Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I wanna travel

I so wanna travel. But i hate i don't know exactly how that's supposed to work out. Maybe I can sail around the world. Can you do that? I need to look into that. Anywho, here's some places i'm dying to get to:

London & Paris  (c'mon December!!!)
Ghana (I almost made it there a couple of years ago but plans got effed up *sad face* i was so excited to go too)
Madagascar (just cuz i'm curious)
Cancun (so i can be on Girls Gone Wild lol)
The West Indies (Jamaica, US VI, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Cayman Islands...really i need to hop on a cruise and get this all done in 1 or 2 trips.)

I guess it would be rude of me not to put Naija on the list lol.

Anywho, so if anyone wants to contribute to the "LadyNgo Wants Some Stamps in her Passport" fund, i'm always accepting donations :)


  1. Lol, on your fund raising. I love traveling too for adventure the fun and sight seeing but unlike you who hates flying, I have a phobia for road travels. But in other matters, make Ghana your number one destination *covers face*(cause am a Ghanian), you gonna love it so much.

  2. HUH?? I dont see Nigeria there!:(. Nigeria is happening ang Hot with the parties. Girl, you need to be in LAGOS like yesterday. I have been to Ghana. Too mello for me *yawns*

  3. I love your fundraising.....

    I might just start one myself...For confused mother who has to feed four men/boys who are perpetually hungry!!! LOL

  4. wooo hoooo....Ghana made the list...i can guarantee you that you will have an awesome people are uber friendly and you will eat and explode because of all the yummy food u will get to eat....make that trip happen first....and maybe you can go via a ship...idk

  5. It would be nice if you make it to Naija.

  6. NIL, fed-ex them to 9jaFOODie, thank me later!

  7. @Priscy; i'm not that thrilled about road travel either lol.

    @Adaku: well I have reasons other than vacation for visiting Naija. I'm sure i'd have a ton of fun but there would be other matters to attend to if/when i go

    NIL: I agree with HoneyDame, send them over to 9ja-foodie lol

    @Shereen: i'm sooooo dying to go to Ghana! You should have seen the crocodile tears i shed when my plans to go a few yrs ago fell through.

    @Okeoghene: one day (soon hopefully). the visit is waaaaaaay overdue

  8. Add Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq to the list. Heard the people are super friendly too!!! *Did i say anything?*

  9. I love travelling so I feel you. If you hate flying, you really should take the cruise to the Caribbean, plenty of those from Florida and almost everywhere on the coasts.

  10. great n post n the travel wordz i xo feel u on tht

  11. YOu almost made it to Ghana???? Please make it to GHANA!!!!! why are you even scared of flying??? just get your blindfold & you are good to go :)...passed an award to you and yes thanks to you i mentioned the flight attendants :P

  12. LOL ...Thanks for the 'lovely' suggestions
    I'm sure 9ja Foodie will 'thank' you all when they empty all her cupboards

  13. @Amaka: lol, stop it!

    @Myne: i'm planning on it. The cruises that leave from here (or miami rather) are pretty cheap too since we get florida resident discount. when the weather warms up i intend to treat myself. But they don't stamp your passport when you go on a cruise though :(

    @Chulala: thanks for stopping by :)

    @DIDI: yup, almost! im not scared of flying, im more scared of the plane having *ahem* technical difficulties *God Forbid!*

    @NIL: well its her own fault for teasing us with all those food pics. That can be her punishment lol.


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