Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are you cuffed?

It is that time of year once again. We've passed the official unofficial end of summer (Labor Day), the weather is about to get colder and people are on the hunt. Yes, my dear friends, it is the beginning of cuffing season!

What is cuffing season...glad you asked. Cuffing season, in a nutshell, is the time of year where people (mostly men, but sometimes women too) find themselves on the prowl for their winter boo-thang. The weather is getting chilly, if not down right cold, so why not find somebody to snuggle up with. Nothing worse than having to sleep in a cold, lonely bed.

Cuffing season (if successful) goes down one of two ways- either you re-connect with a former boo (or back pocket girlfriend/boyfriend*) or you find somebody (or multiple somebodies) new. Thats if you are the "cuffer". If you are the "cuffee", you will notice an exponential increase in the amount of random phone calls, texts, IMs, etc you get both from people you haven't heard from since like April and from new people who are "interested in getting to know you". Usually it starts in middle-to-late September, and gets really desperate and pathetic sounding around the beginning November when we start to see a lil snowfall.

Below is a loose adaptation of the cuffing season timeline:

Subsequently, Cuffing Season does have an end. Some argue that it ends with the beginning of the Summer Fling season (mostly because its getting warmer and more and more clothes are coming off making it difficult to keep your eyes and hands to yourself). But I personally think cuffing season is over around Valentine's Day for the obvious reasons.

I think its worth mentioning that there are different degrees of "cuffage" though. You have people who literally only want to smang and more than likely have several chicks (or dudes) in their winter rotation. There are people who just want a cuddle buddy. And you have those who really want to (or think they want to) have a relationship. So be weary of those seeking your company during the winter months! Unless of course you live some place where weather doesn't get cold...then continue on as normal

*A back pocket girlfriend is a chick you keep on the back-burner for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • She's wifey material but you're not done playing the field. So once every couple of months you check in with her to keep her thinking your interested and to make sure she hasn't/doesn't move on to the next
  • She's cool people and you like her company when you are between girlfriends.


  1. lol, do naija guys do it against the harmattan season too?

  2. This is so funny, but yeah I've heard a Nigerian harmattan version of it too. Starts around November, ends before valentine, lol...

  3. lol.... no you didnt just put all the Cuffers on blast now... Lady Ngo... na wah for u.... good post, i laughed all the while i was reading your post because it really is soo true.

  4. hahaha,na wa,naija cuffing no dey end oh kwaa,lmaoo. I like this post. First time here and i'm following.Please check out my blog thanks

  5. @Sugarcoated- makes sense that they would. Its all about having "fun" when the weather traps you inside.

    @Myne- lol i had never heard of it regarding harmattan but it def makes sense.

    @lovelife4sale- hahahaha, sorry dude. didn't mean to put u on blast but the public needs to know! Its cool though, nobody wants to be lonely during those cold/rainy months lol

    @gretel- well thanks for stopping by :) off to check out your blog too (though i think i've been there before)

  6. Hahahahaha I like your analysis of this Cuffing season.

  7. hihihi, soo true. been trying to hook a frnd up with a "cuffee" (i lurv dis word and "smang" too) hopefully. it works before winter starts in full blast lol. dis post just made my day lwkmd


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