Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Miss My Violin

There are some days when I really miss my violin. I started playing when I was in the 3rd grade. By Force lol. That was the 1st year that we were allowed to play musical instruments in school. I hated every second of it. Having to leave class for practice. Having to drag that big ass violin case back and forth to school every week. Strings popping, rosin breaking, lost sheet was all such a hassle. Not to mention that i've always been lazy when it came to learning new things, mostly because so many things came naturally to me. So whenever i came across something that was difficult for me to master, i'd get so frustrated. Playing violin was no different.

Eventually though, i got pretty good at it. By the end of elementary school i was usually either 1st or 2nd chair at our performances. Middle school was even better because we learned lots more challenging songs, did a lot more shifting and focused more on the aesthetics. But then those terrible teen years of high school came. And by 10th grade i had thrown my hands up entirely at it and dropped my music course. I think i tried to go back in 11th grade but my teacher...hell nah, i would not have lasted a year dealing with her and her BS. Plus there were some um, rumors that she was a drug addict (wouldn't surprise me if they were true) and that that's why she ended up getting fired. I don't really remember who the new teacher was but i just remember them being gross and me saying "hayle to the naw, i got other ish to do!" lol

Now though, i really wish i hadn't quit. Despite a lot of the drama, i have so many fond orchestra memories (concerts, nyssma competitions, etc). And i miss playing, i miss classical music (crank that Vivaldi!). I honestly don't even know how i'd even fair if i were to pick up a violin today and i can't even imagine trying to remember how to read the music. Whew, it actually depresses me a little bit but what can you do.
Miri Ben-Ari: The Hip-Hop Violinist

Miri Ben-Ari is my freakin Shero! The first time i saw her in Twista's video for Overnight Celebrity, i thought she was a freaking weirdo lol. I was never really into the theatrics when i played. But i can't deny i love the way she plays the violin! Here's some of her other work:
Sunshine to the Rain
She Was Just a Friend
Waiting on You
Chillin in the Key of E

Symphony of Brotherhood

This song is absolutely AMAZING!!! Funny story, i was talking to a good friend of mine on YIM who plays piano. He was listening to his pianist idol George Duke at the time and I was in the middle of listening to something by Miri Ben-Ari. And we were just talking about how much we both liked our respective instruments and blah blah blah. The next thing i know, this video pops up in youtube and who is it but Miri Ben-Ari playing alongside George Duke! What a i told him we should get together and play this song too lol.


  1. Regrets. I remember hating music so much when i was in school,just couldnt wait to drop the course. But im awed by people who can understand it,and more especially by people who can make good music

  2. You play! Violins amaze me since i watched a movie with Meryl Streep (can't remember the name). Please take it up again, it's not too late


  3. @Sugarcoated: i just couldn't stand that violin. I used to sing too and i loved that! And now i miss them both...smh.

    @Muse: I wanna but idk. One day i guess. Maybe when i pop out some babies, we can take lessons together lol.

  4. Pick Up a Violin today coz its still part of you,although its gonna feel weird in the beginning you gonna Love it. :)

  5. oh I wish I took music and musical instruments serious in I play the organ in my mind

  6. @DIDI: if i tried, i'd definitely be starting all over again from the beginning. It has been a good 3 years since i've picked one up and at least almost 10 since i played one for real.

    @Vyvyka: where have u been hiding missy? lol, yeah my mom forced all of my siblings into playing some instrument but we've all eventually grown out of it but we all still have an affinity for music


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