Monday, October 31, 2011

What do you want from my life?

Happy Monday Everyone!

I wrote a post for today...then i deleted it cuz it was depressing the hell out of me lol. i'm trying to figure what to i'm writing this. No joke.

Soooooooo, How's everyone doing? How was your weekend? What new and exciting things would you like to share with lil old LadyNgo?

Ok, i got something i can talk about. I've written pretty thoroughly about how annoying it is to be toasted via facebook. Well i've got another one who just won't leave me alone.

Yes sir I am. How you managed to slipped past the gateman and into my facebook estate is beyond me!

I can't imagine what you could possibly have to share with me considering i have no idea who you are and we have no friends in common. Not to mention, if it were really that serious you would have just dropped the info in my inbox by now.

If begging and pleading wasn't going to get a response, do you really think "Hey" was gonna do the trick?

What is wrong with this guy?!? I think i'm just gonna ask him what the hell he's trying to accomplish and see what he says lol.

Anywho, hope everyone has a good week going forward :)

SIDENOTE: if anyone has a GLO phone and needs a recharge pin...i have one and clearly i can't use it lol. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Miss My Violin

There are some days when I really miss my violin. I started playing when I was in the 3rd grade. By Force lol. That was the 1st year that we were allowed to play musical instruments in school. I hated every second of it. Having to leave class for practice. Having to drag that big ass violin case back and forth to school every week. Strings popping, rosin breaking, lost sheet was all such a hassle. Not to mention that i've always been lazy when it came to learning new things, mostly because so many things came naturally to me. So whenever i came across something that was difficult for me to master, i'd get so frustrated. Playing violin was no different.

Eventually though, i got pretty good at it. By the end of elementary school i was usually either 1st or 2nd chair at our performances. Middle school was even better because we learned lots more challenging songs, did a lot more shifting and focused more on the aesthetics. But then those terrible teen years of high school came. And by 10th grade i had thrown my hands up entirely at it and dropped my music course. I think i tried to go back in 11th grade but my teacher...hell nah, i would not have lasted a year dealing with her and her BS. Plus there were some um, rumors that she was a drug addict (wouldn't surprise me if they were true) and that that's why she ended up getting fired. I don't really remember who the new teacher was but i just remember them being gross and me saying "hayle to the naw, i got other ish to do!" lol

Now though, i really wish i hadn't quit. Despite a lot of the drama, i have so many fond orchestra memories (concerts, nyssma competitions, etc). And i miss playing, i miss classical music (crank that Vivaldi!). I honestly don't even know how i'd even fair if i were to pick up a violin today and i can't even imagine trying to remember how to read the music. Whew, it actually depresses me a little bit but what can you do.
Miri Ben-Ari: The Hip-Hop Violinist

Miri Ben-Ari is my freakin Shero! The first time i saw her in Twista's video for Overnight Celebrity, i thought she was a freaking weirdo lol. I was never really into the theatrics when i played. But i can't deny i love the way she plays the violin! Here's some of her other work:
Sunshine to the Rain
She Was Just a Friend
Waiting on You
Chillin in the Key of E

Symphony of Brotherhood

This song is absolutely AMAZING!!! Funny story, i was talking to a good friend of mine on YIM who plays piano. He was listening to his pianist idol George Duke at the time and I was in the middle of listening to something by Miri Ben-Ari. And we were just talking about how much we both liked our respective instruments and blah blah blah. The next thing i know, this video pops up in youtube and who is it but Miri Ben-Ari playing alongside George Duke! What a i told him we should get together and play this song too lol.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Real Talk

Somehow i never realized how much of a Ginuwine I am (or should i say was cuz i stopped listening after The Senior). But the other day i was playing around on my computer and needed a soundtrack so i just went to Windows Media Player and typed in "Ginuwine" and like 30 songs popped up. So i put the playlist on shuffle and attempted to do what i needed to do. But i was so caught up singing along, winding my hips in my seat, and noddin my head that i didn't get a darn thing accomplished lol. What i did realize though is that Ginuwine be spitting some real ish sometimes!

What's so different

You say you want my trust and
Told me you were leavin'.
How am I to know that you won't do it to me?
You're tellin' me it's different,
But what the hell is different?
If you cheated on him, you'll do it to me.
You're creepin' on him for me,
But you say just trust me.
How am I to know that you won't do it to me?
You're tellin' me it's different,
But what the hell is different?
If you cheated on him you'll do it to me.

Same old G

day after day
i continue to be
me oh me
that's all i can be
oooh day after day
i continue to be me oh me
that same ol' "G"

Tribute to a Woman

I can't begin to feel the agony I know you feel
I'm tryin' to break you out of that mold that once was real
But you're grown up and now it's time to let go all your fears
It's time for you to go,
its time for you to live
You've been under your parents,
but they can't live for you
You got to go and do
what's best for you
Make your decisions and live by them and sweat and bleed
You must struggle to be you
Even when you're in need


I want it all the time
Its always on my mind
Its just a part of me
Sex I Love
I love it anywhere
The bed the floor or chair
Its just a part of me
Sex I Love

(Hey man, it be like that sometimes lol)

Bedda Man

I know it's getting old
But don't give up on me
I wanna be a bedda man.
Don't live in the past,
We gotta move ahead
I'm tryin to be a bedda man.
If this is what you really want,
Then act like this is what you want.
Try and make it work,
don't give up on us,
Cause I am a bedda man.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Freaky Friday

No mind the title abeg. This is just gonna be another one of my random posts. Its been a long em-effin week!

I missed my first staff meeting with my superiors this morning. Sadly, the meeting took place only 2 buildings away from my apartment too. SMH

I missed that staff meeting because i checked my email literally 5 seconds before i started my midterm exam. Once the exam was on, everything else in life faded away. By the time i saw that email again, it was 1 hour after the meeting had started.

I kinda sorta like my job! lol

Now that I work on a college campus, i've come to the realization that college kids, freshman in particular, are crazy. And its making me wonder if i was this crazy back in those not-so-long-ago days. Probably lol #RazzToThe10thPower.

Everyone is constantly making fun of the way i say things like "dog" and "coffee". Damn NY accent lol. But thats ok cuz...

I'm on my New York sh!t, I think i'm hot son!!!!

I went to my university president's State of the University address and reception (sorta like Obama's state of the union address). I felt like such a grown-up lol -don't ask me why. I saw one of my former professors there which was awesome. She's so cute, i love her lol. I wish she was teaching another course in my program. Her class has been my favorite thus far.

I be tweeting and sh!t but twitter is starting to bore me again so if you're on twitter you should um, follow me cuz i'll #followback (only if ur awesome though)

Blogsville or at least my neck of the woods needs more men! (not that i don't absolutely adore 9ja-Great, LoveLife4Sale, Chimezie and the like- cuz u know i do ♥) I'm tired of having to venture elsewhere to get my needs met! <--that sounded all kinds of wrong didn't it?!? I left it like that on purpose though lol. Thats what my mind does when i'm bored or tired or breathing

I'm going back home (as in, to my parents house) for the weekend. I miss them. And its only been 2 weeks. I can't imagine what's gonna happen when i move away for real.

I had breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is the only thing i semi-enjoy cooking. That and frying fish... idk why but for some reason my fried fish is absolutely amazing. Serve it up with some rice, ciabatta bread and an adult about a good time! After my breakfast-dinner, I made brownies...and they are delicious!!!

Have ya'll seen this video? Please tell me what the devil is wrong with these lil youngsters now a days?!?


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I wanna travel

I so wanna travel. But i hate i don't know exactly how that's supposed to work out. Maybe I can sail around the world. Can you do that? I need to look into that. Anywho, here's some places i'm dying to get to:

London & Paris  (c'mon December!!!)
Ghana (I almost made it there a couple of years ago but plans got effed up *sad face* i was so excited to go too)
Madagascar (just cuz i'm curious)
Cancun (so i can be on Girls Gone Wild lol)
The West Indies (Jamaica, US VI, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Cayman Islands...really i need to hop on a cruise and get this all done in 1 or 2 trips.)

I guess it would be rude of me not to put Naija on the list lol.

Anywho, so if anyone wants to contribute to the "LadyNgo Wants Some Stamps in her Passport" fund, i'm always accepting donations :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Victoria and Frederick

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a lovely young woman named Lady Ngo. She had always been taught that Victoria's Secret was elegant and fair and all the things a good girl should want in a lingerie boutique. While Fredericks of Hollywood on the other hand...well, that was where tho loosey-gooseys hung out.

So for many years, she spent countless dollars exploring VS and completely shunning FOH. Until one fateful day, Lady Ngo entered a shopping mall and much to her surprise there was no VS in sight...only a FOH. Not one to leave a shopping center empty-handed, Lady Ngo decided to take one for the team and peruse the selections inside FOH. And at that moment my eyes were opened and i discovered...


LOL, seriously, I don't even eff with Victoria's Secret anymore other than to look at their perfume and lotions.  (I adore "smell goods"). They are a freaking scam anyway. One of my big-tittied sorors went to VS one day and got measured and they told her she was a D-cup. Now, im a DD and both of my boobs put together is like half of one of her boobs. So how they finagled her into believing she was anything less than a F or P cup is beyond me. Anywho, VS has a history of doing this. Their bras stop at DD or maybe DDD so they try and trick ppl into believing that they wear a smaller cup so that they'll shop there. Tricky tricky! Not to mention that once you get past the C's the bras look horrendous and/or boring and grandma-ish. Not cool for a sexy lil thang like myself lol. Honestly the only time i even attempt to buy anything from VS is during the semi annual sale and even then, if you don't get there as soon as the doors open on the 1st day you might as well forget it.

Fredericks on the other hand...i just love it. Yeah their garments are bit more risque than VS (some are downright scandalous) but i loooooooooooove it! They have a much more diverse selection, are way more affordable... and sh!t actually fits from there. If i do say so myself, my girls look far more amazing in a bra from Fredericks than from VS.

I have to give an honorable mention to La Perla for no other reason than that they are freaking La Perla! LOL. I plan on stopping by while im on one of my shopping excursions in London- even though i know good and damn well I can't afford anything in there. Seriously, i looked at their website thinking eh, everything can't possibly be that expensive. Hmph! A basic ass (no pun intended) pair of panties for $40...i could get something much prettier from WalMart for like $5! All I can say is if i'm gonna pay 40 bucks for some damn panties, they better feel like heaven to my genitals. Thats crazy. And that literally was the cheapest underwear they had. Some of their panties were well over $200 Maybe they'll let me just take a shopping bag just so I can say I was there lol.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Now that the dust is starting to settle

I feel like I can talk about this whole Amber Cole situation. If you don't know about it, basically, Amber Cole is a 14 year old girl from B'More who was video taped (by two other male onlookers) sucking some other lil boy's richard at school. Supposedly, the lil boy she performed the act on was her ex-boyfriend and she did so in an effort to win him back. The video hit the internet. Big bru-ha-ha ensues. Supposedly the boys have been arrested now but I don't know how true that is considering all the other fraudulent information that has been flying around regarding this situation including fake copies of the video and fake twitter/facebook accounts being created on behalf of Miss Cole.

There have been so many comments, questions, accusations, and jokes made about this situation. My major concern is that so many people look at this situation and say "whats the big deal".

This whole situation is FULL of big deals. First you have a 14 year old girl performing oral sex, regardless of who and how old the recipient is. Second, she is doing so in front of 2 other boys. Third, she is doing this... out in the open... AT SCHOOL! Fourth, she is being (with or without her knowledge, i don't really know) videotaped! If nothing else matters, that should because its ILLEGAL *child pornography anyone?* How anyone, especially an adult, can have the nerve to say that this is no big deal, is beyond me.

Speaking of adults- i really have a hard time reading all these comments about how folks don't have sympathy for her because she knew what she was doing and how she's just a hoe/slut. When i read this story, all I could think was poor, lost, misguided lil girl...what could possibly be going on in her life that she would or would allow herself to be degraded in such a way. Yeah i know plenty of 14 year olds are out doing this (and God only knows what else) on a regular basis and i know a 14 year old should know better, but that doesn't negate the fact that obviously this child needs help or at least some guidance! What if that were your daughter, sister, niece, or cousin? Bet the reaction would be a whole lot different. Shit, if anything, this story should be making folks take a step back and think what they can do to keep their daughter from being the next Amber Cole (and hopefully how to keep their sons from degrading and objectifying other young girls). Not to mention how many of these so-called adults are probably thanking their lucky stars that camera phones weren't around when they were teenagers.

The other side of the coin are the other young people (and some adults) who look at this and say "so what, she sucked some dude's richard...big deal. Everybody gives head! Why are we demonizing a natural physical desire?" That shit scares the hell out of me. When i was 14, oral was not even up for discussion (it still ain't in my personal life but thats neither here nor there). So for only 1 decade to have passed, to see people view this kind of behavior, certainly at such a young age, as normal is alarming. I don't give a damn how curious you are or how crazy your hormones are driving you, i don't think loose and reckless sex at age 14 is normal nor should it be considered normal. It just makes me wonder, what's gonna be normal 15-20 years down the road when my future kids are 14?

This is so so so so soooooo why i don't want kids, especially daughters. I'm sure a month from now none of us will even be talking about this anymore with the rate new scandals appear and disappear. Even that fact is cause for concern.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

He Got That Good Good

Good Good music that is! (Freakin perverts lol)
One musician I love love love is Raphael Saadiq. That guy is sooooooo freaking talented. Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Instrumentalist...the man is just amazing! I don't know why he doesn't get as much hype as some of these lame musicians we see all over tv and radio. He really is just amazing. Not to mention being in the game for so long (almost 30 years) and still keeping things fresh and exciting. And he's kinda fine! lol. I don't give a damn that he's 45 years old. He could still get it get it get it!!!

Tony! Toni! Tone! has always been one of my favorite male groups. Even though they are slightly before my time (cognitively speaking) i've always loved them and held them in very high regard. Groups like this make me miss the music of the early 90s. When folks actually had talent and not just gimmicks. People still sang, played instrusments, etc instead of all that autotune bullskit!

Tone' Toni Tony - Southern California by klmbaby

Lucy Pearl didn't quite pop the way people thought it would considering the combined former success of the band members but they had a couple of songs I liked, mostly because of Raphael and Dawn Robinson. I don't really know too much about the third member, that dude from A Tribe Called Quest.

Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight by freship

I gotta give it to him, as a solo artist he really is doing the damn thing. The first solo song i remember hearing by him was Get Involved. That was over a decade ago and i still listen to it every day. I really wish he got more radio play cuz i just love this guy lol. Recently i just happened to stumble upon some songs from The Way I See It, and i've been hooked ever since. Thank goodness for youtube because the radio is killin me softly when it comes to playing really good music.

is that a sexy nerd or what?!? lol
It feels good
Just me and you
lay your head on my pillow
Lets Get Down

do you see that bicep?!?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hmm, i don't like going more than a day or two without posting something...anything really. But it has become a whooooooooole lot easier not to post than to find the motivation to actually write something talk less of something worthwhile and not just random jibber-jabber. But since threats have been made if i decide to desert blogging (even though i don't think they count as threats anymore if i actually want to cash in on them), i'm here.

So, im sure i mentioned it before but i got a job *yay...streamers...balloons...confetti* I am a graduate assistant in the department of housing and residential life at my university. So basically i live on campus, but we'll get to that in a moment. As a GA, I work in the office of one of the on-campus residential communities supervising the resident assistants, helping out with some of the committees, assisting with programming, interviewing new GAs and RAs, sorting out conduct issues, etc etc. I have free room and board, they pay for my tuition (but not the fees...not that i'm complaining), give me health insurance (allegedly...the jury is still out on that one) and i make a double-digit number wage per hour...okay its only $10 and some change, but that's still a double digit number, no? LOL. And considering that the only thing i have to pay for is food and gas for my car, 10 an hour is pretty damn good! This is only my first week so I haven't been on-call or had to handle any conduct issues or anything yet. Can't wait for that to start happening (-__-).

Since i'm still new, i have to say the most interesting thing so far has been my living arrangements. First, the GA "apartment" is definitely an upgrade from traditional dorms lol. Its pretty simple. You walk in and you're in the kitchen. Fully stocked (sink, fridge, stove/oven) and even has a cute lil table and chairs. Was not expecting that lol. Then there's my bedroom/living space. It has a desk and chair, dresser, tv stand, my bed (which is hella comfy), a couch. Wasn't expecting that either. Then around the bend, there's my bathroom which is pretty damn big. Overall, im impressed. And the janitorial staff come and clean the bathroom and the kitchen every monday...well they mop the floor and replace the toilet paper when its running low, but thats better than nothing! Its also my incentive to keep my room clean lol. Don't want them coming in every week and thinking "damn, what kind of nasty slob lives in here"

Oh yes, did i mention i live with all boys?!? No, hmmm...well yes. My entire hall is full of boys (the other side of the building is where the girls reside). How did I end up living with the boys you ask? Beats me. Really, as a GA, especially a new hire in the middle of the semester, they pretty much stick you where ever there is an appropriate room. I guess this was the only place that had an open GA apartment. Some of my friends that are GAs at another university in the same town are living in the boy's halls/buildings too so i don't feel as bad lol. Every single person i've told this too has gone on a tirade about me being involved in all sorts of debauchery lol. Not happening at all folks.

So thats whats been going a nutshell. Hope everyone else has been having a pleasant week :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

McDonalds: now serving ass-whoopings!

Hey all,

Gonna keep it brief as I hadn't even planned on blogging today. Im moving tomorrow and I just finished packing bag #1. SMH.

Anywho, i was reading this morning (as is sadly, my daily routine) and saw this video.

*UPDATE: The video has since been removed. Here's a link to the story for those of you that missed it.

Dude's reaction may have been a bit extreme but damn if them dumb broads didn't deserve it! If you are gonna antagonize someone and then worse, lay hands on them, you need to be fully prepared for the ass-kicking that's coming! I don't care if you're a man or a woman, or how big and bad you think you are.

Survival lesson number one: No matter how billy-bad-ass you think you are, please know that there will ALWAYS be someone out there crazier and more reckless than you and you probably won't know it until it is too late. 
Survival lesson number two: Don't try and flex on strangers. You never know what the next (wo)man is capable of. As bad as this beating was, it could have been much worse. You don't know what dude might have had tucked in his waistband! 

People slay me with their nonsense.

Friday, October 14, 2011

All About Me

I so wanted to come and write something profound. I have like 10 posts saved in my drafts but none of them i really feel like sharing at the moment. So, when all else fails, i'll just talk about myself! lol

Sometimes i clean up nice!

sometimes i dance with Ghanaians lol

sometimes im just so sweet and innocent :)

sometimes i rock trad
Sometimes i do community service...even when its just me being a free day laborer

sometimes i look real jazzy...from head to toe

sometimes i feel pretty

sometimes im just a silly goose
Sometimes im a good Auntie :)

Sometimes im such a sorority girl lol
Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Inc. The FINEST and FIERCEST Sisterhood in the Nation!
Have a good weekend my lovies!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

one bad apple

Once upon a time i was seeing this person. I was keeping this person a secret because there were no concrete lines drawn as to where the friendlationship was going and quite frankly it was none of anybody's business anyway but as usual, somehow the info slipped (at a social gathering no less) and i started getting the 3rd degree from all directions. Who is he, where did you meet him, do we know him, and the inevitable (when you're conversing with a bunch of fellow africans) is he African/Nigerian?

I replied, don't worry about who he is, don't worry about where i met him, no you don't know him, and yes he's Nigerian.

All of this was met with a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs" except for one particular naysayer. This chickie was a bit skeptical and took things a step further and said "Ugh, why would you date another Nigerian? Especially after what happened with ChukwuBlankityBlank (*names coded to protect the not-so-innocent)?"

I just kinda looked at her and cocked my eyebrow. Like, really, i should cut off an entire population of people because of 1 douchebag (though i can't front, said douchebag royally f**ked my life and i definitely considered um reducing the amount of time i spent conversing with 9ja guys as a result)? She went on to comment about how she was done with African guys in general but she was ALL THE WAY DONE with Nigerian guys because blah blah blah whatever. I know they say 1 bad apple spoils the bunch but thats really an awful way to approach life. Sitting there blocking your blessings because you have a chip on your shoulder is not gonna win you any medals.

Similarly, I don't ever want to be that bad apple (though i already have been in a roundabout kind of way...yeah im a heartbreaker sometimes lol). I don't want to be the girl that made some man turn to the dark side (whatever that may be). They say, when a man gets his heart broken, the next 10 (or whatever arbitrary number) women pay the price for it (and they claim women are supposed to be the sensitive ones. go figure). Since i've been on the receiving end of this "that b!tch ruined my life and now im gonna take it out on the world" treatment, im doing my best not to be the catalyst for such behavior in my future boo-loves.

Takeaway point of the day: Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch....and don't be that bad apple!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"
-Billy Preston

Monday, October 10, 2011

In 1492

I think it truly says something about this country that I (and some of you) live in that we continue to celebrate someone's lack of direction which then led that someone to "discover" a land that had already been inhabited for several millenia. Then in turn snatch said land, rape, pillage and massacre the people here, and stake their claim on this "the new world". Not to mention that native americans (not just from North America, but the indigenous people of the Caribbean and South America as well) are treated like ish to this very day. SMH

I originally stumbled upon this dude when i saw this (nsfw) video [don't judge me o, i wasn't looking for the video, it just happened to manifest itself in front of me, i promise lol]

Anywho, since we're on the topic of ignorance and silliness. I read this article yesterday about some new stipulations they are considering putting on marriage in Mexico. Basically, because of the extremely high divorce rate and the cost that the Mexican government incurs because of divorce proceedings, they are considering putting into place a 2-year renewal plan. In this plan, every 2 years married couples would be asked whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. I believe in this plan there a certain financial stipulations that would limit the costs in comparison to what the divorce process is like now.
I read this, and granted i don't know much about Mexican government and politics, but i couldn't help but be both confused and pissed. Like first of all, why exactly does the Mexican government foot the bill for these shenanigans in the first place? You want to save money, make these pay for their own damn divorce! Simple solution. Then there were some comments about how most marriages end in divorce because couple are "afraid" of the idea of til death do us part and forever seems just "a lil too long". WHAT THEE (yes, thee) FUCK! If you didn't wanna be together forever, then why in the hell did you get married in the first place? Ugh, i don't know...the whole thing just irritated me.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Personally, I prefer the original video and don't really know why he made another version when im sitting here dying for a vid for Pant No N'iro or Asanwa or Kwarikwa or Ukwu! Eh, but what do i know? Which one do you prefer?



You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. The second vid was cool and all but i still love the 1st one. But i gotta say the ass on the chick in the second vid...holy smokes #NoHomo. But i was a bit more taken with the way Flavour was moving his body. *fans self* Whatever, i still love him way too much lol.

What a fine piece of man. Mmm mmm mmm. One day sir, one day!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Musts Part III (The Finale)

The Prenuptial Agreement

I am soooooooooooooo anti- prenups! I don't think i could ever really be in favor of one nor do i think i could ever not feel extremely insulted if i were presented with one.

Me and my bestie have this argument all the time. She insists on having one and I insist on not having one. Now i can totally understand how a person can justify having one. You just want to protect yourself and your assets in case things go awry and you end up getting divorced. I get that, believe me i do.

But my thing is, there is something totally wrong about going into the marriage already thinking about the end. Whenever i decide to get married, i intend to stay married. Which, coincidentally is why I am in no rush to jump the broom despite being able to count my all single and/or childless friends on one hand (ok, im exaggerating a little). So when i think of weddings and marriage, the only end i see is hopefully a natural, foul-play-free, death do us part.

I've always thought, why would you even marry someone who 1) you think youre not gonna stay married to forever and 2) you think would run off with your money and leave you destitute. Cuz honestly, as it relates to me, i think if you know me well enough to want to marry me, you should also know me well enough to know that i wouldn't do such things.

My bestie argues that people change. And when it comes to divorce things can get nasty and people become spiteful and will do things just to hurt the other person. You know what they say- hurt people, hurt people (as in, people who have been hurt or are hurting tend to hurt other people)! Yeah, i agree that something like that can happen. But I also know myself very well. As vengeful and spiteful as i can be, im also fair. I would never go out of my way to wrong someone, no matter how badly they've effed up my emotions. I've had plenty of opportunities to do so and haven't.

*Kanye Shrug* Here's hoping future hubby doesn't want a prenup, cuz that could cause some serious problems.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Im officially versatile!

I've gotten this Versatile blogger 3 times in the span of a week. Move over Charlie Sheen, LadyNgo is #WINNING! *ETA: now we're up to 4 versatile blogger awards, thanks Luciano :)
LOL, anywho, thanks my lovelies: 9ja-Great and Toinlicious (and previously mentioned but thanks again Priscy and Deolascope) , getting blog awards always put a smile on my face, see --> :)

Anywho, like i mentioned in my blogversay post, school is kicking my ample backside! What I don't understand is why professors behave as if you are only taking their class. There is no reason why I should be doing all this work sef. As in, we all are in the same department, these people need to communicate. I been all screwed up in the head. Thank goodness for my planner otherwise i'd be totally lost.

Meanwhile, i've been very emo lately. Idk why. But my emo-ness has led me to some good music:

This is actually a cover of TLC's song Fanmail but i guess my emo-ness is making me like this version better lol

Last but not least, i love my mommy. No real reason for sharing that other than to say it lol.
waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. me my older sister and mommy dearest. my sister would kill me if she knew this was here. her and that crazy hairdo

IDK why, but i absolutely adore this picture of us

Graduating from University of South Florida: December 2009 (back when momsie was natural lol. she's not anymore)
Boy, have we come a long way. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Musts Part II

I flat out refuse to entertain anyone's time issues (unless they are my own lol). I am too evil for such and i guarantee you that those chicks on Bridezilla will have NOTHING on me if we are not getting everything done within a reasonable time frame.

I am a planner, by nature. I've always said that if i liked human beings more, i would be a event/wedding planner. But people are annoying, unreliable, and a host of other not-so-nice adjectives. But for my big day (and yes it will be BIG), there needs to be a concrete game plan. I have done smaller scale event planning for years so i know that hardly ever do things go 100% according to plan...but organized chaos is better than just letting the ish hit the fan.

Drunk and Disorderly Conduct
I genuinely want everyone at my wedding to have a good time. But there's a limit. Seeing as how i know way too many drunk fools who not only can't hold their liquor, but insist on getting fucked up  drunk at every possible occasion, i have no intention of having an open bar. I'm even considering doing some body searches. I've seen folks sneaking in flasks into the reception. Nah boo boo, that will not fly with me. I already have an extremely low tolerance for drunken shenanigans, i'm sure i'm not gonna wanna entertain anyone's drunken antics at my wedding

Uninvited Guests
If you were not invited then you need to stay your arse at home! Its difficult enough making the necessary cuts to the guestlist and then having to pay for/accommodate all those people without adding unexpected guests to the mix. Along the same lines, just because you are invited does not mean your +1 can become +10. Especially if ya'll aren't bringing gifts. I'm just saying!

Disclaimer: Don't ask me why i've started this lil mini-series. As far as I know there are no wedding bells anywhere in my near future so I have no clue why this junk is on my mind. Part III (which i'll probably post friday) will be the last of this topic.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tonight i'm yours

To the fellas
While you're out on the grind
Don't forget about your homefront
Spend some time with your lady
Or the next man will
If you dont treat her like a queen
You gone see what I mean
When's the last time you told her how you felt inside
Held her hand and caressed her while you looked in her eyes
Let her know that she's everything you need and more

-Lil Zane (Tonight I'm Yours)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Musts Part I

This song will definitely be played at my wedding and i WILL be getting down to it. So dear future husband, if you are reading this post, please familiarize yourself with the song! I'm even giving you the lyrics. This is not a game o!!!

I want to thank you
Heavenly Father 

for shining your light on me
You sent me someone who really loves me
and not just my body
he keeps me happy so very happy
and he loves me
I don't know how to be
It's been a long time since I had someone who loves me
I owe my thanks to Thee

I know it could not happen without your love
Ooh without your love

It took a long time for it to happen
but I knew those nights I prayed
that you would send me someone who's real
and not no one for play
I kept the faith
and didn't worry
my nights grew longer than the days
until one day
it really happen
sent true love my way
I know it couldn't have happened without you

without you

When the time is right
He'll fill your life with love and care
and He'll be there
just do all right
don't do no wrong
and the keep the faith
the Lord will shine his light your way
Thank you Father
for shining your light on me
I prayed long time
for it to happen
I did because I believe
He makes me happy
so very happy
I don't know how to be
It's been a long time
since I had someone who love me
I owe my thanks to Thee

I know it couldn't have happened without you

without you
I know it couldn't have happened without your love

without your love

(my nights were long and blue, until he sent me you)

Sidenote: You are also not welcome to marry me, be in my wedding or attend the reception if you are unable to do the electric slide (and it'd help if you knew the actual Electric Slide song by Marcia Griffiths too, ijs). That goes for friends, family, and future hubby alike. Non-negotiable

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is my Blog-versary

So 1 year ago today at this very moment (yes, i went back and looked up the time so i could be accurate in my celebration! lol) i published my very 1st post on Lady Ngo's World. I don't quite remember if it was on purpose that it was for/on Independence Day or not but who cares lol. 21000 hits, 1000 comments, 170 posts and 82 official followers still going strong and wanna thank all of you all for reading, commenting, and showing luv. Mucho appreciated :)

So it's Naija's 51st independence day. All i can say on the matter is Happy Independence Day and hope 2012 was better than 2011!

Moving right along, Priscy has given me the Versatile Blogger Award and Deolascope has given me the One Lovely Blog Award  . It has been a minute since i've gotten a blog award, i had nearly forgotten about them altogether. But the excitement is still there :) Thank you ladies!

So if you haven't already, check out Priscy's blog and Deolascope's blog cuz they're awesome and because i told you to!

7 things about me
1. Graduate school has been kicking my entire ass this semester. I literally read about 20 chapters a week, write papers, trying to do my lit review, have to do several case studies, have to go to conferences, it crazy.
2. I finally got a graduate assistantship (yay!) Wish me luck and pray that i don't end up having to live anyplace scary for it (the position is in housing and residential life so i have to live in/near campus)
3. I waste so much money every week on tolls. If i could keep myself from procrastinating so much i wouldn't have to take the toll roads but everyday it seems i am running late for school, meetings etc and end up have to take the toll roads to reach my destination faster :(
4. I don't feel like an wondering when those grown-up feelings are gonna kick in. (i think it might have something to do with the fact that im living at home again)
5. I have a lil e-crush on *blank* (you know urself now lol)
6. I cannot wait for this hot weather (and hurricane season) to disappear even though i don't have any1 to "cuff" or spend my chilly nights with...
7. I am giving myself the ultimate (and most expensive) 25th birthday gift: Im going to London and Paris with a 10hr layover in NY (which means i get to see all some of my fam and friends back home that i haven't seen in so long. The last time i took a proper trip back to NY was in like 07 or 08). I am so excited but i'm also pissed at the amount of money it is taking to make this trip happen. I might end up living off of crackers and water for the entire vacation cuz I can't fathom having to spend more money than i already have. So if any of my lovely readers living in London has any tips for cheap eats within the confines of Zone 1 and 2, let a sista know.

As for passing it now every1 i know has gotten these im sure but if you haven't, then here ya go! Im too lazy to tag people individually lol.

Happy new month, Happy Independence Day My Naija People, and have a great and safe weekend!