Friday, September 23, 2011

Heartbreak Hotel

Jonell Round and Round
All the game that you were spittin, I know that you was trippin
Never thought to see me dippin but I had to get missin
I'm tired of you stressin me, why don't you let it be
Comin 'round testin me, fuckin wit me mentally
don't wanna see your face no more
So long 
Pack your bags wan't you out the door
every time that I play this ruggy
Time and time again it's gonna rain
It's gonna rain it's gonna rain it's gonna rain

Vivian Green Emotional Rollercoaster
I'm on a emotional rollercoaster.
Loving you aint nothing healthy.
Loving you was never good for me.
But I can't get off.

Heather Headley I Wish I Wasn't
And I wish i could go back 
to the day before we met
and skip my regret
I wish i wasn't in love with you
So you couldn't hurt me
It just ain't fair the way you treat me
No you don't deserve me
Wasting my time thinkin bout you when you ain't never gon change
I wish i wasn't in love with you So i wouldn't feel this way

Chrisette Michele Epiphany
So i think im just about over being your girlfriend
im leaving 
im leaving
no more wonderin what you've been doin, where you been sleeping
its over
Im leaving 
Im leaving

*Note: Though i have been here many many times before, i am not here now. My official room at the heartbreak hotel is vacant lol. In other words...I'm Good! #NoWorries


  1. lol, we're all friends here. u shouldn't have any reservation about commenting

  2. I will love again, though my heart is breaking i will love again..

    Been there too many times my friend. Wanna rent my room?

  3. lol....@Ginger: I will love again, though my heart has been broken a few times...but I don't think I wanna rent that room again...

  4. Love the titular song by kelly Preston I think. I can relate.

  5. the Vivian Green song is a fav of mine.... we all have checked into the heartbreak hotel resort, some people have a lifetime occupancy, others its just a week.

  6. LmAO...I was going "uhn?"till i saw the PS


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