Friday, October 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

No mind the title abeg. This is just gonna be another one of my random posts. Its been a long em-effin week!

I missed my first staff meeting with my superiors this morning. Sadly, the meeting took place only 2 buildings away from my apartment too. SMH

I missed that staff meeting because i checked my email literally 5 seconds before i started my midterm exam. Once the exam was on, everything else in life faded away. By the time i saw that email again, it was 1 hour after the meeting had started.

I kinda sorta like my job! lol

Now that I work on a college campus, i've come to the realization that college kids, freshman in particular, are crazy. And its making me wonder if i was this crazy back in those not-so-long-ago days. Probably lol #RazzToThe10thPower.

Everyone is constantly making fun of the way i say things like "dog" and "coffee". Damn NY accent lol. But thats ok cuz...

I'm on my New York sh!t, I think i'm hot son!!!!

I went to my university president's State of the University address and reception (sorta like Obama's state of the union address). I felt like such a grown-up lol -don't ask me why. I saw one of my former professors there which was awesome. She's so cute, i love her lol. I wish she was teaching another course in my program. Her class has been my favorite thus far.

I be tweeting and sh!t but twitter is starting to bore me again so if you're on twitter you should um, follow me cuz i'll #followback (only if ur awesome though)

Blogsville or at least my neck of the woods needs more men! (not that i don't absolutely adore 9ja-Great, LoveLife4Sale, Chimezie and the like- cuz u know i do ♥) I'm tired of having to venture elsewhere to get my needs met! <--that sounded all kinds of wrong didn't it?!? I left it like that on purpose though lol. Thats what my mind does when i'm bored or tired or breathing

I'm going back home (as in, to my parents house) for the weekend. I miss them. And its only been 2 weeks. I can't imagine what's gonna happen when i move away for real.

I had breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is the only thing i semi-enjoy cooking. That and frying fish... idk why but for some reason my fried fish is absolutely amazing. Serve it up with some rice, ciabatta bread and an adult about a good time! After my breakfast-dinner, I made brownies...and they are delicious!!!

Have ya'll seen this video? Please tell me what the devil is wrong with these lil youngsters now a days?!?



  1. Hopefully there were no major repercussions for missing the staff meeting then...

  2. Going home for the weekend! whew..Now i misss My House!!!!!! anyway winter break is round the corner. How you not in trouble for missing the meeting...I think i can start a new dance drew with those guys in that video...i wonder what we gonna call this type of dance though....

  3. Hmmmmmm,it feels good to be adored.I don't know about DIDI,but my head's about to explode! LOL You missed a meeting that is only a few blocks away from your house?! Well,i ain't judging.LOL

  4. and all the guys rushed down here to comment on this post. How come you still don't have your needs

  5. lol@Sugarcoated. Nice pic bydway...cuteness

  6. @TheRustGeek: nope, just not to let it happen again lol

    @DIDI: um, i think you'd call that dance "dry humping" lol

    @9ja-Great: glad you appreciate my adoration ;) And the meeting wasn't even a few blocks, literally it was 2 buildings away- as in a 1.5 minute walk from my door. And thnx, my pic loves u too lol

    @Sugarcoated: lol, i just noticed that too. Guess its the power of suggestion. Its all well and good for them to comment but we need more male bloggers too.

    @Toinlicious: thanks hun :)

  7. WoW! How did i forget to tell you how beautiful you Look? sowi!!! You LooK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  8. @DIDI: hahaha, thanks boo

    @Luciano: thanks luv


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