Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Victoria and Frederick

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a lovely young woman named Lady Ngo. She had always been taught that Victoria's Secret was elegant and fair and all the things a good girl should want in a lingerie boutique. While Fredericks of Hollywood on the other hand...well, that was where tho loosey-gooseys hung out.

So for many years, she spent countless dollars exploring VS and completely shunning FOH. Until one fateful day, Lady Ngo entered a shopping mall and much to her surprise there was no VS in sight...only a FOH. Not one to leave a shopping center empty-handed, Lady Ngo decided to take one for the team and peruse the selections inside FOH. And at that moment my eyes were opened and i discovered...


LOL, seriously, I don't even eff with Victoria's Secret anymore other than to look at their perfume and lotions.  (I adore "smell goods"). They are a freaking scam anyway. One of my big-tittied sorors went to VS one day and got measured and they told her she was a D-cup. Now, im a DD and both of my boobs put together is like half of one of her boobs. So how they finagled her into believing she was anything less than a F or P cup is beyond me. Anywho, VS has a history of doing this. Their bras stop at DD or maybe DDD so they try and trick ppl into believing that they wear a smaller cup so that they'll shop there. Tricky tricky! Not to mention that once you get past the C's the bras look horrendous and/or boring and grandma-ish. Not cool for a sexy lil thang like myself lol. Honestly the only time i even attempt to buy anything from VS is during the semi annual sale and even then, if you don't get there as soon as the doors open on the 1st day you might as well forget it.

Fredericks on the other hand...i just love it. Yeah their garments are bit more risque than VS (some are downright scandalous) but i loooooooooooove it! They have a much more diverse selection, are way more affordable... and sh!t actually fits from there. If i do say so myself, my girls look far more amazing in a bra from Fredericks than from VS.

I have to give an honorable mention to La Perla for no other reason than that they are freaking La Perla! LOL. I plan on stopping by while im on one of my shopping excursions in London- even though i know good and damn well I can't afford anything in there. Seriously, i looked at their website thinking eh, everything can't possibly be that expensive. Hmph! A basic ass (no pun intended) pair of panties for $40...i could get something much prettier from WalMart for like $5! All I can say is if i'm gonna pay 40 bucks for some damn panties, they better feel like heaven to my genitals. Thats crazy. And that literally was the cheapest underwear they had. Some of their panties were well over $200 Maybe they'll let me just take a shopping bag just so I can say I was there lol.


  1. lwkm....u are funny.
    $40? for wetin abeg????

  2. Ha...I am not a VS girl, though I will take gifts from there. I went to get myself measured one time there. I had basic knowledge of bra things....my under-boobs is about 30...tell me why this girl measured me and told me I was a 38D?!!! I just murmured my thanks and turned my delectable ass towards her on the way out....hian!! You would think they should know better...I mean, anybody who sees me without even measuring knows there is no way I can be a 38 nada!...shio!
    So this Ferdereeks (naija accent) is the ish eh? Make I go look for am!

  3. What can i say?! This is for the gurls.LOL As far as the lingerie is sexy,i'm good! LOL

  4. I used to work at VS, it was hell! They don't train very well so many of the empoyees didn't know how to measure correctly. They are all about the money no matter what! I must say though I still Love Victoria's Secret. FOH is overpriced too. However, they have more sizes though.

    I must admit I have shopped at Walmart before... but their stuff is really cheap feeling. (All my opinion), great post.


  5. @Luciano: for nothing, literally. I was so shocked. As in. What kind of underwear should cost that much, especially when it was nothing special to look at.

    @HoneyDame: ur delectable ass?!? LWKMD. I've never even wasted my time getting measured there. Yes o, go look na.

    @9ja-Great: its for you too. you should know where to shop for some *ahem* nice things for your lady ;)

    @Tarah: i always wanted to work at VS when i was a teenager but they showed me no love in the hiring process lol. As for the walmart undies...i only go there for like fruit of the loom type stuff lol. VS and FOH are reserved for those "i wanna feel sexxxy" days.

  6. 've bankrupted myself on lingerie before so I feel you on all this. You mgith want to check out Agent Provocateur as well. It IS expensive but you can look around too.
    But you dissed Victoria's Secret and now we have to duel. It's pistols at dawn young lady, so put down those crotchless monsters and meet me at the North bank of the Thames. :)

  7. See why it's good to explore? We find a whole new world :D

    Muse Origins

  8. @igbogirlguide: some man in this world will surely be singing ur praises for turning me on to Agent Provacateur! lol

    @My Ramblings: lol, glad u enjoyed. thanks for stopping by :)

    @Adiya: I know, all those wasted years!


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