Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is my Blog-versary

So 1 year ago today at this very moment (yes, i went back and looked up the time so i could be accurate in my celebration! lol) i published my very 1st post on Lady Ngo's World. I don't quite remember if it was on purpose that it was for/on Independence Day or not but who cares lol. 21000 hits, 1000 comments, 170 posts and 82 official followers still going strong and wanna thank all of you all for reading, commenting, and showing luv. Mucho appreciated :)

So it's Naija's 51st independence day. All i can say on the matter is Happy Independence Day and hope 2012 was better than 2011!

Moving right along, Priscy has given me the Versatile Blogger Award and Deolascope has given me the One Lovely Blog Award  . It has been a minute since i've gotten a blog award, i had nearly forgotten about them altogether. But the excitement is still there :) Thank you ladies!

So if you haven't already, check out Priscy's blog and Deolascope's blog cuz they're awesome and because i told you to!

7 things about me
1. Graduate school has been kicking my entire ass this semester. I literally read about 20 chapters a week, write papers, trying to do my lit review, have to do several case studies, have to go to conferences, it crazy.
2. I finally got a graduate assistantship (yay!) Wish me luck and pray that i don't end up having to live anyplace scary for it (the position is in housing and residential life so i have to live in/near campus)
3. I waste so much money every week on tolls. If i could keep myself from procrastinating so much i wouldn't have to take the toll roads but everyday it seems i am running late for school, meetings etc and end up have to take the toll roads to reach my destination faster :(
4. I don't feel like an wondering when those grown-up feelings are gonna kick in. (i think it might have something to do with the fact that im living at home again)
5. I have a lil e-crush on *blank* (you know urself now lol)
6. I cannot wait for this hot weather (and hurricane season) to disappear even though i don't have any1 to "cuff" or spend my chilly nights with...
7. I am giving myself the ultimate (and most expensive) 25th birthday gift: Im going to London and Paris with a 10hr layover in NY (which means i get to see all some of my fam and friends back home that i haven't seen in so long. The last time i took a proper trip back to NY was in like 07 or 08). I am so excited but i'm also pissed at the amount of money it is taking to make this trip happen. I might end up living off of crackers and water for the entire vacation cuz I can't fathom having to spend more money than i already have. So if any of my lovely readers living in London has any tips for cheap eats within the confines of Zone 1 and 2, let a sista know.

As for passing it now every1 i know has gotten these im sure but if you haven't, then here ya go! Im too lazy to tag people individually lol.

Happy new month, Happy Independence Day My Naija People, and have a great and safe weekend!


  1. Congratulations.. How quickly a year speeds by eh?

  2. Wow...London and Paris! atta girl!!!!..cant wait to hear how it goes..Happy Independence to u to Miss

  3. you have a crush on... me? wow! lol, nice getting to know you better

  4. So what kind of food were you hoping to eat and for how much?

  5. @TheRustGeek- it sure does!

    @HoneyDame- well its not til December so you have a while to wait lol

    @9ja-Great- thanks again luv

    @Sugarcoated- oya now, ur not supposed to tell every1 its u im crushin on lolz

    @igbomarriage- we're pretty open as long as its 15 pounds or less and wont invoke Montezuma's Revenge lol

  6. Nigerian Food - 805, Old Kent Road.
    Chinese Food - Cafe Hong Kong, Charing Cross road or Hong Kong City, Old Kent Road.
    Anywhere in Borough Market (Spanish, Indian, English, Irish, Thai etc)
    South Bank (South of the river Thames) has a LOT of good restaurants with GREAT atmosphere and typical young London. Try that.

    I hope this helps.

  7. Oh, I had the most luscious dodo and eforiro at 805. A must if you are in London. Happy blogoversary my blogger friend!

  8. @igbomarriage- thanks hun. That helps a lot :)

    @Ginger- i had read some really good things about 805, glad to add ur testimony to the list lol :)

  9. Congrats LadyNgo, happy for u and glad u stopped by my blog. Did u say 82 followers? Make that 83 cos i will be a-following! lol


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