Thursday, September 29, 2011

What will they think of next

This is the "Snuggie" which im sure plenty of you are familiar with. I used to think this was one of the dumbest inventions known to mankind. I mean really, if you're cold, theres this thing called a blanket. Its worked for me for over 24 years.  But no, they had to take it a step further and invent...
The "Forever Lazy" Basically a snuggie with sleeves and legs. WTF? I don't understand. Why would any self respecting adult wear this nonsense? I swear, if my bf/husband insists on walking around our house in this foolish get-up, im gonna have to insist on a divorce. This ish is not bringing sexy back at all! If you are really that cold, why can't you just wear a normal sweatsuit? What happens when you have to go to the bathroom? This just reminds me of the footie pajamas folks used to wear as kids. Not suitable for adults!

This crap...i blame the Nicki Minaj's, Buffie the Body's and other big booty heffas of the world (like myself *pow*) for this. First of all, this shit is only cute if you are skinny. Trust me, i saw the commercial. The "plus-sized" woman wearing it looked her ass was sitting on her back. Idk, i guess the "pop" was too high up. Anywho...assuming that you are using this too boost your lack of derriere in hopes of catching that hot guys attention, what gonna happen when the pants come off? Its not like this thing is magically going to make an ass appear when it really counts! Similarly i feel i should discuss...
The Chicken Cutlet...
The Water Bra...

and the push-up bra!
All these are, are a pack of lies! Yeah, they make your boobies look better in that shirt/dress/bikini, but again, what happens when the clothes come off and them titties go from sittin up all perky on ya chest to dangling somewhere around your belly button? Not cute at all and downright deceitful if you ask me. Not to mention the potential embarrassment they may cause. I've seen the chicken cutlets fall out of the bikinis and the water bras bursting and causing a pool of liquid to stain your blouse making it look like you lactating...i can't really think of anything embarrassing that can happen with a push-up bra but you get my drift. *sorry if it seems i lack sympathy for the itty-bitty-titty girls have been "big" for well over a decade.*


  1. The Snuggie looks like some Occult outfit.... i was actually gonna use it for a halloween costume last year, complete with a plastic cup that had Lemonade in it (Jim Jones Reference).

    Anyways, about the lies woman tell with their bodies, what can i say, we all lie to get our foot in the door, but i think its because we are all fed to believe that we have to be a certain way, or we are force fed what exactly is considered sexy.

    i have been with girls of the itty bitty committee, and i wasnt disappointed.

  2. The snuggie outfit definitely not sexy and as for the lies ladies tell with their bodies and all well i guess they just wanna feel sexy one way or the

  3. hehehe. i kinda get the push ups, but that booty pop thing just looks tacky. The forever lazy makes em look like my 6month old niece. i mean, "somodobo" for adults, not in any way cool.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH! You will not kill me o!

    Forgetting about the Snuggie mess, I totally understand about the booty thing biko. I have a flat arse and while it doesn't look too bad when you have a flat tum, smallish waist, smallish boobs and long legs, when you get FAT - especially after kids, it looks downright ridiculous. In fact random people will be stopping you on the street to vex "So upon all this fat you couldn't spare some for your yansh? You worry o!" It's depressing. And I hate the word.

    It's even worse when your boobs leave your bum behind and go from a 'B' cup to 'FF'. Booyah!

    Now I am going to share with you what one guy told me ages ago: The whole false advertising thing doesn't actually bother guys. They like you to look good when you're outside and all but as long as they can fondle those bags that come down to your knees and you have a workable...receptacle, they are pretty good to go. They understand packaging...

    Huh. Wait. I just realised he might have been telling me that because he wanted to get me comfortable enough to take off my clothes so we could have sex.


  5. This is why Basketmouth said women are the ones that lie the most.*SMH* All these goes on to show women prefer to be fake,abi no be so? Don't gimme that men-are-moved-by-what-they-see crap!

  6. At least you didn't blast the padded bras, na there I dey with my itty bitties, lol...

    I like the Snuggie, but the overall, also reminds me of baby jumpers.

    Butt pads, I guess if your wearing them for clothes fit rather than men attraction, that's all good.

  7. hahaha it's funny cos i jst read this book were a woman was forcing her daughter to stuff sumn in her bra to make her tits look bigger. Apparently, she said all girls are a pretty trap.
    I mean, if we're willing to wear eye makeup to make our eyes pop, and foundation to hide the acne on our face, it's not surprising that there are things like the booty pop lmao
    As for the snuggie, i'm speechless lol.

  8. abeg oh,no divorce because of that stuff oh,sexy is not everything jor.
    Now I will love the water bra oh,not minding the evil,then butt pads,my own I never drag am finish lol

  9. @lovelife4sale- LOL, silly. and yeah, i know why people rock the fake boob/booty but i wish more people would just accept what they do and don't have cuz its all come out sooner or later anyway lol.

    @ChizyK- the snuggie is just ridiculous. As for the rest, i say love the skin/body you're in.

    @Toinlicious- no lie, the 1st time i saw the booty pop commercial i thought it was a joke.

    @igbomarriage- LMAO at ur entire comment lol

    @9ja-Great: oh my, do you need a hug? sounding kinda angry there lol. But men ARE moved by what they see, otherwise women wouldn't do it (those who actually do it for the attention that is)

    @Myne- i don't even understand the whole padded bra or water bra. I called myself buying them before and it was so uncomfortable i never even wore them. But i guess they just weren't made for me lol

    @kitkat- all naturale over here, i never wear makeup and don't understand why people do. I think im secretly a hippie lol.

    @gretel- lol. i will be burning that "forever lazy" nonsense if i ever see such in my house lol.

  10. That snuggie is just a stupid idea, but I am not surprised. I still strongly believe that at some point, they will invent a machine/toilet seat that wipes butts...lazy people. As for the butt pad..given my last post, I believe you have an idea of how suicidal it would be for me to wear one

  11. *scratches her head and wonders if Lady Ngo dreamt of me before this post.

    I have a snuggie.
    I believe in wonder-bra and stil cant believe the wondrous things it does to my cleavage.
    Looking good is good business :)

  12. @HoneyDame- Seriously, a toilet that wipes ur butt and cell phone that ties your shoes! and LOL about the booty pads, u def don't need them lol.

    @Ginger- hahaha, sorry jo. If the snuggie and bobbie-enhancers make u happy by all means, carry on lol.


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