Monday, September 26, 2011

Crushes, sexy people and shattered illusions

I get crushes entirely too often lol. Real life crushes, tv/movie crushes, e-crushes. I blame it on me being an equal-opportunity kinda girl. I can find something attractive in almost anybody. (ALMOST anybody...lets not get carried away cuz some folks have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.) Whether its the way you look, the way you talk/write, the way you walk with an awkward limp, that one crooked tooth that messed up an otherwise perfect smile...anything really. I have a thing about seeing the beauty in imperfections. Especially teeth (as long as they aren't yellow, missing, or too jacked up). IDK, im weird like that. Anywho, my crushes usually don't stand the test of time though because i am very easily put off. So the less i originally liked about you, the more likely you are to be quickly cast aside. So if im still hanging strong with you after a month or so u must be doing something right

Sexy People and the fine wine syndrome
I hate going on facebook and reconnecting with "old friends" sometimes. The other day i was chatting with this kid i'd known since elementary school. For as long as i've known him, he has been ugly, annoying, and flat out just a pain in the rectum. But i had the opportunity to peep some of his recent photos and DAAAAAAAMN. This fool done went and got sexy on a sista. And its not even just him. Im noticing a trend of the most yucky lookin folks getting sexy after high school. Im callin it the fine wine syndrome- they only get better with age.

Shattered Illusions
On the flipside, im noticing another disturbing trend. Them cats that were fine as hell back in the day done let themselves GO! SMH, so sad. I can't stand seeing ish like that. I feel like if you spent your entire life being sexy, it is your civic duty to remain sexy. How dare you look at hot mess when i was expecting to see an Adonis! Thats just rude.


  1. ROFLMAO I agree with you though,if you're sexy then you should remain like that or be even sexier.And your fine wine syndrome just cracked me up!

  2. lmao. okays, i get weird crushes too. was hung up on ronadinho for soo long, fronted/crooked teeth and all. he was the reason i used to watch them brazilian boys play. and his thighs? dayuum! ok, i gotta stop

    i certainly agree with the fine-wine syndrome gurl. it was soo much easier when they were ugly

  3. LMAO...I a with u on that crush stuff. Once I crush on a person, that's all it takes for it to for the rest of your post....maybe I will return after I pick myself from the floor..


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