Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I should be reading my books but here I am...blogging. Anywayz:

This Oliver Twist competition is serious o! I just have a question...why are so many ppl doing this thing half naked? I understand the girls because...well let me not even get started on that issue. But the guys...i've seen so many of these dudes dancing...together...in their boxers. I feel like their needs to be a no homo flashing across the screen. And this one vid in particular. I haven't been able to get past the first 45 seconds because i feel so...violated. The whole thing all u see are bouncing dicks all over the screen. Like really though, if nothing else, you're definitely not gonna win the competition. And the dudes look underage so im not trying to have ppl think im lookin at some kiddie porn or something.

Am I the only one that loves this new version of Looney Tunes?!? I thought i was gonna hate it but its freakin hilarious.

I know i said before that i had an obsession with high heel shoes. But i REALLY have an obsession with underwear lol. I got enough panties (i hate that word by the way) to last like 3 months without having to do laundry. Its crazy. There once was a point in my life where i couldn't walk past Victoria's Secret without going in and buying something. But im getting better now.

The worst way to miss someone is when they are sitting right beside you...

I hate those save the animals commercials. Of course im against animal cruelty but my goodness, if i had some extra money to throw around best believe its gonna go to helping another suffering human being. Shit, it costs $1 a day to save a dog, but only 10cents a day to save a child. If nothing else, saving a child has a greater fiscal return for my investment.

Somebody around here owes me a "sexy dude" to feed me some strawberries. You know who you are!!!

I was reading a post over at "One Foot In The Loony Bin" and it was about bird sex. And i thought to myself: "wtf, birds have sex?" So i did a google search (gotta love google) and i came across a youtube vid. Oh the horrors that mine eyes have seen!!! Bird sex turned into fish sex, which turned into kangaroo sex, which then turned into turtle sex. The turtle sex vid was by far the most traumatizing lol. You can see it here if you dare.

Ok, back to schoolwork i go!


  1. hahaha girl u are hilarious turtle sex i dont even wanna know how they make it happen

  2. I totally agree with you on the save an animal campaign commercials. Initially,I thought those people valued animals more than they valued human life. But then again, that is their own charity, abi?

    I dont have the liver to watch the turtle sex o, after seeing the oliver video and those jobless young men, didnt make it past 27 seconds, cos watching it to the end would have made me feel jobless too

  3. The Oliver Twist video was sooo unimpressive, i found it disturbing.... but im certain there are people in the world that may like it, so thats their cup of tea.... i like girls in lacey boy shorts, or booty shorts.... abosultely sexy. If and when i have a GF, we are going Lingerie Shopping together, cuz its not all Lingerie that does it for me.
    the Turtle sex video was hilarious, and it just reminded me that, like everyone else, all Animals are just tryna Bust a Nut.... lol.

  4. Those boys honestly! WTH? LOL...

    I love bras more than panties myself.

    Turtle sex, I'll give that a pass. :)

    Good luck with studying.

  5. i dnt care for save the animal commercials, i dnt care for animals plain simple!!
    animal sex? eeew lol
    The oliver twist ish is reeeeally serious, i've seen lots of traumatizing videos lol

  6. I never noticed that it costs less to care for child than a dog. wtf! These oyibos sef! I love dogs but I have seen some tomfoolery which is just so not on.

    Just watched the turtle porn. ewwwwwwwwwwww. do they really make that noise? haba. and did you see how fast they were moving before the action began? smh.

    Apart from the Lagos tour video I am yet to see another truly creative Oliver video.
    The ass shakings are truly getting on my nerve right now.

  7. @mscookie- lol, i had never even thought about it until i saw the link and unfortunately curiosity got the best of me

    @Okeoghene- i chalk that vid up to youthful nonsense. But idk what the excuse is for the grown folks that are making these vids

    @lovelife4sale- wouldn't going shopping with ur lady ruin the surprise? plus im sure there might be things you didn't like b4 that you might like on the next...everybody's body isn't the same ;)

    @Myne- you know, i kinda have a thing for bras too but panties are obviously much cheaper and good bras are a serious monetary investment that im too broke to make right now lol

    @kitkat- i've been avoiding the oliver twist vids for that same reason. one traumatization was enough.

    @Ginger- honestly, the noise was what got me too lol. at first i thought it was fake because i did not know turtles could move that fast. The Lagos Tour vid was my fave as well.


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