Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes i think

that im just a total perv! lol. Scratch that, i don't think...I KNOW!

The ride to NC was about 9 hours. So i pretty much blindly loaded up my mp3 player with all kinds of music so i would have something to do on the long ride (cuz i sure as shooting had no plans on helping to drive #princessmode). As i sat in the backseat, drifting in and out of consciousness, i realized that 75% of my music was very very sexually explicit. Some of it was sexy and some of it was just downright nasty music that would make even the biggest nympho blush a little lol. Here are some of the songs that graced my ears:

Nice sex songs
Jeremih- Birthday Sex
J. Holliday- Bed
NeYo- Mirror
Kelly Rowland- Motivation
112- Sweet Love
Silk- Meeting in my Bedroom
Boyz II Men- I'll make love to you
Eric Benet- Chocolate Legs
R. Kelly- Greatest Sex
Janet Jackson- Anytime, Anyplace

Dirty, Filthy Sex Songs (NSFW...seriously!)
David Banner- Play
LL Cool J- Doin it
Plies- Becky
Twista- Wetter
Missy Elliot- Pussycat
Khia- My Neck, My Back
Ying Yang Twins- Wait (Whisper Song)
Spragga Benz & Lady Saw- Backshot
Vybz Kartel- Virginity
Vybz Kartel- Ramping Shop

Sigh...the stuff i listen to lol. And for those of you who may need to step your "sex soundtrack" game up, you might wanna take some notes here lol (you're welcome!).


  1. Hmmmmmmm,nice collections,even though you missed a whole lot that are very cool...Number sex~R.Kelly,Make Love~Keri Hilson.Meanwhile,Bed~J.Holiday is very sexy and one of my best sex song! Nice one again!

  2. LOL, if i had to break out my entire collection we'd be here all week. This was just a very small sample. And i think almost anything by R. Kelly would make the cut. I don't really like that Keri Hilson song though. Maybe i need to listen to it again

  3. Maybe I need to take notes, I don't know more than three of these songs, LOL...

  4. hahaha for your dirty filthy song playlist, like everything on there are songs that me and my LS listen to when we're cleaning. Is that bad ? lol

  5. @Myne- the Love Doctor is always here to help lol

    @Carrymel- you and your're greek?!? anywho, child whatever helps get the cleaning done lol.

  6. Somebody hacked into my MP3 Player :P


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