Saturday, October 8, 2011


Personally, I prefer the original video and don't really know why he made another version when im sitting here dying for a vid for Pant No N'iro or Asanwa or Kwarikwa or Ukwu! Eh, but what do i know? Which one do you prefer?



You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. The second vid was cool and all but i still love the 1st one. But i gotta say the ass on the chick in the second vid...holy smokes #NoHomo. But i was a bit more taken with the way Flavour was moving his body. *fans self* Whatever, i still love him way too much lol.

What a fine piece of man. Mmm mmm mmm. One day sir, one day!


  1. Frankly I love the second video better. Maybe it is because of the quality. Also, the girl in the 1st video was def pretty but not as much as the girl in the second video. And in the first video, each time they got to the bakassi part, I kept looking for it...couldnt just find that girl in the second video, overload dey worry am....maka y?!!!
    As for Flavour....*deep sigh*

  2. I never knew I wasn't following!
    I love flavor so much, I prefer the first video, the second video is just alright and it looks like something he did for fun. Flavor can never do wrong!! lol.

  3. Just hearing this..o malu mma na-ese okwu...heehee!

    The first video was more fun but the second was more colorful, the girl's more bakassi more suited, Flavor looked smoother

  4. I am indifferent to the 2 videos really. whatever! (as far as i am concerned) i just love flavour!!! So if he likes, he should appear in a video done like 'tales by moonlight', i would still love it! lol

  5. @HoneyDame- hahaha, the 1st girl had something back there o. Not everyone can have a bottom that breaks beds lol!

    @9ja-Great- whats so funny?

    @Coy~Introvert- i'm with you totally. The guy even retweeted this post, made my heart skip a beat lol.

    @Ginger- idk what that bakassi is suited for lol chai

    @Amaka- lmao. but did u see the way the guy was moving in the 2nd vid? you can't be indifferent to that lol


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