Thursday, October 6, 2011

Im officially versatile!

I've gotten this Versatile blogger 3 times in the span of a week. Move over Charlie Sheen, LadyNgo is #WINNING! *ETA: now we're up to 4 versatile blogger awards, thanks Luciano :)
LOL, anywho, thanks my lovelies: 9ja-Great and Toinlicious (and previously mentioned but thanks again Priscy and Deolascope) , getting blog awards always put a smile on my face, see --> :)

Anywho, like i mentioned in my blogversay post, school is kicking my ample backside! What I don't understand is why professors behave as if you are only taking their class. There is no reason why I should be doing all this work sef. As in, we all are in the same department, these people need to communicate. I been all screwed up in the head. Thank goodness for my planner otherwise i'd be totally lost.

Meanwhile, i've been very emo lately. Idk why. But my emo-ness has led me to some good music:

This is actually a cover of TLC's song Fanmail but i guess my emo-ness is making me like this version better lol

Last but not least, i love my mommy. No real reason for sharing that other than to say it lol.
waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. me my older sister and mommy dearest. my sister would kill me if she knew this was here. her and that crazy hairdo

IDK why, but i absolutely adore this picture of us

Graduating from University of South Florida: December 2009 (back when momsie was natural lol. she's not anymore)
Boy, have we come a long way. 


  1. congratulations...your mum is a beau.

  2. Hmmmmmm,i like the pictures my eyes were graced with.Anyway,take it easy on your emo-ness o.

  3. Momsie looks great and you my dahling, you look fab. congratulations on your awards you truly and totally deserve them all. about your emo..... cool down you will be just fine ok dearie? *hugs*

  4. Your mama is hella fine.

  5. lovely pics.
    just gave you the versatile blogger award too.............

  6. Nice pictures. You smile like your mum.

  7. Thanks for the compliments all. As for the emo-ness, its just a random phase, no worries.


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