Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zouk La Sé Sèl Médikaman Nou Ni

Indeed, indeed...Im sitting here listening to some selections from my kompa/zouk/zouk love collections and i have the overwhelming urge to just get up and dance. Of course i have no partner (and its 3 in the damn morning) so its a little pointless. But one of these days im gonna have to reconnect with my Zoes cuz i'd really love nothing more than to sit around eating diri ak djon djon, pikliz (well not really, i dont really do vegetables), banan peze, and griot (or tassot- either one works for me), then follow it with a night of dancing to Kompa and Zouk Love.

Sidenote: Zouk love is quite possible the sexiest music/dance on the planet. If you can dance to it, i will be yours forever...seriously.
Some examples of the dance for those that are unfamiliar:

Doesn't it just seem like they have carnal knowledge of each other lol


  1. The first video is the sexiest, especially with the dog in the background licking his ass:)

  2. Hmm... intimate dancing, meant for just one partner.

  3. Very nice.I like this kain dance jare.*grin*

  4. This is very romantic dance. If couples send 5 minutes every day dancing like this, maybe we would have less divorce... oh well


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