Thursday, September 22, 2011


Its has been a thoroughly effed up week in the world of moral and social justice. Im thoroughly disgusted with the Nigerian government and the United States Judicial System.

Dear victim of the now infamous ABSU rape: I hope that God can heal you mentally and physically. I hope that everyone who is fighting for your cause (and for all the voiceless faceless victims of rape in Nigeria and worldwide) is successful in helping to see that "justice" is carried out against your attackers. I hope that you can find the courage to come forward and help us help you but i understand if you can't. I hope that the people who see fit to rape and abuse others can see the error of their ways before they hurt someone (or someone else) and those that see fit to blame the victim rather than the attacker realize how utterly ridiculous they are being. I pray that Nigeria's political and law officials hearts are touched and for once they do the right thing by their citizens. I hope that they can look past whether or not you and those "men" were ABSU students and see this for the true issue that it is. A vicious, cruel, inhumane, incomprehensible and heinous attack on another living being that is worthy of our attention and action regardless of whether or not she and they were ABSU students!

Dear Troy Davis: Yet another unfortunate example of what it means (to many of us) to be black in America. Yet another unfortunate example of why so many minorities have little to no faith in the justice system. I sincerely hope that your death will not be in vain, that it will not just be another blemish on America's history, conveniently swept under the rug and soon forgotten altogether. I hope that your unfortunate execution will serve as the basis for people to finally rise up and speak out against this kind of injustice. Eye for an eye is NOT justice. It is vengeance. I have no idea whether you were guilty or innocent, but one thing i do know is that no one deserves to be killed, especially when there is #TooMuchDoubt. Nor does anyone deserve to have been treated the way you were treated in your 11th hour. The justice system has failed you. I hope that one day i can raise my children to believe in the effectiveness and fairness of our justice system rather than to cower in fear at the thought of ever being caught up in this foolish system we call justice in America in its current state. I pray that guilty or not, you are at peace and that your legacy brings about a much needed change.

To recap:
An innocent girl, brutally gang raped by 5 men because of an alleged insult. Video footage circulated for over a month (with students citing that they did nothing because they didn't think the footage/rape was "real") before anyone did anything. And even now, not much has been done by the government to find her or her attackers other than to say that the investigation was "over" since neither she nor her attackers are ABSU students (-__-)
Troy Davis, a man who may or may not have shot and killed an off-duty cop is killed by the state of Georgia despite not having any physical evidence, worldwide protest, 7 of the 9 witnesses from the original trial recanting their statements (with some citing force and police coercion in making the statements in the first place), several jurors who admit that they may have made a mistake, and a drunken confession to the murder by the same person who told the police that it was Davis who pulled the trigger. After first, postponing his execution for 4 hours and leaving him strapped to the gurney in the death chamber for the brief period of time while the Supreme Court pretended to look into giving him a stay of execution. (-__-)

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere! -MLK Jr.


  1. this #TroyDavis' case got me crying,I can't even come to terms with it.
    May God guide us *wiping a tear*this #TroyDavis' case got me crying,I can't even come to terms with it.
    May God guide us *wiping a tear*

  2. I read somewhere that investigations have started on the ABSU case, I really hope so.

    On Troy Davis, may his soul rest in peace.

  3. @Luciano- sad and enfuriating

    @gretel- i know, me too.

    @Myne- i heard that too this morning about the ABSU case being under further investigation. Hope something actually comes of it.

  4. This is actually a very sad post.*sad face*

  5. Just wrote something about the death penalty on my blog
    What i've come to realise about the death penalty is that it doesnt really remove the worst criminals from the society. What if he is later found to be innocent? So sad.

    And i hope the rapists are found and made to face the law!

  6. Oh mehn, we all need to keep hope alive cos we tend to forget too soon. very sad. bombings, assaults, rape, death penalty smh. it is well

  7. Amen to your prayers Lady Ngo. Amen.


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