Monday, October 24, 2011

Now that the dust is starting to settle

I feel like I can talk about this whole Amber Cole situation. If you don't know about it, basically, Amber Cole is a 14 year old girl from B'More who was video taped (by two other male onlookers) sucking some other lil boy's richard at school. Supposedly, the lil boy she performed the act on was her ex-boyfriend and she did so in an effort to win him back. The video hit the internet. Big bru-ha-ha ensues. Supposedly the boys have been arrested now but I don't know how true that is considering all the other fraudulent information that has been flying around regarding this situation including fake copies of the video and fake twitter/facebook accounts being created on behalf of Miss Cole.

There have been so many comments, questions, accusations, and jokes made about this situation. My major concern is that so many people look at this situation and say "whats the big deal".

This whole situation is FULL of big deals. First you have a 14 year old girl performing oral sex, regardless of who and how old the recipient is. Second, she is doing so in front of 2 other boys. Third, she is doing this... out in the open... AT SCHOOL! Fourth, she is being (with or without her knowledge, i don't really know) videotaped! If nothing else matters, that should because its ILLEGAL *child pornography anyone?* How anyone, especially an adult, can have the nerve to say that this is no big deal, is beyond me.

Speaking of adults- i really have a hard time reading all these comments about how folks don't have sympathy for her because she knew what she was doing and how she's just a hoe/slut. When i read this story, all I could think was poor, lost, misguided lil girl...what could possibly be going on in her life that she would or would allow herself to be degraded in such a way. Yeah i know plenty of 14 year olds are out doing this (and God only knows what else) on a regular basis and i know a 14 year old should know better, but that doesn't negate the fact that obviously this child needs help or at least some guidance! What if that were your daughter, sister, niece, or cousin? Bet the reaction would be a whole lot different. Shit, if anything, this story should be making folks take a step back and think what they can do to keep their daughter from being the next Amber Cole (and hopefully how to keep their sons from degrading and objectifying other young girls). Not to mention how many of these so-called adults are probably thanking their lucky stars that camera phones weren't around when they were teenagers.

The other side of the coin are the other young people (and some adults) who look at this and say "so what, she sucked some dude's richard...big deal. Everybody gives head! Why are we demonizing a natural physical desire?" That shit scares the hell out of me. When i was 14, oral was not even up for discussion (it still ain't in my personal life but thats neither here nor there). So for only 1 decade to have passed, to see people view this kind of behavior, certainly at such a young age, as normal is alarming. I don't give a damn how curious you are or how crazy your hormones are driving you, i don't think loose and reckless sex at age 14 is normal nor should it be considered normal. It just makes me wonder, what's gonna be normal 15-20 years down the road when my future kids are 14?

This is so so so so soooooo why i don't want kids, especially daughters. I'm sure a month from now none of us will even be talking about this anymore with the rate new scandals appear and disappear. Even that fact is cause for concern.


  1. wow...didnt hear about this one....what are her folks saying? That is just really sad...A 14yr old really has no business sucking a penis...NONE!
    I really dont think that's enough to make you not wanna have kids though. Because I am sure this girl has a story and family upbringing might be an integral part of that story. The moral decadence in the society is alarming....very alarming

  2. Its not her story specifically that makes me weary of having kids, its more along the lines of where the world and issues of morality is headed. Quite frankly the world (morally speaking at least) is going to hell in a hand basket and i've never been sure whether or not i wanted to bring kids into this world.

  3. Geez,this is huge.WTF?! Didn't hear bout this and i'm glad those boys were arrested.*SMH*

  4. What!!!! 14 and already sucking on 'stuff'??? Chei! Please look around you and see if ur neighbour is still around ooo, make e no be say rapture don take place already!!!! This is so inexcusable!!! As in. I hope she grows up to be something other than a hooker cos really..... Lady Ngo, u shouldnt be scared of having kids. You were born when moral standards were already on a downward spiral but u turned out well, didnt u? It all boils down to home training and God's grace for our kids to have the fear of God. Please get the idea of 'i just might not have a kid' out of ur mind cos u cant just take all this beauty and brains with u without trying to reproduce it!*winks*

  5. Dis is major scary! it's disheartening how pple can just shrug it off. heard in the news about how a man raped a 4year old girl. WTF is going on in this world?!

  6. @9ja-Great: I didn't really hear about it at first eiher, just kinda heard it in passing and did some investigating myself. Crazy

    @Amaka: Seriously! Things like this leave me with no doubt that the end may definitely come in my lifetime. and *blush* at the compliment lol

    @Toinlicious: Very scary. The world just keeps getting crazier and crazier

  7. I didn't hear about this before but with so many such things happening, I'm really worried for this world, for the young children, and for those still coming. Na wa o...

  8. What I see is that the older ones have failed the younger generation. Families are almost non- existent. What we have are mainly adults hussling with children and not really acting as role models to the little ones. That girl is still a child and people say it is no big deal that she is already doing adult stuff? To win a guy back? Sometimes I sit back and just think, did Sodom and Gomorrah do this much for God to wipe them off the face of the earth? Our value system is so warped and as for morals people just behave however and whichever way they want. People blame the society for everything and I wonder what makes up the society, isn't it people? Isn't it families?

  9. The decadence in society is really alarming, people no longer have morals. first time here and following. check me out.

  10. @Myne: yes, i agree. i can't imagine what those yet to be born will be dealing with on a day to day basis when their time comes.

    @Okeoghene: My thoughts exactly. When i look at young people and shake my head, im also shaking my head at all the grown folks who have failed these children

    @Docia: quite alarming. idk what needs to happen, but something needs surely needs to change


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