Sunday, October 23, 2011

He Got That Good Good

Good Good music that is! (Freakin perverts lol)
One musician I love love love is Raphael Saadiq. That guy is sooooooo freaking talented. Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist...the man is just amazing! I don't know why he doesn't get as much hype as some of these lame musicians we see all over tv and radio. He really is just amazing. Not to mention being in the game for so long (almost 30 years) and still keeping things fresh and exciting. And he's kinda fine! lol. I don't give a damn that he's 45 years old. He could still get it get it get it!!!

Tony! Toni! Tone! has always been one of my favorite male groups. Even though they are slightly before my time (cognitively speaking) i've always loved them and held them in very high regard. Groups like this make me miss the music of the early 90s. When folks actually had talent and not just gimmicks. People still sang, played instrusments, etc instead of all that autotune bullskit!

Tone' Toni Tony - Southern California by klmbaby

Lucy Pearl didn't quite pop the way people thought it would considering the combined former success of the band members but they had a couple of songs I liked, mostly because of Raphael and Dawn Robinson. I don't really know too much about the third member, that dude from A Tribe Called Quest.

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight by freship

I gotta give it to him, as a solo artist he really is doing the damn thing. The first solo song i remember hearing by him was Get Involved. That was over a decade ago and i still listen to it every day. I really wish he got more radio play cuz i just love this guy lol. Recently i just happened to stumble upon some songs from The Way I See It, and i've been hooked ever since. Thank goodness for youtube because the radio is killin me softly when it comes to playing really good music.

is that a sexy nerd or what?!? lol
It feels good
Just me and you
lay your head on my pillow
Lets Get Down

do you see that bicep?!?


  1. Perv... stop looking at older men Lady Ngo..... lol. well truthfully, i like the "dance Tonight" song by :Lucy Pearl... its a song that takes my mind way back, its almost like a time machine to all the beautiful memories my mind habours.... well Raphael is around, he just works with Underground and Conscious rappers... and Conscious music doenst sell records.


    i just disvirgined your comment section. haha.

  2. Hahaha, i'm a girl o, aren't i supposed to date older men?!? As for the disvirgining...i was wondering what that feeling was ;) lmao

  3. LMAO @LAdyNgo's are one hella bad missy....As for the artiste....not my spec but I feel you on the absence of autotune and ish

  4. I remember seeing my first Lucy pearl video, and thinking it was the front vocal's name. And then I looked them up and discovered it was the band :) I loved their songs, didn't even know they were still working.

  5. @HoneyDame: me...bad? Never *smiling innocently* lol

    @Myne: Well Lucy Pearl isn't doing anything anymore. RS is doing his own thing and idk about the rest of them.

  6. ...And then he hooked up with that awful hippy-hybrid Joss Stone and she ate his mojo. The album after Ray Ray SUCKED EGGS!

  7. Ok,Raphael Saadiq and Toni Tone are very good.I mean,soul with Saadiq is like wow!

  8. @igbomarriage: hey now, i like The Way I See It!

    @9ja-Great: you already know you're a man after my own musical heart :)


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