Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tonight i'm yours

To the fellas
While you're out on the grind
Don't forget about your homefront
Spend some time with your lady
Or the next man will
If you dont treat her like a queen
You gone see what I mean
When's the last time you told her how you felt inside
Held her hand and caressed her while you looked in her eyes
Let her know that she's everything you need and more

-Lil Zane (Tonight I'm Yours)


  1. Okay,this can`t be applicable to me coz my team mates & I are still stalking some Emirate Airlines flight attendants..hopefully when they are ours we can practice this. *Talk of Dreams* :)

  2. Tell them!lol(that is me reacting like a typical nigerian in church during a touching sermon which we always feel is directed at other people, not us)

  3. @DIDI- lmao, leave those poor flight attendants alone. But if u do catch one, im sure you'll be givin her all the attention she needs ;)

    @Amaka- im preaching to the congregation today with this...too many people need to hear this lol.


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