Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twitter Beef


Twitter is very funny sometimes. Just the other day i watched as two former friends (and probably some other people that i don't follow) were going back and forth with subliminal tweets at each other. I personally thought the whole thing was hilarious and the inner amebor in me wanted to know how they went from being besties to hating each other. But i had work to do so i didn't spend too much time following their argument.

The funniest thing about it to me was that even though throughout the entire argument they didn't mention each other by name, i could tell exactly who and what they were referencing just by the content of the tweet. LOL. And they were really blasting each other too. Putting some serious tales and accusations on the table.!

I'll admit that I've tweeted some subliminals before. Never anything too crazy and never anything at anyone i follow or that follows me. Usually they are just about something thats going on in life that bothering me or annoying me but i don't wanna put the whole matter on the table. But sometimes ppl just frustrate you to no end and instead of going off on an angry tirade and giving yourself a tumor, you just shoot out a very rude tweet about them and then continue on with your day. I doubt i could ever really get into a twitter fight with anyone.

For one thing, im the "cut em off" type. You got one shot at truly pissing me off. We might have that one argument, but after that you need not speak to me or about whatever caused the riff again cuz i have no plans on thinking about it or you from that point on. The whole going back and forth thing over the same topic...i wish i cared enough to do ish like that lol. That's a waste of my time.

Also, if you're gonna spend all that time and energy insulting someone back and forth, you might as well go hard in the paint and call their ass out and say what you gotta say to them mano-a-mano! The hell is the point of insulting Susie and not telling Susie you are insulting her? Even if she does pick up on it, i assure you, you will much better if you just beat that bitch with a bat say it to her face and be done with it.

Either way, i'm just glad i caught that little squabble because my books were boring me at the moment and that provided me with some momentary entertainment lol. But really though...

Can't we all just get along?


  1. lol..I just don't think I could ever get on with the whole twitter she-bang. Even FB feels too intrusive for me, talkless of seconds-update-twitter. I love entertainment at any rate though.

  2. Twitter beefs are such a waste of time and the same goes for Facebook. My favorite thing about it is that EVERYONE knows what you're beefing about because you put it out there. There's no such thing as a subliminal tweet - it being public makes it loose it's sub value. Obviously you wanted someone to see and to get a reaction out of them, you know?

  3. lolss. I think people have forgotten how to use phones and dialogue. imo. too much finger tapping and you forget you have a mouth and a voice.

  4. a frnd put somthing about her neighbour on fb and the chic came all out guns-blazing, dagger-throwing at my frnd. my frnd had to delete the said chic cos the chic got personal and made my frnd cry. Now y u wuld u wana start somthing u can't finish eh? anyways, beef/fights/squabbles are always fun for me *coveringface*


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