just crazy

    You would think that a hospital that doesn’t know the difference between drugs that make you healthy and those that kill you wouldn’t be in business for very long.  But when it comes to black folks and health care, you never know what you’re going to get.
    Richard Smith went to the hospital in July, 2010.   The man from Florida said that he was having trouble breathing and had some pain in his stomach.
    For whatever reason, the nurse at the hospital injected Smith with Pancuronium, the same drug that is given to death row inmates.  Yes, the drug killed him, as it is supposed to do.
    The nurse meant to give him the antacid Pepcid, but grabbed the death drug instead.  The man went into respiratory arrest and was revived. But he died a month later, with his family now filing a massive lawsuit.
    “We conducted an internal review and have several new processes in place to ensure a situation like this doesn’t happen again,” the hospital said in a statement.
    But for those who think about checking into Miami’s North Shore Medical Center, you may want to heed a word of warning:  That same nurse is still working in the Intensive Care Unit.


    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    Is it really worth it???

    If you let this man (yes, man!) perform plastic surgery on you for $700 out of your deserve everything that you get thereafter. Learn to love yourselves folks. Getting a fat(ter) booty or bigger tits is not worth your life!

    My Personal People: Return of the Mavericks!

    So i was over at yesterday and i noticed they featured two of my personal people slashWisDom and Doc C on their site. So i figured i might as well join the movement too.
    I've known slashWisDom (aka my favorite Olisa) for a few years now. He is hilarious. I didn't take the music thing serious with him at first but then he dropped his valentine's day single (which i featured here) and i had to change my mind lol. I also felt extremely awkward having someone i knew personally singing such suggestive things lol. 

    Doggext...don't know him...moving right along...

    Doc C (aka my favorite Ugo) i've known the longest... like 6 years now. He's just a big pile of awesome, especially after he's had something to drink lol. He really surprised me with this one though. I remember listening to him rap back in the day and just laughin lol. But then i heard him on this track and um...mmm, no comment lol. #LovinIt

    Have a listen...

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    I really wanna know

    How do you tell your friend that they look a hot mess? I mean, there has to be some sort of etiquette to this. You don't wanna hurt their feelings or seem like a bitch but at the same time there is no way you wanna go anywhere with them looking the way they do. OOOOOOOOOOH its even worse when they come outside or take a pic thinking they look like the best thing since sliced bread. That conversation is more awkward than having sex with a rhinoceros that doesn't love you anymore.... if anyone has tips on how to have those difficult conversations please share them with us!!!

    Moving right along...

    I was over at Max-Logic the other day and she did a post about the easiest thing a man can do to make his girl happy and man was she spot on! I don't know what it is that is so inherently profound about a man (my man- or a man im interested in specifically) calling me pretty/beautiful but damn. That's a very powerful description. Yeah, its nice to hear your boo-thang call you cute or sexy or hott or whatever other terms ni99as are throwing around these days but there's just something about being called pretty or beautiful that "sets my heart to racing" (if i may quote the late great Rue McLanahan aka Blanche Devereaux). I don't know, it could just be my love of words or maybe Ebi had a point when he said all women are moved by sweet words. (see juju and jazzes, why would i ever in my right mind write something in agreement with that guy?!? lol)
    All i can say is that calling me "pretty/beautiful" may not get you the panties, but it'll damn sure get you a step in the right direction (as long as everything else is right)!

    Since we're on the subject of "pretty" and "things i wanna know"...why is it that the most hot-mess-lookingest people are the 1st one to jump up talking about they only date pretty women/sexy men? Like what the hell? You're over there look like Shrek's ugly step brother and got the nerve to talk about you only deal with dimes or better? You're not serious! Quite annoying (though i'm not entirely sure why)

    The Weekend is almost here...get excited!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011


    Thanks for all the well wishes folks :) I ♥ you guys!

    Yesterday was anti-productive. My boss sent me home from work because they said they don't want my germs lol. So much for an inclusive environment!!! But instead of getting some rest, I spent the day getting work done and eventually heading over to my internship site for next semester to get some paperwork done. I did end up buying some allergy medicine. It took a while to kick in but it seems to be doing the trick so i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that its allergies rather than a cold. Thank goodness for that cuz that i means i can go back to work (who says things like this?!?).

    Anywho, everyone else around blogsville is talking about love and stuff...i was gonna talk too but i don't feel like it anymore lol. So i'll just hash up a post i was working on a while back.

    You'll recall that some time ago i did a couple of posts about "old hollywood" here and here. As expected, someone (anonymously) commented about the fact that I didn't highlight "old black hollywood". I knew someone would! And in response i say...yes we were there but lets not pretend like we were appreciated and celebrated. Hell, its 2011 (the so called post-racial era) and we still can't get a break. But i will pay homage to some of the folks that helped pave the way:
    The one and only Billy Dee THAT is a smooth operator!

    The gorgeous Dorothy Dandridge

    "Catwoman" Eartha Kitt...purrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Harry Belafonte

    Hattie McDaniel: The 1st African American actress to win an Oscar
    In response to the criticism she got for playing the "Mammy" role in Gone With The Wind, she said: "Why should I complain about making $700 a week playing a maid? If I didn't, I'd be making $7 a week being one."
    Sidney Poitier: The 1st African American (well he's Bahamian) Actor to win an Oscar
    In the search for pics i found this page, their acknowledgement of Black Actors/Actress is amazing and extremely inclusive. I def saw my boo-luv Djimon Honsou on there and Chiwetel Ejiofor as well. I invite you to check it out.

    Monday, November 14, 2011


    I think i'm sick...either that or my allergies have been seriously kicked into high gear (which is entirely possible since i was out playing in the damn wilderness this weekend- don't ask).

    Either way, i can't feel my freaking face. One second im congested the next my nose is running like a faucet. I think i might have a fever...i've been walking back and forth around my apartment in a semi-delusional state all night. I've been sneezing. I've got cramps (overshare i know). And in the midst of all this, I am trying to finish writing a paper that i still have at least 3 sections left on thats due in like 12 hours. And unfortunately i barely have any free time today to get it done so idk what the heck im gonna do with that.

    I have some cold medicine but i don't want to take it. If it really is allergies, then its not going to help. Plus i've already been popping pill and the last thing i need is to accidentally overdose on anything. And I only have 5 more hours to sleep before i have to be up for work so i don't wanna take this and be knocked out and risk being late for work in the morning (or so disoriented that i can't function).

    Don't u just love mondays!

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Mama Africa

    Still my favorite Akon song!

    Akon - Mama Africa by wonderful-life1989

    Nice Guys

    Nice guys finish last
    Nice guys stay losing
    blah blah blah
    all bulls#it!

    If that^^^ is your approach to life, you're probably not a nice guy!
    If you're a nice guy complaining about not having enough b!tc#es to f^ck, you're probably not a nice guy!
    If losing means that after pretending to be a friend, a young lady thinks of you as a friend instead of giving up the're probably not a nice guy!
    If you're a "nice guy", you're probably not a nice guy!

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Chicken and Beer

    Will everyone get off of Beyonce's nutsack?!? Damn. I'm tired of hearing about her being pregnant, not being pregnant, her Louboutin boots, her prosthetic baby bump and all the other la-di-da-di bullskit. Please and Thank You!
    Why are people debating whether or not Dr. Conrad Murray is being used a scapegoat?!? This has got to be THE dumbest (ok, ONE of the dumbest) arguments ever in life. He, a licensed medical doctor, gave a patient in his care a drug that eventually caused said patient's death. End of story. That man broke the law and his hippocratic oath...and all for a couple of dollars. I couldn't care less that Michael Jackson was a grown ass man that made the decision to take drugs, nor do i care that he could have very well likely gotten the drug elsewhere from another quack doctor out to make an extra buck. If you like, go and dig him up and charge him for that if that'll help you sleep better at night! So in my eyes, if Mr. Murray spends the rest of his days in the clink...well that's what the heck he gets!
    That made me laugh my booty off! Who does ish like this??? Although i'd much rather have this happen then come home to find a "serious" burglar in my house!
    "The Overweight Lover" Heavy D died :(
    Cuentame un cuento y veras que contento
    me voy a la cama y tengo lindos suenos!

    ^^^a line from a silly little song i learned in Spanish 4 that i still randomly sing now almost 10 years later lol.

    And since we're on the topic of spanishy songs lol, here are some of my faves (only because i actually know the words)
    Suavemente- Elvis Crespo -i've been singing this since before i could speak spanish lol. My bestie hates the fact that this is my jam because its not "real" merengue. Damn Dominican/Puerto Rican beef lol

    No Me Dejes Solo- Daddy Yankee ft. Wisin Y Yandel -im not really big on reggaeton just because it all pretty much sounds the same (don't hit me!) but i personally think i sound sexy as hell saying "papi no me dejes sola, papi tu me vuelves loca!...thats just me though. I def had to ask someone what the hell "tirate ahora" meant. Im a textbook spanish speaker, i don't do well with slang.

    Toma- Pitbull -just because its so nasty. Back in the day...many a man left the club/party with epididymal hypertension due to this song lol #BackItUp and #DumpItDown

    Gasolina- Daddy Yankee -for those of us not of Latino descent, this was probably one of the 1st reggaeton songs we ever heard. NY back in 04, this was like the freakin anthem. Had everyone thinking they were a chulito or chulita lol. This song was everywhere. Guaranteed to hear this song at least 3 times at any given (minority) club on any given weekend night. #Memories.

    *as im sure you noticed, the title had nothing to do with the post. I couldn't think of a title so i just wrote anything. #Cheers

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    I don't mess with alcohol but that wine is fine!

    This week is going to be just awful. So many meetings, so many appointments, so many programs, so much BS!!! So why not start the week off with a personal party!

    She was 35 years old when they made this video. You better do it girl! #inspiration

    I swear Kat DeLuna and Snooki (from Jersey Shore) are the same person!

    I'm sure this will be me by friday!!! Can u imagine?!? lol

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Practice makes perfect (so they say)

    Hola mis amigos de Blogsville! Como estan?!? Me siento asi asi. Yo fue enferma en viernes (es "fue" o es "estaba"? Yo no se. De todos modos...), pero me siento un poco mejor ahora though (como se dice "though"? Carajo! Necesito muy triste!) Estoy escribiendo en espanol porque yo necesito practicar. Ha sido un tiempo desde que yo tuve una buena conversacion en espanol. Yo trato de hablar espanol un poco todos los dias pero no tengo conversaciones completa frecuentemente. Las unicas palabras que nunca necesita ayuda con son las malas palabras jajajaja (thats how you laugh in spanish lol...i'm being serious)

    Damn, that was hard and i barely even said anything. I need to take a refresher course or something.

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    That awkward moment

    That awkward moment when you're lying in your bed looking at something on your phone and you accidentally drop the phone on your face.

    That awkward moment when you think someone is talking to you so you respond...but they were really talking to the person behind you.

    That awkward moment when the person walking ahead of you holds the door open for you even though your like 200 feet away so you have to jog it up so they aren't standing there holding the door for you all day.

    That awkward moment when you're watching a movie with your parents/aunties/etc and something super x-rated happens

    That awkward moment when you have to introduce someone to another person but you don't remember their name (story of my freaking life!)

    That awkward moment when you're talking to someone and you spit on them

    That awkward moment when someone catches you looking at them

    That awkward moment when you trip and try (unsuccessfully) to play it off in front of a bunch of people

    That awkward moment when you tweet something you meant to send in a DM

    That awkward moment when you text your friend and ask them to call you because you can't find your cellphone (think about it!)

    My life = 1 awkward moment after another!

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    I can love you better than she can

    Dedicated to : An Eccentric Great Naija Man
    In regards to: His useless e-marriages and engagements to Toinlicious and HoneyDame

    Cuz we all know he'll come crawling back eventually *evil laugh and vicious side eye*

    LOL, i'm just f*cking with ya'll! I love HoneyDame and Toinlicious....and since my bible told me to love my neighbor i guess i luv 9ja-Great too (even though im still abandoning his blog). I wish them a very long happy and successful polygamous blogsville marriage lol.

    Anywayz, yesterday was so freaking crazy. This whole getting hired in the middle of the semester thing is quite bothersome. I have so many freaking trainings and meetings and other stuff to do. I barely have time to do my actual job!
    You'll probably have to click and enlarge it to get the full gist

    Thats just an example of my work week. Those few random white sections (not to be confused with the light blue sections) are the randoms times of the day when i can actually do work. SMH. Its cool though, i guess. Its all part of the territory. And at least i can never complain of boredom lol. I also need to write 2 case studies and finish my literature review in the next couple of weeks. This life! I can't imagine what next semester is gonna be like working at this job, doing my internship and taking 3 classes. Pray for me ya'll!

    Myne's romantic names in our traditional languages post was so nice! I'm glad i was able to contribute (and names that no one else had at that) If you read/listened to my Language Challenge post, you'd know i struggle immensely with the Igbo language. But...i got the lovey-dovey talk ON LOCK!!! lol. I may not be able to hold a decent convo with you but i damn sure can talk you out of your boxers ;)
    I swear, Myne and 9ja-Great are conspiring to influence me to snatch up the next good-looking man that crosses my path with all this lovey-dovey stuff yesterday!!!

    Anywayz back to other things. my Londoners, i have a question for you all! I was on fb yesterday foolin around and i saw this link to a music video by some rapper/singer named Skepta (and of course the guy has to be Nigerian) for a song called "All Over the House"...and um yeah, is that how ya'll do music videos over there?!? lol (if you are saved, sanctified and holy ghost filled, you might not wanna click the link, ijs) Seriously, at about 25 seconds in i damn near fell outta my chair cuz i definitely didn't see that ish coming lol.

    I found a starburst (the candy) in the pocket of my hoodie yesterday...that made my entire day worthwhile!

    Have a good weekend ya'll. Hopefully by monday i'll stop writing like im high lol.

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    My mind playing tricks on me

    Sometimes i perplex the hell out of myself. I've been complaining about not getting this thing that i want (not that thing o!). So when i finally get this thing, i complain about getting it. Really Jen, where they do that it?!? I had to step back and chastise myself for being so...i don't even know what the right word is.
    After i stopped beating myself up, i had to anaylze: was I just being an idiot or was there something more to this that i couldn't consciously realize? Well, since then i've thought about it and thought about it and then thought about it some more and i know there's a deeper need not being met in this scenario...

    I don't wanna be loved, i don't wanna be loved. I just want a quickie. No bite marks, no scratches and no hickeys. If you can get with that, [papi] come get with me!

    LOL, that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the world. I just like the song. If only Miguel looked like he was actually interested in women...

    Somehow..its 12:42 am and i started writing this somewhere around 10pm. What in the world have i been doing for the past 2 and a half hours? Not focusing, that's for sure! And now i have no idea what i was gonna write. Hmm. Sad day in the mind of Lady Ngo!

    Since i don't remember why i'm even writing this post anymore, i guess i'll just make some small announcements that you probably don't care about anyway lol:

    1. Got my tuition remission today! And since i already paid my tuition for the semester, my job just issued me a fat ass check! Bank Account On Swole #LookAtMeNow, #ImGettinPaper
    2. Got a B on the midterm i took last week. Take that 9ja-Great, I told u i did well lol.
    3. The maintenance dude came to change my air filter today and I let him in not remembering that I had all sorts of unmentionable items laying around. Embarrassing. I handled it like the certified gangsta that I am though. (Which literally means i scampered to pick them up and toss them under the blanket on my bed and avoided making eye contact for the duration of his stay!)
    4. I might have my internship lined up for next semester...
    5. One of my sorta-supervisors ruined my day by asking me when i planned on looking for a real job. I AM NOT READY lol Please just let me pretend im gonna be in college forever and continue to live off of my GA salary and those student loan checks!
    Alright, i'm done wasting your time! Please don't hit me :)

    I think someone put something in my drink because this post is all over the damn place lol

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Ask Me

    For the first time in forever i checked my formspring the other day. I don't even know what prompted me to do so cuz i didn't even remember that i had any links anywhere...never mind that i look at my blog practically everyday and the comment box is right there lol.

    Ah, i remember, i was checking my undergrad email account...another thing i haven't checked in forever and it literally had like 500 unanswered emails (none of them spam or scams)...and the notifications from formspring were in there. Anywayz, so i went and checked it and there were a couple of questions in there. Some of them were dumb/spam so i just deleted them. But um...there were 3 others that i chose to answer. Since I don't have any link to my formspring page anywhere but on my blog i have to assume that um, those questions came from some of ya'll out there lol. If that is indeed the case, i'm sorry it took my half a century to reply. Which brings me to the whole reason behind this post...

    I'm socially bored, so if there's anything silly, crazy, filthy, controversial, *insert other adjectives here* that you've wanted to ask or want my opinion on (or if just feel like filling my day with sunshine by saying hello lol), drop a question/comment in the formspring box.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011


    I swear some people do not know how to communicate, and to be quite frank some people just don't know how to effing act. Ugh. I was having a perfectly lovely conversation with this person. When out of nowhere, the conversation went all the way into left field. Like, WTF?!? Not to mention that we had a convo that ventured into this territory before some months back that caused a great deal of tension that we are just now getting past. And they choose to go there again? Again, i say: WTF?!?
    Thankfully, I had a ton of stuff to do that kept my mind off of being irritated. Otherwise you may have been seeing me on the news in handcuffs really, but not really. Its not even the content that has me the most upset. Its the fact that this person went there, which is causing me to question whether they are just a dumbass, oblivious, or a humongous d-bag! To be honest, i'm leading towards d-bag at this point.

    Man, this video had me dying laughing for the whole 4 minutes. I wish i knew who put this together cuz they seem like they are awesome! crack is a helluva drug

    Anywayz, before i depart, i feel like i need to say something about this whole Kim K/Kris Humphries nonsense.
    Anyone who says they didn't see this ish coming a mile away is either a liar or living in lala-land. Come on now. Lets keep it funky. I know i for one didn't think this was going to last. But i do know that there were a lot of people genuinely happy to see this tramp chick getting married and being so in love and blah blah blah. WHATEVER DAWG! Whats really irritating me is all these people who look at this particular case and have decided that "Americans don't know how to act" and "Americans are ruining/don't value marriage" and blase blase blah, to which i reply- SHUT THE FUCK UP! How can you make such an accusation based on 1 celebrity marriage that half of no one believed was real from the jump? Ok, you wanna throw divorce statistics in there...well lemme spit some real ish at you...just because the divorce rate is lower in *blank* country, doesn't mean that everybody there is enjoying a happy healthy respectable marriage. Don't believe me, pick up a copy of the Daily Sun! *rolls eyes* If you wanna compare countries, i truly suggest we think about the glass house we're living in before we throw that first stone!

    Can you tell i've had a very angry day? lol

    Happy November folks! The countdown is officially on...24 days til Turkey Day (for some of us at least)!