Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Musts Part III (The Finale)

The Prenuptial Agreement

I am soooooooooooooo anti- prenups! I don't think i could ever really be in favor of one nor do i think i could ever not feel extremely insulted if i were presented with one.

Me and my bestie have this argument all the time. She insists on having one and I insist on not having one. Now i can totally understand how a person can justify having one. You just want to protect yourself and your assets in case things go awry and you end up getting divorced. I get that, believe me i do.

But my thing is, there is something totally wrong about going into the marriage already thinking about the end. Whenever i decide to get married, i intend to stay married. Which, coincidentally is why I am in no rush to jump the broom despite being able to count my all single and/or childless friends on one hand (ok, im exaggerating a little). So when i think of weddings and marriage, the only end i see is hopefully a natural, foul-play-free, death do us part.

I've always thought, why would you even marry someone who 1) you think youre not gonna stay married to forever and 2) you think would run off with your money and leave you destitute. Cuz honestly, as it relates to me, i think if you know me well enough to want to marry me, you should also know me well enough to know that i wouldn't do such things.

My bestie argues that people change. And when it comes to divorce things can get nasty and people become spiteful and will do things just to hurt the other person. You know what they say- hurt people, hurt people (as in, people who have been hurt or are hurting tend to hurt other people)! Yeah, i agree that something like that can happen. But I also know myself very well. As vengeful and spiteful as i can be, im also fair. I would never go out of my way to wrong someone, no matter how badly they've effed up my emotions. I've had plenty of opportunities to do so and haven't.

*Kanye Shrug* Here's hoping future hubby doesn't want a prenup, cuz that could cause some serious problems.


  1. Marriage should be for better for worse till death do you path. No compromise just ask for God's

  2. Your bestie and I must be pretty in snyc. I am not really for the whole pre-nup. Wait, it's not even as if I have any asset I am trying to safe-guard. But my thing is that I am only sure about me....people change. To balance my philosophy out, I need to be able to realize the possibility for a divorce. It doesnt necessarily need to be my fault that it is happening and it also doesnt mean that I am going to work haphazardly on making the marriage work. But like I said, I only know about me and marriage takes two.

  3. i see your point about pre-nups...but just like ur bestie...i too believe in pre-nups...with the way the world is going...u will be surprised by how many gold-digging men are out matter how careful u are with whom u decide to trust...some ppl are conniving as a girl got to protect herself

  4. @ChizyK- i agree.

    @HoneyDame and Shereen- I understand where you guys are coming from about only being able to truly know yourself.

  5. I may not have a prenup cos I still believe in fairytales and love forever..buti will have a will which spells out how my assets shall be distributed equitably amongst my loved ones.

  6. I agree with ur argument and ur friend's argument. I'm still in the middle on this one.


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