Friday, October 14, 2011

All About Me

I so wanted to come and write something profound. I have like 10 posts saved in my drafts but none of them i really feel like sharing at the moment. So, when all else fails, i'll just talk about myself! lol

Sometimes i clean up nice!

sometimes i dance with Ghanaians lol

sometimes im just so sweet and innocent :)

sometimes i rock trad
Sometimes i do community service...even when its just me being a free day laborer

sometimes i look real jazzy...from head to toe

sometimes i feel pretty

sometimes im just a silly goose
Sometimes im a good Auntie :)

Sometimes im such a sorority girl lol
Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Inc. The FINEST and FIERCEST Sisterhood in the Nation!
Have a good weekend my lovies!


  1. your pictures are nice and your dancing steps are not easy at all. Hope the Ghanians you dance with teaches you how to dance agbaza and adowa (winks)

  2. wow...i love. especially d sweet n innocent one. way to go gurl. *hi5*

  3. i like the pic with the black dress

  4. awww, I love the pic with your niece(right?), I love the first pic, I love the pretty pic and the silly goose, lol. The pictures are all nice :)

  5. Thanks all :) Im glad no one has called me out on this mini-show of narcissism lol.

    @Priscy- i love the adowa dance. I've seen that guy in the pic do it so many times over the years.

  6. OMG< you look sooo much like my cousin! She is a Zeta girl
    Your niece es tres belle.

  7. If you dont toot your horn, who will? Myne has just encouraged us to...

    I love your smile turuturuturutu, turuturuturutu...

  8. Beautiful smile you've got there. I like the first pix

  9. I love your smile and the white dress picture is beautiful.

  10. Thanks ladies!

    @HoneyDame- i have about 4 twins in my hometown alone. People are always telling me i look like someone they know lol. Guess I just have that kind of face


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