Monday, September 12, 2011

Musical Reminiscing: Reggae Tunes From Yesteryear

This past weekend i've been on a reggae rampage! Reggae has been playing in my head phones nonstop. I started with dancehall and eventually regressed back to reggae of the 90s. Just some stuff that reminded me of my childhood...back in the days when my biggest worries were not having enough change for the ice cream man or being able to ride in my friends barbie jeep (ok after age 8 those weren't my biggest worries anymore, but you know what i mean lol). Back when being the youngest meant being the family entertainment during visits and holidays. Being egged on to do the "latest dances" which included of course the butterfly, the pepperseed, the tik tok and the bogle (i was a beast at that back in the day man, I definitely could get all the way down to the floor and effortlessly bogle my way back up. If i tried that today i'd probably wind up in the hospital).
Sigh, i was definitely a child raised on reggae. I went through a significant part of my life with most people believing i was a yardi (jamaican) because i was always so into reggae and dancehall, because i danced like there was no tomorrow (actual dancing, not just whining my hips- though i was a pro at that too especially as i got older *wink* lol) and could understand patois with little trouble.

So here's some of my faves from when i was a kid (late 80s-mid 90s)

Sean Paul- infiltrate, deport dem, haffi get di gyal yah (hot gal today)
Mr. Vegas- heads high
Red Rat- tight up skirt
Lil Vicious- freaks, nika
Shabba Ranks- ting a ling, twice my age, champion lover
Terror Fabulous- action
Mad Cobra- flex
Chaka Demus & Pliers- bam bam, murder she wrote
Tenor Saw/Buju Banton- ring the alarm
Buju Banton- batty rider
Beenie Man- Romie, who am i
Junior Reid- One Blood
Sister Nancy- Bam Bam
Dawn Penn- You don't love me (No No No)
Lady Saw- Sycamore Tree, Rich Girl

So many more songs i could put up here, especially from my teens and 20s, but it would literally take days to do so. But if you're ever in need of some good reggae, u know who to holla at lol.

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. Nice collection.Who would've thought you'd love reggae?

  2. i've not been on here for ages.. i missed ur ramblings. I'm not really a reggae gyal but i do know 'No woman no cry" :D

  3. @9ja-Great: this is surprising to you? lol, actually its surprising to a lot of ppl i meet that i didn't grow up around. this small list is nothing sha in comparison to once i got in my teens and listened to the *ahem* adult dancehall music say like vybz kartel, elephant man, busy signal, etc

    @MsNana- aaaaaah come on girl, no reggae?!? well at least you know No woman No Cry. It should be against the law to not at least know 1 bob marley song lol.

  4. Oh mehn, butterfly, Patra and Chakademus & pliers! and u dint put "tease me" up there?! *shocked look* i rembr my siblings got in trouble for that song especially.
    You are taking me way back mehn. those were fun times.

  5. can i comment on the impossibility of reading your blog. there is an impossible colour combination or is it just me. maybe its just me, i can only see the words written in yellow

  6. You missed out Shaggy and Patra, though they're more DanceHall. :)

  7. @Toinlicious- i don't like "tease me" lol.

    @Sugarcoated- idk, my blog has been screwy for the past 2 days. Sometimes it loads properly, sometimes it doesnt. Usually if you reload the page, it'll fix itself.

    @Myne- Shaggy would be in my next phase lol, other than boombastic, i didn't really like him until Hot Shot (that was my album!!!). But that came out when i was a teenager. And i only liked Patra because of the way she looked (No Homo) not her music lol.

  8. i rarely listen to reggae but i love me some sean paul :D


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