Friday, August 5, 2011

Unhappy friday

I hate when something pisses me off, and even though i know that i shouldn't be pissed about it, i still can't stop being pissed about it. (did that make sense to ya'll?). It's really quite annoying. Patience is slowing becoming a virtue. I pray for it regularly. I've been irritated since like 6:30am. I don't know about you but its completely absurd to be mad at that hour of the day.

Anyhow, im leaving for North Carolina in a hour or two. We're driving (-__-). 9hrs trapped in the car with my parents and my brother. LOL. Its fine, not like we haven't done the cross country road trip a billion times before anyway.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


  1. Sorry dear.Do i need to bring in the gun? Have a safe trip though!

  2. eyah....e pele u journey.

  3. Lol i guess today is mad friday but i didnt get the memo though,i was mad at 3am and even blogged about it and like u said patience is a virtue,i just listened to gospel music so i wouldnt do something stupid sorry

  4. Sorry my dear,
    it is human to be pissed as long as we dont carry it on for a long time. For me i just look for something to make me laugh, and if it's a person that made me mad i try my possible best to think about the good part of that person and it helps me. Take care and have a blessed weekend

  5. Have a Safe Trip.Be easy and try to calm down :)

  6. Hope the trip went well, and the weekend went away with your vexation? Have a great week.

  7. hope you arrived safe, and are calm now

  8. @9ja-great: No need for the heavy artillery babe, im good lol.

    @Ibhade: thanks sis

    @MyLife: i saw that post/rant. i guess friday was just not a good day for us o

    @Breeze: i usually just take some alone time. I try not to dwell on negative stuff too long. life is way too short

    @DIDI: im always calm, even when im not lol

    @Myne: it went very well :)

    @Laurenta: big hugs back :D

  9. damn 9hrs is a long time girl, have a safe trip! loving the new blog theme :)


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