Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Frustrating

Man i had the most awesome, anger and frustration laced post about this whole gay vs straight bullshit ripping and rearing to go. But i already know no matter what anyone says or does people are still going to think, believe and accept what they want. So i didn't feel like going through the tortures of the damned trying to polish up that post and make it coherent (when i write out of anger stuff doesn't make sense all the way). But since this is MY BLOG, im gonna SPEAK MY PIECE and you are more than welcome to agree, disagree, run off in a huff, never read my blog again, shoot me a loving/hateful email, cuss me out on twitter, say a prayer for me...whatever you feel is the appropriate response. I'll still love u anyway :)

Being gay is NOT an abomination. Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, and some other scriptures i'm sure, tell us that if a man lies with another man as he lies with a woman, both have committed an abomination...(i hope ya'll know the rest). In other words, the sin is in the sex, not in being attracted to someone of the same sex (which is the fundamental definition of what it means to be homosexual)! Therefore, being gay =/= sin.

Being gay is not a choice, mental illness, hormonal imbalance or any other baseless nonsensical rambling people try to attach to it. Because who in their right mind would chose to be gay when they know it would pretty much be a life of hate a persecution with no ends to justify the means?!? What is a choice is whether or not you chose to act on it. Again, that why the sin is in the sex! Aside from the biblical implication that heterosexual is what we are supposed to be if for no other reason than to go forth and multiply (which you can still do if you are gay by the way), i'd love to know how many people have examined exactly why they like the opposite sex? Was that a choice too? To date, the only people i've ever heard of that chose to be gay are women that were abused and can no longer handle dealing with men.

Someone else's sexual preference is none of your damn business!* For goodness sake, this is probably THE MOST annoying part of this who pointless conversation. Why do you care if joe is over there blowing tim? Why do you care if tina is lickin lisa? What business is it of yours? Is what joe and tim do in their bedroom affecting you in any way? Its fine for you to not believe in, practice, or advocate homosexuality. We are all welcome to our own opinions and beliefs. But i still don't see why this is such a heated debate. We don't get nearly as riled when we talk about pre-marital sex, disrespecting our parents, or telling lies. Go figure!

*im willing to concede that since someone else's bedroom activities are of no concern to me, that they need to keep it in their bedroom. PDA isn't cute on anyone- gay, straight, or otherwise.

This went waaaaaaay longer than i intended. I chalk it up to be a proponent of social justice! For now, back to my academics (more realistically speaking a nap and then my academics since its after 5am and i havent been to sleep yet) after which i'll be back with a less venomous post.

**How ironic that the first time i turn on my tv all day and its an episode about gay rights


  1. *bringing ice water*..oya drink make u cuulu ya temper................
    no comment on d gay/straight tin, evryone has his/her life to live

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  3. im an unapologetic liberal who believes in social justices, in the next few years, everyone would look at our generation and laugh at how incredibly backward and archiac that we are, concerning social justices like providing equal rights to the LGBT society.
    i personally feel ignorance and religion (all religions) are the main impedance to all forms of social justice, until we can start to think outside the box of things which have been feed to us culturally, we would be able to break the shackles on our minds
    most religions are old, and they served as beacons of wisdom, but that was wisdom for the old when, when people still believed the Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun Revolved around the Earth.

  4. The science hasn't convinced me that being homosexual is genetic.. It may be influenced by environmental influences - or not. All the same - what two consenting adults decide to do with themselves is their business, and their business alone...

  5. Hope you've chilled off now. Wish it wasn't such a big deal myself. But the truth is that for a lot of African migrants to the US who are used the homosexuals being a silent minority, it's a culture shock to arrive in the US or UK where they, and their supporters, are a very vocal almost-majority.

    BTW, if there are pro-LGBT programs, websites, blogs, etc, why are you so riled by the opposite?

  6. Hmmmm...I notice nobody is giving you debate? I hate to waste a good topic so I'm going to leave my liberal position and play devil's advocate.

    I see your Leviticus, and raise you Mark: 'For from within, out of men's hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly (Mark 7:21-22).

    If the sin is in the sex, as you put it, then thinking about the sex - which forms part of any sexual attraction, gay or straight - is tantamount to sin. In other words, from that position, being gay is a sin.
    Man was not made to exist in isolation. As a gay - or straight - person, you would want to be with someone. Part of expressing love is sexual desire. There is no way this can ever depart from the mind, sex will always come into it.

    As an aside, I hope you do feel better now? Whatever was anoying you,I hope you're OK and that this comment attracts more Holy Rollers for you to argue with! :-)

    (By the way, I have the counter argument to my own argument ready! LOL)

  7. @TheRustGeek- science hasn't exactly tried too hard to convince you, nor should it have it to. Whether or not people are gay by genetic design is still not anyone's concern other than the person who is gay

    @Myne- my view is that pro-LGBT is only asking for equal rights, not trying to tell people to be gay. Whereas "anti-gay" are judging people based on something that isnt any of their business anyway, and telling people that they are wrong about who they are, they need to change and that they wont be treated as an equal human being until they conform to what they consider "normal"

    @IgboMarriage- sexual attraction and lust aren't the same thing (not to me at least). If you never thought about sex, you'd never have sex. And even if sexual thoughts were sinful, then being straight would be a sin to because in this line of argument in order to determine whether or not you like boys or girls you had to have sexual thoughts about one or the other. In regards to the isolation bit- Im not denying that we all just want somebody to love (#JustinBeiber lol) but if we're strictly talking about the sexual side of things, you can love someone and share your life with someone without having sex. It be EXTREMELY difficult, but its still possible. Or you can conform and "play it straight" which would also be extremely difficult.
    I hope all of that made some semblance of sense lol. i've been trying to formulate my response but the whole thing just grates my nerves so bad lol. I'd like to hear your counter argument too though

  8. Oh, I forget now! I think it had something to do with the definition of sexual immorality being subjective and how things that are considered sexually immoral - for the most part - are alright in a recognized/'God-sanctioned' institution like marriage. Example? Oh, glad you asked. Bum sex, fellatio, cunnilingus...I could go on but some things I'd mention don't have clinical terminology.
    Forgive me my forgetfulness. Yesterday I was so fired up!


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