Monday, October 10, 2011

In 1492

I think it truly says something about this country that I (and some of you) live in that we continue to celebrate someone's lack of direction which then led that someone to "discover" a land that had already been inhabited for several millenia. Then in turn snatch said land, rape, pillage and massacre the people here, and stake their claim on this "the new world". Not to mention that native americans (not just from North America, but the indigenous people of the Caribbean and South America as well) are treated like ish to this very day. SMH

I originally stumbled upon this dude when i saw this (nsfw) video [don't judge me o, i wasn't looking for the video, it just happened to manifest itself in front of me, i promise lol]

Anywho, since we're on the topic of ignorance and silliness. I read this article yesterday about some new stipulations they are considering putting on marriage in Mexico. Basically, because of the extremely high divorce rate and the cost that the Mexican government incurs because of divorce proceedings, they are considering putting into place a 2-year renewal plan. In this plan, every 2 years married couples would be asked whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. I believe in this plan there a certain financial stipulations that would limit the costs in comparison to what the divorce process is like now.
I read this, and granted i don't know much about Mexican government and politics, but i couldn't help but be both confused and pissed. Like first of all, why exactly does the Mexican government foot the bill for these shenanigans in the first place? You want to save money, make these pay for their own damn divorce! Simple solution. Then there were some comments about how most marriages end in divorce because couple are "afraid" of the idea of til death do us part and forever seems just "a lil too long". WHAT THEE (yes, thee) FUCK! If you didn't wanna be together forever, then why in the hell did you get married in the first place? Ugh, i don't know...the whole thing just irritated me.

Happy Monday!


  1. 2-year renewal plan? dat shuld b fun smh

  2. Utter rubbish!
    Marriage should be a sacred institution, not some financial transaction that can be terminated at will!

    What's the world becoming though?


  3. looool, marriage has become a phone contract deal, two year renewal plan keh, and this video is soooo funny!!

  4. 2 year renewal plan ???? like for reals??? We indeed live in a crazy world coz someone once told me about contract marriages & now u confirmed it...sounds like fun though"NOT"

  5. A renewal plan on marriage?! What ever happened to being sacred, till death do us part. . .#makesmesad.

  6. two year renewal plan??? Now that's something hmmmm


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