Monday, August 29, 2011

You can't help who you love

"You can't help who you love" because "The heart wants what the heart wants"
Its true and i don't care what anyone says. You can't help who you fall in love with. I feel like i can speak for every chick thats ever been in love with someone who was a jerk/douchebag/asshole, ugly, broke, dumb, lame, etc. Trust, if i could help who it was that i fell in love with I'd only be in love with beautiful, intelligent, successful, funny, mature, honest, God-fearing men! 

"Love is a choice"
Absolutely not. Completely false. Not buying it! Love is not a choice. Who on earth chooses to love someone? Thats not really love in my opinion. Thats settling, routine, comfort, familiarity, etc. Not love. 
Love, and how strong it is, is the catalyst that sparks the choices we make (or at least it should). Whether you're going to be faithful or cheat, whether your gonna be sweet or an abuser, whether you're going to be romantic or a bore, whether you're going to be helpful or a hinderance...those are choices. 
You can also choose who you allow yourself to get to know, which might lead to you loving them. But actually choosing to love...nah.

"Love is many things. Its varied. But one thing it is not, and can never be, is unsure" -Maya Angelou (Madea's Family Reunion, 2006)
I don't think i've ever been unsure about whether or not i actually loved someone. I've been unsure about whether or not i should be with that person. I've been unsure about whether or not things would work out. And i've been unsure about whether or not they loved me. But i've never been unsure of my love. 

So Beyonce is finally knocked up?!? Well thank goodness, now that ho can go sit her ass down somewhere. In case u can't tell, im not a Beyonce fan lol. I was once upon a time but she, like most other musicians these days, is just too over the top for me. And she just has this aura of fakeness. And to be quite frank, im tired of seeing her. She has over-saturated the market!

And what the gah'damn hell was Nicki Minaj's goofy ass wearing at the VMAs?!? That whole getting dressed like your blind in one eye and can't see out the other was a cute gimmick in the beginning but its time to rely on your talent and hang the rest of the ish up #flatscreen


  1. LoL I actually agree with point 2 and 3 especially point 2. Been meaning to post about it but.......yh laziness!
    Lol @ "over saturated the market"

  2. 'The heart wants what the heart wants' You're right about that.

  3. Re: You cant help who you love............I do feel that depends on your age/ personality

    In my experience, as one gets older, 'falling in love' becomes a more conscious decision. Then, the heart follows the head...........!

  4. @Gee- don't feel bad. you should see how many unfinished posts i have in my drafts. Literally i'll give it a title a jot a note or two down about what i wanna say and leave it sittin there for months lol.

    @deolascope- yup! Now if only the heart would take the brain's opinion instead of being so selfish lol

    @NIL- well that's an entirely different issue. Like i was saying, you can choose who you will allow to get to the point where feelings of love can develop. I think not necessarily with age, but definitely with experience we get better at weeding out people who aren't the (or close enough to the) total package of what we want in a partner and therefore are able to put a "limit" on who we give our love to. But even then, once you have that pool of qualified applicants, i doubt you'd be able to just pick one out and say "hey you! im going to love you" and then genuinely make the feeling come.

  5. You are right. The heart wants what the heart want.

  6. Love is never unsure. Nikky Minaj in my own opinion is trying to mimic Lady Gaga. She says the outfit is Japan inspired.

  7. I wanted to disagree with your first point but a quick walk down memory lane made me remember some loves whose names are no longer mentionable lol.

    Maya Angelou's quote? Spot on!
    Beyonce is pregnant? JayZ needed to go caveman on her like yesterday....

  8. @Ayodeji- i wish i weren't right though. Sometimes the heart can be a stubborn lil devil.

    @Okeoghene- Japanese inspired...more like nightmare inspired

    @Ginger- hahaha @ the Beyonce/JayZ comment


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