Friday, September 9, 2011

Im gettin old

Today is my little brother's 16th birthday. Where the hell has the time gone? I remember those days when I was the baby...that was over 16 years ago. What the heck man. I remember when my parents brought his lil pale self home from the hospital (my mom didn't even think he was hers he was so white lol). It definitely was an adjustment for me but eventually i got over not being the baby anymore. Afterall, i was still the "baby girl". Now this lil brat is 16. I don't even know what to do with myself. I feel like so old right now lol.
So Happy Birthday to my one and only lil brother :)

Baby Tyler
Us a few weeks ago


  1. The you call that giant i'm seeing lil? Gurl you better check yourself! LOL Happy birthday to him sha and please i need some of what he's eating,i could attain 7feet.#justsaying

  2. Time does fly. He's 16??? seriously? i was gonna *cough* er, ask for his number but i wuld be soooo arrested.
    He looks like he'll be worth d jail trip tho hehehe
    Happy birthday not-so-little-anymore man. Enjoy

    P.S, thanx for dropping by my blog and following *hugs*

  3. Reminds me of what I feel everytime my sis stands next to me... she's taller, model-type slimmer and makes it a point of duty to put her arms round my neck. *sigh* these little children!!!

  4. Your brother looks so adorable and mischievous in the first picture. I wish him a happy birthday.

  5. He doesn't look 16... But looks good too. Happy Birthday to him

  6. awwww he's too cute!!!!!! *sigh* if only i was a few years younger..damn!! :p

  7. @9ja-Great: Giant? he's only a couple inches taller than me, Im not afraid of him lol.

    @Toinlicious & kitkat- oh good lord lol. well im willing to sell him off to the highest bidder!

    @P.E.T Projects- lol, i feel ur pain. because he plays football (not soccer- the other football lol) and he got some lil muscles he thinks hes tough. but im still the older sibling!!!

    @Prism- yeah...he was a demonic lil cutie pie back in those days

    @enybees-hub: i guess cuz he's my baby brother he'll always look like a kid to me lol


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